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Catholic Section CCX

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

Asley John Owen Gear Alice Ophelia Lonergan Emily Rhodes Albert James Unknown
B Gear G M Luttrell Annie Maria S Unknown2
Beattie James Charles Guest Annie M Shirley Edward William Unknown 3
Beattie Ruby May Guest William George McKay Dulcie Irene Shirley Emily May Unknown4
Bennett Mervyn Leo H McKay Rita Violet Smith Alfred Unknown5
Birchall Isabel Joyce Mary Hanlon Daniel William McKay Robert William Smith Violet May W
Blindell Margaret Teresa Hickson Margaret Nancy McKay Violet Smith Wilson James Whelan Amelia Victoria
Boland Bridget Hickson Michael John Mona Spark Elizabeth Orland Fayette Whelan Joseph Colin
Bowman Mary Higgins John Mother Sumner Herbert Whelan William H
Brereton Patrick Keith Higgins Margery E Mulholland Richard Sumner Susan Williams Stella Irene
C Hill Fay N Sutcliffe William  
Campion Francis J Netherton Clarence Vincent T  
Clancy Nora Thelma Jeschek Frank Netherton Mervin John Taylor Dorothy Mary  
Clark Mary Jones Jean Newman Margaret Ann Tinter Edward William  
Clifton Francis Bernard K O Tinter Gertrude Catherine  
Cruse Mollie Keenan Ann O'Connor Kathleen Mary Tinter Harriet  
Cuddihy Agnes Keenan John P Tinter Joseph Alfonz  
D Keenan Owen Parker Celia Tinter Joseph August  
Dale William John Kiely Annie Parker Elizabeth Tinter Wilfred Herbert  
Duffy Mary Elizabeth Kiely William Percey Florence Eva    
Duffy Patrick King Allen Bernard Percey William David    
F King Barry Thomas Pettit John Henry    
Fisher Michael Morton King Frank Bertram      
  King Mylie Jean      

Unmarked Graves

TRIFFITT Ernest Augustus Age 57 Record no 1B 25106 Service type Burial Service date 24-Jul-1925 Last residence HOSPITAL  Cemetery Cornelian Bay 

Area or denomination Roman Catholic  Section CCX  Site number Number 337




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