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Catholic Section DD

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

A D H Cont M Cont S
Andre Jane Dillon Raymond Bernard Higgins James Mills Charles Saye Maxwell John
Astrella Teresa Dillon Sydney James Hillman Beryl Mills Mary Smith Charlotte
  Donoghue Maxwell Charles Hillman Charlotte Moore George Henry Smith Cyril M
B Donohue Ellen Mary Hillman Henry Moore Sarah Louise Smith Dudley G
Baillie Mary Jane Donohue Levira Tatina Hillman Lucy   Smith Florence M
Baillie William John Donohue Patrick Francis Hincks Thomas Bennett N Smith George
Bannister Ernest Albert Downham William Hope Doris Mary Nicholson Gerald Smith George William
Bannister Rose Downie Teddy Hope Henry Thomas Norton Frederick John Smith Henry
Blackman James Edward Duffy Mona Agnes Hope Mary Norton Margaret Ann Smith Isabella Jane
Blackman Jane Sophia Duggan Vera Claudine Horton Henry A M Norton William Henry Smith Jane
Blackman Walter James   Horton Teresa Lillian   Smith Joseph Benedict
Bowden John Frederick E Husband Adrian Edmund O Smith Louie
Britt Jane Ellston Susan Emily Husband Perpetua Marie O'Brien Clara Smith Sarah Ann Jane
Brittain Albert     O'Brien Harold Lewis Smith Thomas Paul
Brittain Annie F J O'Donoghue-Sullivan Patrick Stapleton John
Brittain Catherine Fisher George William Johnson Blanche Louisa O'Donoghue-Sullivan Sarah Stapleton Margaret Jane
Brown John Flynn Mary Ann Johnson Lionel C O'Haire Isabel Margaret Stennings Mary
Brown Sarah Jane Flynn Norma Rita Mabel Jones Mary O'Haire James Sullivan Joseph
Burke Mary Ann Flynn Philadelphia Jones William O'Neill V M  
  Flynn Thomas Charles 1   O'Shea Archibald Allan T
C Flynn Thomas Charles K O'Shea Maurice Anthony Taylor Catherine
Cahill Jon Richard Foley Ellen L Keating Doris May   Taylor Edward Henry
Cantrell Annie   Kirk Joshua Q Taylor George
Carrick Peter Joseph G Kirk Marjorie Joyce Quayle John Francis Taylor Herbert S
Charles Henry Garland Cecil Lloyd   Quayle Mary Anne Taylor Leslie
Charles Vera Garland Clarence L   Taylor Rosemary
Clancy Sydney Richard Gartner Beatrice Aileen Lane Michael R Taylor Walter
Clark John William Garvin Margaret Linnell Mary Elizabeth Rabenagh Michael John  
Colbeck Annie Dillon Geappen Mary Linnell William Reardon Daniel W
Colbeck Annie Louisa Gordon Beatrice Eleanor   Reid Charles Henry Wade Joseph R
Colgon Geoffrey Graham Ellen M Reynolds Ada Alicia Weldon Elizabeth
Collins Archibald C Green Stephen C J Mahoney John C Reynolds William Bede Weldon Robert
Collins Henry Guest Charles Maley Thomas Rhodes May Alice White R D
Commane John Michael Guest Eva Matches Catherine Riley Charles John Whogan Elsie Lavinia
Commane Laura Matlda Guest George Matches Edward Riley John Thomas Williams Henry
Commane M K Gunday Rachel McCann Section Riley Sarah Ann  
Commane Michael   McCarthy Ellen Robinson Catherine  
Cook Catherine H McCarthy Walter    
Cook Henry Arthur DD30A Hallett Eileen M McGrath Alfred W    
Cook John Halton Charles James McGrath Christine    
Costello Jack Hassett J J McGrath Francis Joseph    
Costello Johanna Heffreman Basil McGrath Mary Jane    
Costello Marjorie Ella Genevra Heffreman Melvina McLaghlan George    
Crocker James Francis Heffreman Roy      
Crocker Mary Ann Hickey Kathleen Mary      





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