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Catholic Section C

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

A D Cont J M Cont T
Alcock Anne Donovan Peter Johnston Mary Ann Muir William Jenkins Taylor M H
Alcock Christopher Francis Driscoll Cornelius Johnston Matthew Myler Charles Trabucco Eugenie
Alcock Hilary Driscoll Eliza Johnston Patrick Myler Charles Joseph Trabucco John
Alexander Anne Dunn Eleanor Johnston Percival Colbert N Turner H
Alexander Ellen Teresa Dunn Ellen Lucy Jones Catherine Nolan Annie Turner Mary
Alexander Emma Ignatius Dunstan Eliza Mary Jones Eliza Amelia Nolan Charles Vincent Tuttle Frances
Alexander Honora Dunstan Oswald Jones Elizabeth O Tuttle George Stephen
Allen Edward Arthur Dunstan Robert Cornelius Jones Lucy Jane O'Brien Ellen Tuttle John
Allen Grace Ann E Jones Mary O'Donnell Walter Ernest Tuttle John
Allen Lydia Lucy Esworthy Annie Marion Jones Thomas Ogilvie Albert George Tuttle Mary
B Esworthy Henry K Oglivie Dorothy Tuttle Michael
Barnett Lydia Esworthy John Kavanagh George O'Reilly Davis ( Baby ) Tuttle Patrick
Batt Mary Ann Esworthy Margaret Kean Charles E O'Reilly John David Tuttle Thomas
Batt William Esworthy William Kean Mabel O'Reilly John Joseph Tweedie Annie
Best Lily Esworthy William E Kearney Ellen Mary O'Reilly Mary Tweedie John
Best Margaret Mary Evans Martha Mary Kearney James Orme Patricia Mary Tweedie Julia Beatrice
Birchall Annie Evans Thomas Walter Kearney Margaret O'Rourke Arthur U
Birchall Samuel F Keen Victoria O'Rourke John Upton Euphemia Margaret
Bleeze Bridget Finigan James Joseph Kenny Roderick J O'Rourke Mary Upton George Henry
Bleeze J Finn Elizabeth Kenny Theresa O'Rourke Violet Upton Margaret
Boreham Alfred Finnigan Bridget L P Upton Sarah Ann
Boreham Margaret Finnigan David Lacey Ann Patrick Colbert W
Brooks Emma A Finnigan Dulcie Isabel Langdon Bridget Pelham Johanna Walker Cecil
Brooks Timothy Finnigan Elizabeth Langdon Helen Pelham Mary Jane Walker Mary
Brown Sarah Finnigan Patrick Langdon Mary Pelham Samuel Walker Thomas
Brown Thomas Foster Irene Lillian Lewin Mary Amelia R Walker Thomas James
Burgess John Foster William Isaac Lewis C E Ray Albert Nicholas Walker Veronica
C Freney Delia Mary Long Maria Ray Cissie Walters Eileen Sarah
Cadiat Ambrose Freney Norah Clare Lord Frederick G H Ray Jane Walters Mary Julia
Callaghan Annie Fry Ellen Eugenie  Joseph Frederick Reed James Westbrook Catherine
Callaghan Daniel Vincent G Lord Mary Reed Margaret Westbrook S W
Cantrell Eliza Gallaghan Jessie Lord Thomas Reordan Mary Margaret Westwood John
Chadwick Ethel May Gallaghan Peter Loughlin Bridget O Reynolds Chris Westwood Kate
Chadwick Mary Ann Catherine Gallagher Hannah Margaret Loughlin Reynolds Elizabeth Whittle Henry
Charlton Agnes Gallagher James Henry Loughlin Michael Reynolds John Willicombe Ruby
Charlton J J Gallagher John Lyden Bernard Rossendell Margaret  
Charlton Jane Gearing Daniel Lyden Thomas Rossendell Robert A  
Charlton Johanna Gearing Eliza M S  
Charlton John H Gibson Charlotte MacNamara Honora Salter Alfred Henry  
Charlton Kitty E Gibson David MacNamara Matthew Salter Mary Elizabeth  
Charlton Tasman D Gilleran M W Martin Bernard Lawrence Scully James  
Clarke Lucy Goodlck Henry Martin Bernard Lawrence Scully James  
Colbert Margaret Goodluck Mary Martin Bernard William Cecil Scully John  
Connell Bertha Graf Bridget B Martin Scully Joseph  
Connolly Lily May Graf Essie I Martin Lawrence James Scully Margaret  
Connolly Thomas Francis Edward Graham Mary Martin Lawrence Leslie James Scully Mary Ann  
Craig Edward Graham Patrick Martin Margaret Theresa Seton Elizabeth  
Craig George James G Martin Mary Cecily Clara Seton Henry  
Craig Margaret Hart John Martin Michael Edward Smith Elizabeth  
Cross Walter Hart Julia McDonnell Cathleen Philomena Smith Margaret  
Curtain P Helleur George A E McDonnell Eleanor Teresa Smith Samuel  
Curtis C Helleur George McDonnell Jane Mary Smyth Alice Martha  
D Helleur Jean M Xavier McDonnell Rosaline Smyth James  
Daley James Helleur Mary McGlynn Margaret Mary Smyth James  
Daley John Helleur Mary Emily McGlynn Peter Smyth Margaret  
Dalgleish Mary Herlihy Julia McGrath Alice A T Speed Elizabeth  
Dart Jack Gregory Hill Bridget McGrath John Joseph Speed Josephine  
Day John Medway Hughes Eliza McNamara Michael Stevens Annie Louisa  
Delaney James Hughes James Meredith Agnes Stevens John Vyce  
Delaney L Hunt Alice Meredith Robert Stevens Louisa  
Delaney Mary Elizabeth Hunt William J Mollineaux Madeline Mary Sullivan Catherine  
Delaney William J Monks James Sullivan Eliza  
Donaghue Margaret Jarman Harold Henry James Monks Jane Sullivan Frederick  
Donaghue Thomas Johnson Catherine Monks Linda Sullivan George  
Donovan Bridget Johnson Mary Monks Thomas D Sullivan Herbert Ernest  
Donovan Catharine Johnson Michael Monks Tom Sullivan John  
Donovan Florence Mary Johnson William Monks Will    
Donovan Lionel Vincent Johnston John Moriarty William    


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