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Section M Methodist

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

Adkins Margery Rose Cooper Harriett Jane Haywood Catherine Jessie Lamprill Charles Herbert Rankin Muriel Maud
Allen Elizabeth Cooper Harriett Josephine Haywood Charles D Lamprill Ellen Fenton Rennie Eldred Arthur
Allen George Thomas Cooper James Haywood Charles Robert Lamprill Winifred Rennie John T
Allen James Cooper Thomas Haywood Keith Charles Large Hannah Tabatha Rennie Josephine
Allen Margaret Ann Courtney-Pratt Haywood Susannah Large Henry Roberts Eliza Emily
  Crawford D Heritage Doris Elizabeth Large Myrtle May Roberts L J
B Crisp Elizabeth Heritage Edward Fison Large William Edmund Roberts Ronald William
Barnett Jane Crisp Samuel Heritage Frederick William Lloyd Annie Roberts Thomas William
Barnett Joseph Crisp Samuel2 Heritage Karla Lloyd George Whitfield  
Bearman Brenda W   Heritage Lionel Frederick Lloyd John S
Bearman Tasman Henry D Heritage Rose Long Charles Herbert Sayer Sadie
Bellette George A Dahlke Christina Edith Heritage Stephen Alfred Long Thomas Henry Sayer Walter Thomas
Bellette Mary A Dahlke George Henry Heritage William James   Sinclair Alexander
Blake Cecily Dare H W F Hicks Cecelia Viola M Smallman Amelia
Blore Mary Dart Arthur Henry Hicks Daphne Vera Mabel Enid Smallman Robert Turner
Blore Thomas Dart Minnie Eliza Hicks Ellen Marsh Alan Lindsay Soundy Annie
Blundstone Alice Maud Davis Lemuel James Hicks James Marsh Emma Jane Soundy Elizabeth
Blundstone Bernard Davis Violet Ella Hicks James Morris Marsh Henry Field Soundy Joshua Tovell
Blundstone Eliza Deeble Charlotte Hill Adelaide Harriett Marsh Raymond W Sproule Eliza Clara
Blundstone Ernest Lyndon Deeble William Rufus Hill Hilda May Mason Henrietta C Sproule John Crump
Blundstone George Ernest Denholm Dorothea Beatrice Hill Reginald Mason Michael Stabb Unknown Ann
Blundstone John Dossetor Elizabeth Hill W C Mason Roy StClair Street T
Blundstone Mabel Drewett Gertrude Adelaide Holt Nellie Mason William John Suckling Julia Johanna Annie
Blundstone Noel Mainwaring Drewett Rex Honey Archie McDougall Sarah Suckling Harold Claude
Blundstone Reginald George Driscoll Alfred Honey Emily McDougall William Suckling Percy W C
Blundstone Sylvanus Driscoll Audrey Joan Honey Frances W McKay Edwin Hornsby  
Blundstone William Henry Driscoll Clarence Rheuben Honey James McKay Ida Minnie T
Bond Frank Driscoll May W Honey Jane McKenzie Taylor Emily
Bond Sarah Emma   Honey Maud McKenzie James A Taylor George Thomas
Boxalll Gwendoline Sophia E Honey Medland Patterson McKenzie Lucy Thomas J D
Bradley Patricia Margaret Edwards Daisy Honey Walter M McKenzie Lucy Elaine Thurley Edna Marion
Brown Edwards Lillian Mary Hope Eileen Margaret McKenzie Nattie G Tims Charles M
Brownell Augustus Spencer Edwards Percival John Hornsby Gwendoline Naomi McKenzie Sidney Richie Tims Edith E
Brownell Julieann James Edwards Reginald Horracks Francis Midson Ernest Travers Lorna May
Brownell Lauriston Elliott Emma Caroline Hosan Mary Ann Midson Mary Travers Mary
Brownell Lindsay Elliott Joshua C Hosan Mohommed Morgan Daniel Osbourne Tumney Annie Frances
Brownell Mabel Georgina   Howard P Morgan Ida May Tumney Thomas Albert
Brownell Margaret Ebblewhite F Howard Unknown Morgan John Turner Alice
Brownell Reginald Fletcher Jones Eva Hunter Elsie Mary Morgan Julia Ann Turner George Arthur
Brownell William Percival Floyd Charles Hunter George McIntyre Morgan Margaret Turner Harry Stephenson
Brownell Reginald Floyd Melvina Hunter Winifred Maud Morgan Olive Maud Turner Mary Louisa
Brownell William Percival Ford Ernest Hurburgh Alice Maud Morgan Walter F Turner Nellie Evelyn
Burrows Annie Ford May Isobel Hurburgh Henry Briner Morris David Turner Thirza
Burrows Iris Ford Nellie Enid   Morris Ethel Gertrude  
Burrows Samuel Hurst Foster Maude Lillian I Morris Frank W
Burrows T A   Ife George W R Morris Gwladys Ethel Walker Florence P N
  G   Morris Marguerite Wallace Annie
C Gay J J Morrison Agnes Wallace Josephine L
Cato Arthur Hilmer Gifford Alan Claud Jaques Samuel William Morrison William Davidson Wallace Thomas Alfred
Cato Arthur Hilmer2 Gillott Constance Jaques Susannah Mullen Annie Watkins Amy Frances
Cato Janet Boddington Gillott Joe Clement Jaques VA   Watkins Charles H
Cato Joan Gloster Albert Lionel Jeffrey Doris Elizabeth Patricia N Wellington Florence A
Chafer Caroline Sophia Gloster Henry Chester Jeffrey Edward Fison Nichols Henry Norman Wellington Stephen John
Chafer Harriett Glover Arthur James Johns Henry Charles Norman Ivy B Welsh Emily Kate
Chafer Joseph Gourlay Blanche Mabel Johns Robert H   Welsh William
Chafer William Gourlay Gordon Garnet Johns Ruby May Irene O Wendland A
Chandler Ellen M Gray John   Oates Adelaide Blanche nee Rennie Westerway Elwin James
Chandler Frederick John Gray Sarah Louisa Elizabeth K Osborne Clara Emily Westerway Mabel
Chandler John Frederick Green Stella Viola Keen Emily Charlotte Osborne Wilfred Wallace Whitton H J
Chandler Racheal Isobel Griggs Frederick Robert Murray King Richard John Louis Peacock Agnes Isabella Wilby Annie
Clay Isabella   King Selina Elizabeth Peacock William Davidson Wilby William George
Clay John H Kingston Pedder Nelly Ada Williams
Clay Nellie Claribel Hardinge Marie Kingston Harold John Propsting Annie Caroline Williams Jane
Clay Olive Ruby May Harvey Daisie Minnie Kingston John Propsting George Englebert Williams Jeannie Marshall
Coe William H Harvey David Hastie Kingston Mary Propsting Leves Henry Williams Lillian Mary
Coleman William Harvey Elizabeth Caroline Kingston Sarah Jane Propsting William Williams Rita Mary
Cooper Edward Henry Harvey Violet Florence Kirby Bessie Strawson   Winch Mary Jane
Cooper Emma Silvester Hawkes J E Kirby Henry S   Winch William
Cooper Fanny Maria Hawkes Maud Kirby Reg Clement   Withers Henry
  Hawson Edward John     Withers Mary
  Hawson Mabel      
  Hawson Marjory      





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