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Section L Methodist

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

Ball Charles John Crisp Ada Maria Hart Mary Elizabeth Marsh Sarah Smith Hannah
Ball Eveline Eva Crisp Alfred Hawson Amy Lilias Marsh William Smith James
Barrett Crisp Cecil Claude Hawson Edward Mays Margaret Smith Mary
Bennetto H J Crisp David Henry Hawson Eleanor Edith McCormack William Smith Sydney Herbert
Bennetto Harold Crisp Elizabeth Anne Hawson Eric William McGregor Andrew Abercrombie Smith Thomas P
Bennetto Harold John Crisp Emma Hawson Harold Edward McGregor Robert James Stellmaker Agusta
Bennetto Ruby Crisp Frederick Henry Hawson Malcolm Reginald Mcgregor William Alexander Stellmaker August
Bennetto Ruby Matilda Crisp Fredrick Vernon Hawson Mary Midson Aileen Stellmaker Florrie Augusta
Bluett Elizabeth Crisp George Hawson Maude Midson Albert Stephenson Francis Ewens
Bluett Walter James Crisp George Stanley Hawson Reginald James Midson Beryl Stephenson Louisa Anne
Bridges Camilla Crisp Guy Hawson Stanley Edgar Midson Colin Strutt Ada Georgina
Bridges Douglas Leslie Crisp Helen Hawson Trixie May Midson Lenna Grace Strutt Albert Frederick
Bridges Edna Jean Crisp Lionel Jack Haywood Alfred   Strutt Edmund George
Bridges Eliza Mary Crisp Mary Haywood Charles N Strutt Eleanor
Bridges James Crisp Mary Ann Haywood Ellen Nielsen Albury Strutt Elvira May
Bridges James Charles Crisp Myra Gertrude Hignett Hannah Nielsen Elizabeth Caroline Strutt George
Bridges Leslie S Crisp Priscilla Hoggins Ailsa Kidd Harvey Nielsen Pearl Andrea Ulrikka Strutt Roberta Constance
Bridges Margaret Crisp Samuel Percy Hoggins Basil Davenport Nielsen Phyllis Mary Strutt Thomas George
Bridges Samuel Crisp Susannah Maria Hoggins Charles Davenport Nielsen Waldemar  
Bridges Samuel 2   Hoggins Elizabeth   T
Brown Marjorie Evans D Hoggins Emily O Tapsell
Brownell James Story Davidson Mary Elizabeth Hoggins Emily2 Ohlsen Gustav Adolf Taylor Eloise Lydia
Brownell Jane Spark Davidson Thomas Roland Hoggins Emily Mary Davenport Ohlsen O Taylor Hugh Sunderland Evans
Burrows Hannah   Hoggins Esther   Taylor Mark
Burrows Josephine E Hoggins Florence P Taylor Ronald Evans
Burrows Mary Ann Elliott William Jabez Hoggins Harold Peterson Violet Tumney Doris Catherine
Burrows Samuel Ellis Evelyn Margaret Hoggins John William Procter Estelle May Tumney Lesley Ann
  Ellison William Basil Hoggins Mabel Gertrude   Tumney Leslie Gordon
C Farrow Frank Hoggins Mariam Amelia Q Turner Ellen
Campbell Hilda Gertrude Farrow Sarah Matilda Hoggins Mary Quodrill Fredrick John Turner Frederick Henry
Campbell John Joseph Fearnley Manasseh Hurst Henry Stevenson Quodrill W M Turner Henry
Chapman Henry William Fearnley Sarah Hurst Mary Ann   Turner John
Chapman Sarah Louisa Fearnley Sarah James Hurst Sarah R Turner Thirza
Cope John Fleming Vera Ismay Hurst William Reeves Agnes Alice  
Cope Martha   Hyatt Harold Reginald Reeves Mona W
Cope Mary Ann G Hyatt Myrtle May Reeves Wilbur Preston Watkins Marjorie Madeline
Courtney-Pratt Albert Gillon Bertha   Rolph Alfred Samuel Williams Elizabeth
Courtney-Pratt Gertrude Edith Gillon Cora B I Rolph Jessie Mary Williams Elizabeth2
Courtney-Pratt James Mark Gillon Coralie Ironside Samuel Rosman Edward Williams Grace Marion
Courtney-Pratt Selina Marion Gillon Henry Ironside Sarah Rosman Mary Williams W M
Creswell Bertha Alice Gillon Percival H     Winch Ambrose Alfred
Crisp Arthur Travers Gillon Thomas P J S Winch Martha Louisa
  Gourlay Alfred Edward Jenkinson Sangewell Jessie Woodward Edith Amy
  Gourlay Julia Isabel Johnston Edward John Sangwell  
  Green Maria Joseph Clifton Milford Sangwell W  
  Green Thomas Joseph Elizabeth Sarah Smith  
    Joseph Milford Smith Eleanor Elizabeth  





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