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Aaron Frederick Caro Mandel Louis Fall Elizabeth Jacobs Unknown Raphael
Acton Harold Thomas L J D Caro Rachel Leyla Fall Elizabeth Joseph Henrietta Rauner Helen
Acton Joanne M Carriere Michel Denis Fersties Arcadi Joseph Rosa Rauner Simon
Ansell Henry Cohen Elijah Fersties Malka Michla K Remains of Pioneer Jewish Settlers
B Cohen Elizabeth Finkelstein Myer Kiffer Yedel David Riesebeck Alice Amelie
Bak Erich Uri Cohen Moses Fixel Ferry L Riesebeck Ruth
Benjamin Eve Cohen Symon Fixel Hedi Lee Ena Maria Riesebeck Simon Theo
Benjamin Fannie Coniston Fritz K Fixel Herma Lee Joseph Alexander Riesebeck Theo D Riesebeck
Benjamin George Ernest Coniston Jeanette Betty Frank Eric Levy Emilie Matilda Robinson Abraham
Benjamin Helen D Freeman Jules Arthur Levy George Rose Joe
Benjamin Henry Samuel Davis Catherine Fritz Unknown Lewis Henry Rose Regina
Benjamin Henry Davis Henry G M Rubinstein Bernado
Benjamin Isaac Davis Phillip Gartner Leon Macey Eileen Kimberley Rubinstein Ruby
Benjamin Joseph Dayan Cenjila Ginsberg Zachary Zalman Mandel Lilian Rebecca S
Benjamin Mavis Joy Dayan Freddy Elie Glasser Paul Mandel Victor Schloss Friedericke
Benjamin Miriam Dayan Gaston Goetz Jacob McFie Julia Schloss Max
Benjamin Montefiore Dayan Rosette Marguerite Goetz Olga Mendes David Simmons Catherine
Benjamin Myra E Graetzer Rosa Morris Alice Sarah Simmons Joshua
Benjamin Reubin Edwards Dorothy Graetzer Willy Morris I Solomon Elizabeth
Benjamin Samuel Edwards Fanny Grun Ernst Moss Emily Solomon Joseph
Bloom Harry Edwards Jack H Myers Esther Solomon Judah
Bloom Nhoma Edwards Leon Thomas Harris Benson N Solomon Mark
Boyles Tania Edwards Nathaniel Samuel Harris Rose Neuburger Irene Solomon Unknown
Bryce Rebecca Elias Peter Hartnoll Catherine Neuburger Maximilian Camillo Stenburg Simeon Herman
Burman Donald Daniel Epstein Clyde Samuel Hayes Adi O Susman George
Burton Val Mai Olivetti Epstein Harris Hayes Lewis Otvos Alexander Susman Mary Ann
Burton William James Epstein Julia Hoehne Renee Otvos Denes U
  Epstein Moses Hyams Esther Otvos Gabriel Unknown 3
  Epstein Muriel Jean Hyams Israel Otvos Margaret Unknown Isaac
    Hyams Mary P Unknown
    Hyams Unknown Paice Janet Forrest W
    Hyneman Gary Pasternak Albrecht Walford Bernard
    I Paul Bernard Watson Douglas Ferrier
    Ilowski Kurt Perl Margit  
      Popper Eugene  
      Popper Joseph  
      Possnniskie Esther Isabelle  




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