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Section K Methodist

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.Cornelian Bay Search

Abbott Irene Florence Edge June Harris Henry Arthur Mee William Robinson Robert William2
Ah Now Charley Ellis Leslie Morton Harris Lilian Grace Meinas Emily Bertha Rollings Elizabeth
Alcock Thomas B Emery Charles E L Harris Marian Elizabeth Meinas Henry Rollings Robert
Allanby Maud Jean Emery Douglas Edward Harris Thomas William Morgan Daniel Rousell Rhoda Mary
Allcock Myrtle Olive Emery Florence Isobel Harrison Clara Morgan Jane Rousell William
Allen Rosa Emery Keith Alan Harrison Clara Isabelle Morgan Mary Ann Rowberry Alfred
Atkins Amy Bertha   Harrison Herbert James Morgan Mary Irene Rowntree Francis
Atkins William F Harrison Violet May Morgan Robert Eric Rowntree Francis 2
  Farrer Eva Minnie Harrison William Flurance Morgan Robert David  
B Farrer Norman William Hocking Alice Rosina Morris Elizabeth Burgess S
Bailey Florence Farrer Thomas Hocking Edward Morrison James Salter Ernest Alfred
Barren Annie Mary Fenton Agnes Hocking Sybella Morrison Mary Sayer Hugh Henry
Barren Wallace Fenton Annie Winifred Hurst Jane Annie   Shaw Elizabeth Theresa
Bellette Gordon Fisher Ida A   N Shaw Jean Doreen
Bellette Mary Fisher Joseph Nicholas J Nichols Albert Shaw Rowland Benson
Bellette unknown Le Pine Fisher Vera Isabel Jackson Mary Ann Nichols Albert Albie Sheppard C
Bennett Elvie Fitzgerald Emily Jane Johnson Doris Mary Nichols Annie M Skillen Marian
Bennett Henry W S Fitzgerald George Jones Blanche Norris Fanny Amelia Sly Amy C
Best Mary Ann Fitzgerald Gerald Louis Kaufmann Jones George Nunn Angelina Sly John
Bird Cecil Fullerton John   Nunn John Sly John C
Bird Phyllis Emmaline Fullerton John Leslie K Nunn Minnetta Estelle Sly Mary
Bowerman James Fullerton Leslie James Kile Charles   Smith Douglas Ferguson
Brabin Claude Albert Fullerton Lucy Belinda King Eliza Ann O Smith Emma
Brabin Elsa Eva Fullerton May King Henry Kirkham Overell Lydia Louise Smith Fay
Brabin Ronald John   King Myra Ruby Overell Margaret Mathinna Smith Jane Morgan
Brown Alfred Ernest G   Overell S Smith Joseph
Brownell John B Goodman Margaret L Overell Winifred Grace Smith Samuel
Brownell John Beecham Green Charles Leslie Large Amy Elsie   Stafford Ethel
Byrne Joan Erica Green Elizabeth Ann Large Charles Morley P Stafford Harold
  Green Emily Maud Large Lucy Page Lila  
C Green Frederick J Large Robert E Palmer Henry T
Cairns Hannah Amelia Green Henry Large Susan Park Amelia Teasdale Henry
Cairns Samuel J Green Isabella Annie Lewis Adelaide Park James Campbell Teasdale Mary
Camps Georgina Green Thomas Lewis Thomas Park Louisa Beatrice Thompson Alexander Hunt
Camps Samuel Green Thomas Baden Lipscombe Annie Park W C Tidswell Harriet
Chapman Hilda H Grey Henry Albert Lipscombe Charlotte Parkes E K Travers Alan Charles
Chapple John Grey Mary Grace Lipscombe Robin Parsissons Alfred C C Travers Annie Mary
Chapple Sophia Griffiths Headly James Little William James Patman Laura Louise Travers Charles H
Charlton Allan Vernon Griffiths Theresa   Patman W F Travers Clara
Charlton Arthur Louis Griggs Alfred James   Peck Ida Helen Travers Edna Clare
Charlton Beryl Selina Griggs Hilda M M Pepin Frederick Albert Travers Ray William
Cleary John Griggs Noel Kenneth MacDonald Sidney Herbert Pepin Lucy Martha Travers William Thomas
Crowder Elizabeth   Maddison Emily Perkins Charles Treweek Aileen Esther
Cumine Betty H Maddison Emily Ada Perkins Marjorie Jean Treweek Frederick G
Cumine Florence Isobel Lucy Hallam Bloomfield Jane Louisa Maddison John Perkins Sarah Treweek Sarah
Cumine Ivy Eva Hallam Eliza Rosetta Male Louie Ethel Peterson Maisie Frances Triffett Beatrice Maude
  Hallam Frederick Lewis Manton June Patricia Post Melita Mary Triffett Kenneth M
D Hallam Ivor Charles Holly Manton Robert Priest Triffett Noel Walter
Davidson Alice Ada Hallam John George Manton Violet Elizabeth Priest 2 Triffett William F
Delbridge Mary Ann Alice Hallam Lynden C H Mapley D W    
Dennis Arthur W Hallam Madeline Mary Mapley Francis Frederick R W
Dennis Eldon Hallam Norman Leslie Marshall Eliza Reid Caroline Wainwright George
Dennis Florrie Hallam Sarah Unice Marshall James Gordon Rennie Elizabeth Wainwright Harriett Ann
Dudley Mary Hallam William Henry Martin John Reynolds Annie Walker Andrew James
Dudley Robert Hancock Dorothy Tilley McCallum Charles Ian Reynolds Thomas Webster Harold Charles
Dudley William Robert Hancock Richard McCallum Douglas Cameron Robinson Alfred Williams Arthur
Dyer Benjamin Ray Harris Alma Alvina H McCallum Joseph Robinson Flora Helena Williams Ernest W
Dyer Jessie Janet Harris Elizabeth McCallum Keith Fergus Robinson Gwendoline D Williams Raymond Louis
    McCallum Mildred Lydia Robinson John Williams Reuben
    McClay Calvin Morgan Robinson Marian Williams Roseline Clare
    Mee Selina Jemima Robinson Mildred Wilson A L
      Robinson Robert William Wrathall Edward

Thank you to David Budd for his photo additions for

McClay Calvin Morgan,   Smith Jane Morgan and Morgan Robert David



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