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Section FF Methodist

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

Abraham August Daniels Doreen Irene Hallam Charles McGuire Robert John Salter Athol John William
Abraham Rosa Hannah Daniels Roy Thomas John Handley Valma Merle McLean Olive May Salter Margaret Amelia
Abrahams Iris Moyna May Dave Annie Susan Hansch Isabel May McLean Walter John Salter Mary Ann
Alomes Arthur James Davern Amy Hare Charles Walsh McWilliams Mildred May Scott Albert Thomas
Alomes Rhoda Lily Davern Philip Hasler Thomas R E Merrillees John Scott Ethel Phoebe
Anderson Archibald Horace Davis Vernon Henderson Healy Letitia Ward Mills Amy Shelton Annie
Andrews Eleanore Mary Deacon Daphne Heazlewood Ernest Albert Moore Olive Skoulakis John
Anning Douglas L Deacon Harry C S Heazlewood Winifred Esma Moore William James Sly Ada
Anning Elaine Lilyan Dennison Kenric Carl Henderson Bertha Ruth Morris Albert John William Sly Marie
Anning Mary Frances Dixon Ellen Elizabeth Herron Phyllis Ann Morris Lorna Jean Spaulding Florence
Anning Noel Douglas Dixon Lila May Hiras Arianthi Morris Zealandia Helena Speed Joyce Ellen Elizabeth
Anning Richard Ingram Dixon Reginald George Hobson Henry Morrison Julia Speed Percy Ellis
Anning Rita Margaret Dixon Robin Byron Hobson Mary Morrison Michael John Stacey Charles
Anning Sillifient John Dixon William Holmes Mary Theresa Moy Brenda May Stacey Emily Ann
Anning Vera Maud Druyve Eliza Holmes Philip Arthur Moy Charles Ernest Stannard Ethel Jane
Appeldorff Amy Dora Dunn Albert Rowland Hooper Graham James Murfet Arthur Berridge Stannard Norman Joseph
Appeldorff P W Dunn Alice Maude Hooper Victor Leonard Murfet Esther Ann Stannard Roy Francis
  Dunn Dorothy Gertrude Hope Basil Garnet   Staples Ethel Madge
B Dunstan Douglas Arthur Hope Olive Blanche N Stearnes Arthur Dinant
Backhouse Alice Maud   Hope Philip Nation Herbert George Stearnes Arthur Granville
Backhouse Elsie May E Hosking Annie Amelia Nation Mary Stearnes Gladys Mae
Backhouse Richard Luke Ward Eaton Charles Hosking William Charles Neilson Francis Oswald Street C W T
Baillie Francis Eaton Lillias Daphne Hudson Mavis Joan Neilson Rosina Matilda Street Evelyn Sarah Grace
Batchler Ester May Emmett Leslie Jackson Hughes Sarah Ellen Nichols Annie Street Horrace Edmund
Batchler John Alexander Emmett Rosella Maud Hutton Frederick W Nichols Joseph Joe Sutcliffe Mary
Bean Herbert K Everest William Hutton John William Noble Alice Maude Swalwell Ethell May
Bellette Amy F Everett Corella Hutton Louisa Helen Noble William George Swalwell John Edward
Betts Eileen Ethel Everett Robert Donald Hutton Reginald   Sweet Charles Albert
Biddulph May Everett Robert John   O Sylvester Doris May Lillian
Bigwood Charles William Robert Eyles Emma I O'Connor Charlotte Maria  
Bigwood Emily Rebecca Eyles Walter Sydney Ingls M J O'Connor Terence E T
Bilyard James   Irwin Ellen Orr Robert Edward Thomas Ann Rosemary
Bishop Cornelie M F   Oswin Archibald John Charles Thomas Dorothy Raymond
Boon Henry Farmer Henrietta J Oswin Constance Annie Thomas Frank George
Boon Isabel B Farmer John Jackson Maud Mary   Thomas Harold John White
Boreham Bertha Lillian Farrell Emily Jacobson Grace P Thomas Harold Raymond
Boreham Edward James John Farrell Joseph Jager Charles James Pacey Albert Lessier Thomas Marjorie Louise
Boreham Lorna Fay Farrer Leslie Nathan Jager Ruby Florence Padman Bertie Thompson Gertrude
Boucher Maurice Charles Wood Farrer Michael Leslie John Cedric Charles Padman Erica Thompson Nathaniel
Boucher Phyllis Ethel Maud Fehlberg Bertha John Eva Padman Kevin Ross Thompson Sydney John Jack
Bowden Aubrey Cecil Fehlberg John Henry Gotliffe   Padman Wesley B Thors Antony Leonard
Bowden Esther Eugene Fenton Dorothy Jean K Page Alfred Ernest Thyers Albert
Bowden Frederick George Fenton Geoffrey John Kalbfell Albert Julius Page Elizabeth Unice Thyers Lottie
Bowden Mary Ellen Ferguson John Kalbfell Catherine Ann Parkes R H Tonks Emily Elizabeth
Bowes Clarice Ruby Fox Albert Edward Kalbfell Elsie Catherine Parnell Charles Daniel Tonks Richard Russell
Bowes Douglas Paul Fox Grace L Kell Josephine Pepper Carol Ann Tregear Arthur Melville
Bowes Lancelot Arthur Freeman Edith E May Kelly John Pettit Bill Tregear Winifred Alice
Brand Henry Freeman George Kile George Pettit Elizabeth Turner Archibald Ernest C
Brazendale Ada Freiboth Alfred William Kile Selina Pettit Elly Turner Louisa
Brazendale John William Freiboth Donald Alfred Kippax Edward Thomas Pettit Thomas  
Brown James Freiboth Hilda Louisa Kippax Janet Pickett Clare V
Brown Michael A D Freiboth Thelma Mary Kippax Mary Stewart Pickett James Vince Eva Ellen
Brown Michael A D J Frost A Leslie Kirk Hubert K Pilling Rose Mary Voss Alice Pretoria
Brown Walter Henry Frost Dorothy M Kirk Robert Pitt Flora Anne Voss Herbert Murray
Buckney Arthur Henry Frost Margaret T   Plaxton Arthur Lewis  
Buckney Elizabeth Mary Fry Mary Ann L Pope Ethel May W
Buckney Ellen Amy Fry William George Langham Charles Otway Pope James Walker David Noel
Burge David   Langham Eva Poultney Elizabeth Jane Waller Alf
Butler Robert G Langley Herbert Stephen Pratt Alfred Courtney Waller Annie Elizabeth
Butler Rosina Annie Gallahar Edward William Langley Linda Pratt Frederick Charles Walsh R A
  Gallahar Sarah Lucy Langman Harold William Pratt Maud Evelyn Walters Eva
C Gallahar Tasman Roland Langman Marie Agnes Price Albert Sydney Walters Lindsay Andrew
Chaffey Basil Leslie Gates Doris Jane Leary Unknown Price Donald Bellette Warren Emily Florence
Chaffey Winifred Matilda Gates Edward William Leech George Arthur Price Gladys Sybil Warren John William
Chandler Henry Bayley Gates Jane Leech Jessie May Price Patricia Sybil Webb Alfred Lemley 2
Charlton James William Gates John Lewis C   Webb Alfred Lemley
Cheeseman Mary Ann Genge Albert Lewis Olive Q Webb Henry Irwin
Cheeseman Minnie Sophia Genge Amelia Liddall Harold Norman Quarrell Albert Edward Weeding Wanda May
Cheeseman Thomas Gilham George Chaffey Liddall Ruby Evelyn Quarrell Elizabeth Ann Westbrook Alan Mervyn
Cheeseman Thomas Clyde Gilham Maria Ann Livingstone Robert   Westbrook Amy Ellen
Cheeseman Thomas Clyde 2 Gindes Fanny Livingstone William Henry R Wheatley Alice Mary
Christie Eva Albina Gindes James Lorkin Catherine Ransley Walter Ernest White Lottie Louisa
Clarke Eric Arthur Grabe Edwin John Lorkin Ernest I Ratcliffe Arthur Charles White Raymond Arthur
Clarke Frances Gladys Grabe Florence Janet Lowe Elsie May Reynolds Francis Lawrence Wicks Heath
Clifford Harriett Elizabeth Grabe Stanley Victor Lowe Eric Hastings Roberts Annie Augusta A Williams Ella Louisa
Clifford Isabel Agnes Grace Ernest Alfred Lowe Harold Tasman Roberts Henry William Williams Gladys May
Clifford John James Grace Henrietta Gertrude Lowe Irene Leah Robertson Annie Evelyn Nina Williams Robert Twining
Coleman Arthur Henry Grave Trevor Ronald Lowe Thora May Robertson Harry Edwin Williams Stephen
Cooper Amelia J Grubb Charles Luckstone Isabel Robinson Mary Wilson Eileen Amy
Cooper Annie Pearl Grubb Edward John Luckstone John Richard Rollings Roland R Wiltshire Eliza
Cooper Charles Edward Grubb Florence Rosa Luckstone Marjory Rose-Miller Evalyn Wiltshire Frank
Cooper Dorothy Viola Grubb Gweneth Avonia   Ross Elizabeth Annie Wiltshire Vera Phyllis
Cooper Edwin George Grubb Margaret Caroline M Rule Arthur Leonard Winch Alfred Luckman
Cooper Una Grundy Mark Underwood Manson Adeline Rule Emma Winch Emma Banks
Cooper Violet Isabel   Manterfield Ada Lilian Rust Edith Wise Neita Grevena May
Corbett Albert James H Manterfield Ann Rust James Woodham Noel
Court Josephine Ada Hack Doreen Mavis Manterfield Geoffrey    
Cowen Joseph Edward Hack Norman Elsa Manterfield George    
Cowen Liley Sarah Hack Theodore Bernard Martin Lilian Rose    
Cowen William Alfred Hale Alfred Ernest Frederick Martin William Lewis    
Cripps Stafford Eric Hale Muriel Joy Mason Cecil Edgar Clark    
Crisp Eleanor Isabella Hall Edith Ella Mason Robert Albert    
Crisp James Archie Hall Lillian Amelia Mason Selina Clare    
Crombie Emily Hall Noel Eric Mazey Leslie George Herbert    
Crombie Martin Hall Sydney Eric McCarthy Agnes    
Cruickshank Ellen Hall Walter McCarthy Edmund    
Cruickshank Thomas Russell Hallam Catherine McGuire Emily Hannah    





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