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Section H Methodist

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

B B Cont C H M
Beedham Frederick Wescott Burgess Eileen Mary Cato Frances Hiddlestone Jane Marsh Tabitha
Beedham Isabella Sarah Burgess Ellen Cecilia Cato Joseph Hiern Dennis Wood Marsh Walter
Beedham Monument Burgess Eric E Cowle Ann Caroline Hood Errol Vere Messiter Edward
Beedham Ruth Burgess Florence Julia Cowle Thomas Pressland Hood Sarah Helen  
Beedham Vivian Bruce Burgess Frederick Charles Cuthbert William   N
Brown Frances Maria Burgess Julia   K Nichols Robert Melmer
Brownell Arthur Melville Burgess Lilian Estelle D Kipling Isabella  
Brownell Elizabeth Burgess Lyndon Derwent Dickinson Elizabeth E Kipling Jonathan P
Brownell Frances Leslie Burgess Margaret     Page Violet Annie
Brownell Frederick Nathaniel Burgess Margaret Cecilia G L Preston Sarah
Brownell Henry James Burgess Margaret Cecilia2 Gorringe Audrey Lilian Loyd Margaret Preston Virginia
Brownell Henry James2 Burgess Olinda      
Brownell Kathleen Annie Preston Burgess Pearl H M S
Brownell Monument Burgess Robert Preston Harris Agnes Holmes Madlan Jane Smith Martha
Brownell Thomas Coke Burgess Ruby Jeanette Harris Henry Marsh Charles Henry Vautin Smith William
Brownell William Freeman Burgess Sarah Helen Heyward Elizabeth Ann Benson Marsh Constance Mary Solomon Edward Benson
Brownell William Thomas Preston Burgess Sydney Vernon Heyward J Marsh Elsie Winifred  
Brownell Winifred Burgess Trevor John Heyward Sarah Ann Marsh Georgina U
Burgess Annie Burgess Venon Douglas Hiddlestone Alfred Marsh Henry Umphelby E S
Burgess Annie B Burgess Vida Lillian Hiddlestone Elizabeth Marsh Jean Arnold  
Burgess Arthur Piddington Burgess William Henry Hiddlestone George Marsh Joseph W
Burgess Beatrice Royden Burgess William Henry2 Hiddlestone Harriet Louisa Marsh Laura Mary Watson Douglas
Burgess Daphne Royden Burgess William Henry3   Marsh Mary Watson Elizabeth
Burgess Edward Hobart Burgess William Raymond   Marsh Mary Ann Watson John
Burgess Edward James     Marsh Ruth  
      Marsh Samuel Charles  





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