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Catholic Section DA

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

Absolom Jenny Daley Rosanne Therese Haigh Ivo Thomas Malone Lance Michael Silver Betinea Maree
Absolom Scott D'Amato Donato Enrico Hall Maxwell Paul Gerrard Sims Kelly Ann
Adlard Tricia De Jersey Geraldine Fay Harrington Bernard Neil McCauley Andrew Smith
Aiken Mandy Irene Di Domenco Harris McGuiness Smith Darren James
Allen Henry Edward Di Domenico Enzo Hill Sylvia Ann Middleton Anne Louise Smith Mark Anthony
B Dingle Dion Hills Leeanne Millhouse Scott Andrew Sokolski Wayne Anthony
Bacic Sonja Donoghue D L Section Hills Maurice Peter Mione Antonio Spence Paul Brent
Bailey Stephen Alexander Dudic Collette Francesca Holloway Kylie Jane Mulligan Sophie Joan Stecko Michael Anthony
Bain Wendy Maree Duggan Hope Angel Murphy Shane Graham Stubbs Baby
Baker Kerry Ann   Howells Therese    
Baker Rachel Mary E Hursey N T
Bannister Robert David Edwards Suzanne Marie   Nemec Michael Joseph Tanner Jane
Baric Anita Paula   J Nichols Todd Andrew Tayor Luke Andrew
Batchelor Stephen Benjamin F Johnson Andrew Peter Nieuwenhuizen Kenneth Thomsen Celeste Ina
Blanton Martin Fitzpatrick Brendon Lawrence Johnson Mark Wayne Andrew Nieuwenhuizen Ronald Thurstans Nicholas David
Bolton Matthew David Ford Alistair Rex     Tomes Martin Douglas
Bond Linda Mary Fox George William K O Trikilis Stamatia
Bone Maryanne Therese Fox Peter Kairys Graham Pyliras O'Byrne Andrew Ian John Tuitiuner
Bradley French Abby Lauren Keady Helen Susan O'Byrne Thomas James Turner Nigel Gerald
Brady Cheryl Maree French Andrew James Kiker William Andrew Panico Elisabetta Tuttle Kelly Frances
Brickhill John French Gabrielle Anne King Jody Petracca Franco  
Brown Allan   Knapek Richard Arthur Petrascu Clement V
Brown Mark Robert G Krakowiak Stephen Paul Pettit Michael Davin Vigan Anthony John
Burke Alexandra Elizabeth Garvin Gregory   Piuselli Steven John Vincent Sharee
Burles Richard Maurice Gathercole Marcus Bertram L Plunkett Tracey Anne  
Burnett Denise Joy Gathercole Michael Charles Lewis Diane Maree Purcell David John W
Burns Zachary William Gerlach Karen Ursel Lovell William Ouston   Walsh Helen Section DA1
Butler Giles Elizabeth Mary Lowe Patricia Kathleen Q Wastell Mark James DA468
C Glasovac Magdalene Lyden Aiden Laurance Quilty Joseph Patrick White Allan Edward Section DA2
Callaghan Zo-Ellen Lee Glover Mary Catherine   Quinn Therese Maree Wikzynski DA216
Carling-Green Bernard Gregory Glover Mary     Williams Andrew DA380
Carr D J Gordon   U Woods Leanne Patrice DA228
Cashin Michael David Gordon Dale Ian   Unknown 2 Wright Mandy Maree DA155
Castle Robert Laurence Gordon Patricia Margaret Section   Unknown  
Cheeseman J I Grant Garry Alan      
Chisholm M J Greenwood Tanya Maree   R  
Coad Roger Ainsley Gregory Joel Mark   Roach David Paul  
Colavecchi Antonia Grundy Gaye Leanne   Roach Phillipa Teresa  
Coleman Bruce Michael Grundy Rona June   Robinson Kim Francis  
Conrades Sharon Lesley     Roddam Angela Maree  
Cramp Baby     Rogers Anne Carmel  
Crocker Bronwyn Lynette     Roland Janet Margaret  
Crosswell Mapley Bridget     Rosendale Kevin Lindsay  
Curtis Roger Vernon        





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