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Catholic Section D

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

A D Cont J M cont S
Ashwood Gilroy Dore Arthur Singliton James Edward Robert McDermott Jane Scanlon Charles Edward
Ashwood Margaret Dore Charles James Henry McDermott John Scanlon George James
B Dore James James Joseph Roy McGrath Ann Scanlon Henry A
Balfe Eric Oscar Dore Kate James Lucinda McGrath John Scanlon Margaret
Balfe Gertrude Elizabeth Dore Margaret James Robert McInerney Ann Scanlon William Charles
Balfe John Donellan Dore Ursula Johnston Ann J McInerney Catherine Scanlon William James
Balfe Mary Dore William Johnston Elizabeth McInerney Denis Scudder Mary Ann
Barnett David Doyle Alice K McInerney John Selway Millie
Barnett Joey Doyle Catherine Kearney Ellen McMinn Phoebe Selway Samuel
Barrett Mary Doyle Henry Kearney Mary Ann McPartlan Alice Sexton Mary Bidelial
Boland Ada Doyle William Henry Kearney Miriam McPartlan Francis Sexton Thomas
Boland David Dwyer Edmund Keats 1 McPartlan Patrick Sharey Hannah
Boland Helena E Keats Benjamin McPartlan Peter Shea James
Boland Kate Edwards Frances M St Clare Keats Meagher Keith Shea Mary 1
Boland Martin 1 Edwards Oscar John Joseph Keats Harold McLaren Meredith Bridget Anastasia Shea Mary
Boland Martin Essen Dorothie Keats Jane Meredith Johns Shea Richard
Bolton Ann Essen John Keats Kate Mary Meredith Samuel George Sheahan James
Bolton John Essen John William Keats Sarah Jane Meredith Timothy Sheeran Harriett
Bolton Martha Essen Linda Keenan Florence Mary Miller Sarah Shelverton Catherine
Bowring Ebezener Evans Charles Keenan James Morgan Helen Smith Ann
Bowring Joseph Leslie Evans Selina Keenan Leo Stanley Murphey James Smith Annie
Bowring Mary Ann F Kemp Annie Maria Murphey John Smith Henry 1
Bowtell Emily Jane Fahey Eliza Kemp John Arthur Vere Murphey Margaret Smith Henry
Bowtell Ernest C J Fahey Ethel S Keogh Francis N Smith Lucy Elizabeth
Bowtell Georgina Fahey John 1 Keogh Lily Nichols James Smith Peter
Bowtell Reginald Charles Fahey John Keogh Vincent Nichols Margaret Smith Rowland
Brace Helen Fahey Mary Ann Keogh W Nichols Richard Smith Thomas
Brace William Fahey Thomas Keogh William Alfred O Stourton Frederick Joseph
Bradley C Farmer Delia Kildea Annie O'Brien Marie Sugree John
Bradshaw John Michael Feltham Hanora Kildea Ellen O'Brien Wallace Annie Sugree Katherine
Briggs Matilda Catherine Feltham John William D Kildea James O'Connor Ellen Sullivan John 1
Briggs William Peter Feltham Joseph W Kilmartin John Daly O'Connor Felix Sullivan John
Brindle James Samuel Foster Kingsley Bridget O'Donoghue Francis Henry Sullivan Johnanna
Brittain Henry Foster Sarah Kingsley Ellen Mary O'Donoghue Sophia Sward Elizabeth Mary
Burke Anna Maria G Kingsley N J O'Doyle 1 Sward Frank
Burke John Joseph Gardner Margaret Kingsley Thomas O'Doyle Sward Henry George
C Gardner William Knapp Caroline O'Doyle James R Thomas  
Carey Patrick Garrod Ellen L O'Doyle John Patrick T
Carney Henry Gee John Langford Jeremiah O'Doyle Thomas Thompson Anne
Carney Kate Ellen Giffin Benjamin Langford Kathleen Oldham Dorothy Thors Albert Ross
Carney Patrick John Giffin Catherine Langford William Oldham Georgina Thors Anthony
Chapman Ellen Giffin John Latham Charles R Thors Arthur
Chapman George Gleeson John Latham Margaret Read Albert Bernard Thors Frederick
Chew Sophia   Loring Charles Thomas Read Alfred Ernest Thors Minnie
Clark Albert A Gleeson Lucy D Loring Isobel Read Amy Isabell Jane Triffett
Clark George H   Loring Myrtle Olive May Read Arthur Triffett Bridget Cecilia
Clark Gertrude D Gleeson Patrick Lourie William John Read Bernard Triffett Cecilia Selena
Clark Jane R Griffin Lynch Catherine Read Catherine Triffett Emma Lakeheart Mary
Clark Mary Ann H Lynch Margaret Marian Read Charles Turner Sarah
Clark Robert C Hall Edward Swarbreck Lynch Terence Read Deborah Caroline  
Clark William J Hall Mary Lynch Thomas Edward Read Ethel May U
Cleburne Mary Haney Mary Lynch William Gabriel Ernest Read Francis Edward Unknown 2
Cleburne William Leslie Haney Michael Lynskey George Read Mary Unknown
Collins Bridget Hardiman Charlotte Lynskey John Read Thomas John  
Collins Denis Harwood Mary Jane Lynskey Mary Read William Thomas W
Collins Denis Joseph Harwood Patrick 1 Lynskey Sarah Reynolds Emily S Watson Charles
Conlan John Harwood Patrick M Reynolds Roderick Weekes Emily Agnes
Corkery Florence E Hayes Margaret Hicks Madden Bridget Robins Margaret Weekes Emily Agness
Corkery James Haywood Charles W Madden John Rodgerson Marg Weekes James
Corkery John Wright Hazelwood Anne Madden John (JNR) Rollins Bridget Weekes John Joseph
Courtney Hazelwood Elizabeth Maher Annie Rollins Charles White Julia
  Hazelwood George Joseph Maher Bridget Roney Honora White Mary
D Hazelwood George Thomas Maher Elizabeth Roney Patrick White Michael
Dale Bridget Heinrichsn Frank Maher Julia Rourke Elizabeth 1 Williams Florence Georgina
Dale James Heinrichsn Margaret Maher Peter Rourke Elizabeth  
Daly James Hicks George James McCaughan James Rourke James Joseph  
Daly Margaret Hickson John McCaughan James Thomas Rourke Kate May  
Day Mary Hickson Mary Ann McCaughan Mary Rourke Michael  
Delaney William Henry Hickson Sarah McCaw Eliza Rourke Myles  
Demanse Margaret Hoare Ellie McClean2 Ryan Bridget  
Demanse Robert Hoare John David McClean Bridget Ryan Bridget M B  
Dillon Hoare Mary McClean Mary Susan Ryan Edward Christopher  
Dillon Ellen Hoare Mercy McDermott Albert W Ryan Ellen Monica  
Dillon Margaret Hoare Thomas McDermott Dorothy Ryan John Joseph  
Dillon Patrick   McDermott Francis Ryan Mary  
Donoghue Daniel   McDermott George H Ryan Michael Camilus  
    McDermott Hannah Ryan Patrick  
      Ryan Michael Cornelius  





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