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Catholic Section DX

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

B F   N T
Bailey Lexley Ruth Fabbian Cate Beryl Holdsworth Dianne Newman Phillip Talbot D
Banks Kathleen May Foster John Charles Horne Barbara Gaye Nibbs Lorraine Eileen Thorp Elizabeth Mary
Bannister Mary Freeman Donald Keith Hughes Brigid Elizabeth    
Bannister Wayne Desmond Freeman Margaret Rosanne Hughes Michael John O V
Berkshire Julie Gwendoline Freeman Tony Raymond Hyland Joan Norah O'Brien Eric Vincent Dianne Lee
Brocklehurst Kevin   Hyland Peter John O'Malley Anthony  
Brockman Royal John G   O'Malley Frances Carmel W
Butterworth Lynette Gallagher Dianne Joan J   Wagner Peter
Butterworth Martin Cyril Geason Lynette Jackson R P Watson Colleen Mary
  Geason Patricia Hellen Jackson Robert Arthur Pacholski White John
C George Wayne Clive George Baby James Christopher John Patman Robert Scott Wright Christine Glenda
Cahill Josephine Joy Gibson Gerard   Pearce Mary Theresa  
Cannell Michael John Gilelwicz K Prendergast Dorothy Gladys Y
Cannell Pamela Anne Goodsell Kathleen Keenan Barrie James Prendergast Eileen Yow Chung Tin
Carr John Gregg Harold Wilfred Kelly Christopher L    
Carroll Clare Grela Kerslake Leo Angus R  
Carroll Mary   Kettle Michael Charles Richarson Maureen  
Cate Garry Martin H Knoblauch Marie Veronica Robinson Ann Patricia  
Chandler Michael Hall Vicki Andrea Kurek Twins    
Clark Maree Angelina Hammond Joy Ann   S  
Condotta Simone Louise Hanlon Baby L Saunders Carol Winsome  
Connolly Peter James Harrington Virginia Long C Seccombe Roger Anthony  
Coupe Mary Terese Hill Francis Helen Luke Marie Therese Smallbone Josephine Frances  
  Hill Raymond Douglas   Smith Dennis Lyndsay  
D Hill Raymond M Smith Kathleen
Daley Betty Lorraine Hills Roy Keith Madden Wayne John Smith Kay Marlene  
Di Venuto Roberto Hills Sally Ruby Mazengarb Mary Noreen Smith P J  
Dillon Ann Marie Hills Susanne Mary McCreghan Baby Smith Ross Ashley  
Dillon Bradley Kenneth Hills Virginia Gloria McDevitt Kathryn Patricia Somers John Barry  
Dillon Stanley John   McDonnell R C Stanton Kevin Leonard  
Dobromisky John   McGowan Terence Martin Stringer David  
Dobromisky Michael   McGrath Michael James    
Douglas Peter John   Meehan    
    Moore Stillborn    
    Murray Patrick    





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