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Section G Wesley

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

Adams Isabel Hallam Mabel Emma Amelia De Jersey Alfred W King Eliza Salter Clara
Adams Vernon Charles Hallam Roy De Jersey Charles J   Salter George
Allen Effie Hallam Walter E De Jersey Emily Florence L Salter Jean M
Allen John Hallam Walter E De Jersey Margaret Lane Edwin Cameron Shea Christopher
Austin Herbert Duncan Archibald Hanigan Cecil H Dodge Eliza Larsen Charlotte J S Shea Josephine Louise
Austin Herbert Walter Hanigan Clyde C Dodge Ethel May Larsen Johan Sheild Edward Rippon
Austin Violet Victoria Hanigan George Henry Dodge Florence Ethel Lynch E J Stanton Susan Elizabeth
  Hanigan John Dodge Robert Stuart   Street Gloria
B Hanigan Lucy Dodge William Thomas M Street John Alfred
Bairstow Louisa Harvey Anna Maria Dunkley A R Martin Alfred Ernest  
Bates Charlie Hay Charles W Dunkley Andrew Martin Douglas T
Bates Elizabeth Jane Hibbard Eva May Dunkley Fanny Martin Martha Tedman Emily Jane
Bates Walter Tennyson Hibbard Willis   Mcguire Alfred Tedman William John
Batten Hazel Eirene Higgins Edith Florence E Mcguire Kathleen Tollard Arthur E A
Beck John Thomas Shea Hinze Emilie Edwards Elizabeth Ellen Mcguire Keith Tollard Arthur Roy
Bellette Fanny Hinze Wilhelm Edwards Madelaine Gertrude Mcguire L B Tollard Sarah
Bellette James Hopgood Eliza Eleanor Edwards William John Mcguire L W Travers Bessie Joan
Bonnitcha Clarice F M Hudson Samuel Emslie Louise Mcguire Ruby Travers Edward H
Bonnitcha Nicholas     Meech Coraline Ivy Travers Mary
Brown Nancy Janet I F Meech Rhyma Daphne Travers William Colley
Brown William Ibbotson Henrietta Fanggett Lillian Millar Frederick Trebilcock Jane
Burge Francis Ibbotson John Edward Fanggett Peter Millar Sarah Ann Trebilcock Joseph Henry
Burge Margaret Inniss Amelia Farr Sarah   Trebilcock Mary May
    Farr Thomas N Trebilcock Thomas Henry
C J Fennell Susannah Newstead James Trebilcock William F
Carver Bridget J Jackson Albert J B Fennell Thomas Newstead Maria Tuckfield Myrtle Emmeline
Carver Reginald Roy Jackson Florence Alberta Bradshaw Foster Alfred Edward Newstead William Oscar  
Carver William Thomas Jackson Hilda Florence Foster Harold E Nichols Ernest V
Chung Tasman Jackson James Bradshaw Foster Harriet   Vince Arthur Charles
Clarke Annie Victoria James Harriet E Fowler Arthur Maitland P Vince Yola Lorraine
Clarke Edith M James Henry David Fowler George A Pamplin John Charles  
Clarke Joseph Green James Rupert George   Pamplin Lucy Isabell Eliza W
Clement Connor Jones Edith Annie G Parker Elizabeth Wallen Frances
Cliff Violet Elizabeth Jones Eliza Gagliardi Harriett Parker Henry Wallen Frederick
Coombs George Syndal Jones John Gandy Albert James Parker Raymond Cameron Ward Amelia Mary
Coombs Sophia Sarah Jones John T B Gill Elizabeth Frances Parker Reginald Richard Ward Cyril Ormond
Courtney-Pratt Alice Jones M A Leah Goldsmith Ada Alice Parker Ruth Margaret Ward Frederick T
Courtney-Pratt Humphrey   Goldsmith Norah Phillips Alfred Edwin Ward James E
Crane James Henry   Goodman Margaret Pickford Margaret Ward James Ernest
Craze Elizabeth   Gourlay Kenneth Ralph Pickford William Ward Martha G
Craze Samuel Frederick   Gourlay Leonard Thomas Podmore Thomas Joseph Warnock Lavinia Emma
Currell Edwin   Gourlay Ralph Ferguson Porter George William Warnock William Crawford Wardrop
Currell Emma L   Grubb Clara Eleanor Porter Harriett Amelia Caroline White Eunice Edith
    Grubb Ellen Priest Ada Beatrice White Thomas Henry
    Grubb Sarah Ann   Wood Mary
    Grubb Thomas Wessen R Wood Thomas Herbert
    Grubb William Thomas Read Sarah Woodin James Arthur
      Read William Woolley Ernest
      Russell Annie Maria Woollllnough Stephen P
      Russell William  





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