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Catholic Section F

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

A G K Cont M Cont Q
Adams Honora Louise Griffiths Felicitas Sister of Charity Kelly M M Mitchell Thomas Patrick Quinn Catherine Ann
Alcock Ilma H Kelly Margaret Moles Arthur Quinn Grave
Alexander A Hadfield Albert E Kelly Walter Moles Barbara Elizabeth Quinn James
Allen Herbert Owen Hadfield Cora L Kent Barbara Moore Annie Juliet R
B Hadfield Ernestine Kent Nancye Moore William Rawlings John
Bailey Athalie Harding Lillian Kent Roy Morris Beatrice Mary Richenburg Jane
Bailey C D Hartlay Clara L Morris James Samuel Roberts Judith
Bailey Charles James Harwood Allen Laughlin Edmund Morris Mary E S
Bailey Frances Athalie Harwood Bridget Laughlin Jacinth Morris Ruby Mary Saunders William J
Bailey James Charles Harwood Emily Laughlin Nora Mulcahy Edward 1 Seager Helen Margaret
Bateman A Harwood James Lockley Cedric Athol Mulcahy Edward Sheehy Thomas
Bateman James Harwood John Lockley Mary Ellen Margaret Mulcahy James Sheeran Bridget
Beaugarde J Harwood Margaret Francis Lyden Ethel Maud Mulcahy Joseph Sheeran John
Bowden George Henry Stanley Harwood Michael Lyden Samuel Mulcahy Margharita Sheilds Mulhall Grave
Bowden Kathleen Bernadette Harwood Patrick Lynch Alice Maud Mulcahy Mary Ann Shields Elizabeth
Brazendale Clara Ellen Elizabeth Harwood Patrick William M Mulcahy Mary Annie Shields Thomas
Brazendale Henry Harwood Robert MacNamara Annie Mulcahy Phillip Vincent Shirley Mary Ann
Brettingham-Moore Eveleen Ida Harwood Robert Michael MacNamara Francis Mulcahy Rosie Bernard Shirley Michael
Brettingham-Moore George Edward Harwood Sydney James MacNamara Henry Edward Mulcahy Sarah Shirley Richard
Brimfield Henry Thomas Harwood Thomas MacNamara John Joseph Mulcahy William Shirlly Eliza
Bromwch Ann Harwood William John MacNamara M C Mulhall Charles John Shirlly Grave
Bromwich Emma Heritage George Thomas MacNamara Mary Mulhall William Francis Shirlly Ida Mary
Bromwich John Heritage Margaret Ann MacNamara Mary Frances Murray Irene Elizabeth Shirlly Thomas
Bromwich Lucy Heritage Mary Hesther MacNamara Michael Murray Sydney Ernest Sisters of Charity
C Hoare Ann MacNamara Patrick N Spaulding Gladys
Cearns Angela Hoare Michael Malone Patrick Newman Elizabeth Spaulding Raymond Ryan
Cearns Charles Cecil Hodson John F15 Malone William Newman Fredrick St Clair Mary
Chrost Stefan Hohnson George Hugh Martin Edith Lily O St Clair William
Cohen Bridget Hornby Fanny Hodson Martin Elizabeth Jessie O'Brien A Stanfield Daniel
Coles Alan Howard Ellen Martin Ellen Ida O'Brien Selma Gladys Stanfield Edward Joseph
Cronly John Howard Richard Martin Ernest Joseph O'Donnell Albert Joe Stanfield Margaret Mary
Cronly Margaret Mary Humphreys Albert Agustus Martin Frederick Charles O'Donnell E H J Stanfield Martha M
Cronly Mary Humphreys Edwin Martin Henry O'Loughlin John Terence Stanfield Rosetta
Cross Ann Humphreys George Martin James O'Loughlin Noreen Patricia Stanfield Thomas
Cross Ellen Humphreys Isabel Mary Martin John O'Neill Frederick Vincent Stanfield William
Cross Margaret Humphreys Joseph Randolph Martin Joseph John O'Neill Muriel Stewart Arthur
D Humphreys Lizzie Martin Laura P Stokoe George Leonard
Devitt James Joseph Humphreys Margaret Mary Martin Mary Piesse Joy Stanfield T
Devitt Selma Isobelle Louisa Humphreys May Martin Mary May Piesse Rosetta Margaret Taplin Ila Mary
Dickenson Annie Gertrude Humphreys Robert Withey Martin Patrick Pocock Ann Taplin James Midwood
Dodge May Gertrude Humphreys Thomas Martin Thomas Pocock Anne V
Dodge William Sydney Humphreys Thomas Robert McCann Mary Ann Pocock George Vale Johanna
Donnelly Nancy Patricia Humphreys William McCann William Francis Pocock Joseph Vale Patrick
E J McDermott James Michael Pocock Susan Vernon Sheila May
Eaton Johanna Margaret Johnson Mary Ann McManus Hugh Harold Pocock William 1 W
Elley Alice Rebecca Jones Eileen Mary McShean Charles Francis Pocock William Walsh Bridget
Evans James Thomas K McShean Johanna Pritchard Charles Edward Waters Julia
Evans Mary Ann Keenan Leslie Joseph McShean Michael Pritchard Rosina Jane Waters Mary
F Kelly Ellen McShean Tasman Theobald Propsting Caroline G Waters Michael
Farmer Marjorie A Kelly John Mitchell Josephine   Weare Eliza
Fleming Pauline Kelly Lawrence Mitchell Thomas Patrick 1   Weare Theresa Ellen
        Weare Thomas Joseph
        Whittle Michael Joseph
        Whittle Olive Irene Mary
        Williams Elizabeth Anne


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