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Section J Methodist

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

Amstrem Albert Denny William Heron Hugh McCraken Harriet Smith Halvar Lansdowne Brightie
Amstrem Isabel Dermoundy Dulcie J Heron Letitia McDonald Mary Smith Mabel Ellen
Anderson Andrew Dermoundy Richard R Hickman Emily Sarah McKellar Alfred Flintham Smith Ruby Sara Maville
Anderson Christina Dyer Coralee Myra Hickman Herbert Edwin Mckellar Arthur Smith Sarah Jane
Anderson Roma Dyer Herbert Thomas Hill Sarah Mckellar Charles Snook Anne
Andrews Alice Elizabeth   Hill William McKellar Jane Snook Mary Ann
Andrews George Clifford E Hore Edna Mckellar Raymond Leslie Stansall Charles Walter
Andrews Walter George Ellis Charles Hore Edward Joseph Merriman Florence Edith Stansall Elizabeth E
Axtell Ann Ellis James Howard Hester Merriman Winifred Stansall Isobel Margaret
Axtell George Ellis Mary Ann Howard Hester Mott Elizabeth Stansall John
  Emslie Emily Mary Howard James Mott Isaac Stansall John B
B Eyles Alice Rawlinson Hulbert Caroline Mullen Julia Stansall Thomas William
Baines Frederick William   Hull Amy M Mullen Thomas Staples Arthur W C
Ball Caroline Eliza F Hull Henry E Butler   Staples Emma L
Ball Charles Floyed James Stewart Hull Jessie N Staples James
Ball Charles 2 Floyed Olive Beryl Hull Lynden Ernest Munro Nightingale Ellen Stephens Eliza Anne
Ball Eliza Fogarty Charles Herbert Hunter Ellen Nightingale Frederick Marcus Stephens Joseph A
Ball Unknown Esther Amelia Fogarty David Hunter William   Stephens Laura M
Bantoft George Fogarty Lilla Amelia   O Stephens Lily Jemima
Bantoft Selma Hoskins Fogarty Lilla Elvira I Omant Donald Stephens Sarah
Barnett Louisa Fogarty Lilla Maria Ife Elsie Omant Harry Lesmore Stevens John Booth
Beard Florence Ford Lionel Gillard Ife George William Omant Joseph Oliver Stewart Elizabeth
Beard William Ford Marion Ife Mary Annie Omant Joseph Percival Swalwell Miriam F J
Beckwith John Clark Ford Vivian Thomas Ikin Beatrice Olive Omant Martha Swalwelll Sarah Jane
Beckwith Sophia Fordham Flora Ikin Rita Omant Max  
Begent Sarah Catherine Fordham Hannah Glazebrook     T
Begent William A Fordham Milly Mabel J P Taylor Ethel May
Begent Willie Alex Clay Fordham Thomasine Callanan Jackson Annie Pender Emily Blanche Thomas Henry
Beulah Kay Fordham Walter Jackson Lellie Pollard Theresa Harriet Thomas Hephzibah
Bolster Alexander William Fordham William Jackson William Fisher Pratt Florence E Thompson Maxwell
Bolster Minnie Gertrude Franklin Leonora Jessie Jeffery Elizabeth Priaulx Margaret Jean Thorne Fred W M
Bond Ella Constance Franklin May Florence Crisp Jeffery George Priaulx Robert Edward Thorne Frederick
Bower Annie Franklin William CHarles Jenkins Elizabeth Priest Fanny Pelishia Thorne Mary
Bower George Cambell   Jenkins Harriet Priest George Henry Tibballs Henry Malcolm
Bower George Henry G Jenkins William Priest Isabella Tibballs John
Bower Sarah Genge Annie Jennings Ena May Priest John Thomas  
Brown Mary M Genge Joseph Johnson Alfred James Priest Leila Fanny V
Brown Thomas Genge Mary Johnson Alfred W Priest Robert Venus Ada
Bullock Mary Genge Thomas Johnson Ann Elizabeth Priest Robert Walter  
  Genge William Johnson Isaac Propsting Fanny Harriet W
C Gilligan William Johnson James William Propsting Henry James Walker Albert Wilfred
Cantwell Mary Gilligan Zipporah Louisa Johnson Jane   Walker Dorothy
Carver Derenda Gledhill Ann Johnson John Alexander Q Walker Robert G
Carver Frederick James Gledhill William Johnson Lillian Maud Quintall Albertha Louisa Ward Adeline Jane
Carver John Goddard James Gregory Johnson Mary Ann Quintall Charles Acland Ward Thomas
Carver Sydney Francis Griffen John Johnson Percy James Quintall Harriett Warner Arthur Joseph
Cato Caroline Griffen Martha Johnson Rosetta Quintall John Acland Moresby Warner Henry Joseph
Cato Cornelia Griffiths Daniel Johnson V Quintall John M Waterhouse Mary
Cato William Grimsey Sarah Edith Jones Martha Quintall Roy Edwin Waterhouse Mary A
Cato William G Grimsey Thomas     Waterhouse Wilfrid
Cawthray Charles Gubby George K R Waterhouse William
Cherry Horace Henry   Kay Albert Rattle Anne Waterhouse William Towers
Clay Bridget H Kennedy Abraham Houlton Rattle Emma Waterhouse Willie
Clay Jemima S Hale Amy Ellen Kennedy Harold Horace Rattle George Weidenhofer Joan Selina
Clay Thomas Hale Ethel May Kennedy Lydia Reynolds Fred WeidenHofer Reay Thistelton
Clay William George Hale Harriet Mary Kennedy Walter Waldo Reynolds George Whit Allan Garfield
Coggin William Hallam Ruth Kirby Elizabeth Reynolds George White Charles Augustus
Collatz Catherine Hallam Thomas   Reynolds Harriett White Elenor Rosina
Collatz Charles Frederick William Harding George L Roberts James Howard White Margaret
Collatz Charles Ludwig Harding John Lear Frances Rodman Emily J White Marie Ellinore
Connor Elizabeth Harding Mary Ann Lear James Rodman Jonah White Norman
Connor William Harding Richard Francis Lear Mary Rodman Sarah Eva Whitworth
Cooper Annie Harding Sarah Lear Mary Jane Russell Elsie Louisa Wigmore Francis L A
Cooper Elizabeth Mary Hargraves Clarice Hope Little Jane Russell George Harold Williams Archibald Norton
Cooper George E Hargraves Jessie Beatrice Little William Russell George Rowett Williams Eva May
Cooper William Hargraves John Lloyd Edwin Russell Maria Williams Francis Edward
Coulter James Hand Hargraves Kate Lloyd Louisa Sophia   Williams Mary LePine
Coulter James Louis Hargraves Martha Lydia   S Williams William Archibald
Cranston Emma Hargraves Maurice Lemuel M Self Frances Emily  
Cranston Emma Elizabeth Hargraves Pearl Winifred Mansfield Alfred Albert Self Thomas Edward  
Cranston Jonas Hargraves William Mansfield Amelia Semmelhaack Emily Jane  
Cullen Mary Ann Harrison Amy Elizabeth Mansfield Maud Louise Sharpe Edward  
    Mazer Emily Miller Sharpe Mary Ann  
    Mazey John Shaw William John  
      Smith Douglas Bently  





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