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Catholic Section G

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

A D Cont H M Cont P Cont
Alcock Francis Claude Lennox Duggan Barbara Hall Agnes McLoughlin Henry Page Mary Alice
Alexander Alice Maud Dunworth Our Lady Harley Catherine McLoughlin James Page W Humphrey
Alexander Joseph Charles Dynon Francis Joseph Harley George  McLoughlin James Joseph Partington Teresa Cecily
Allcock A E Harley Mary Mollie McLoughlin John 1 Pearson Mary
Anderson Elizabeth Enwright Julia Harney Our Lady McLoughlin John Pearson William
Anderson Gabriel Enwright Michael Heffernan Ellen McLoughlin Mary Ann Perrin Dominic
Anderson George Christopher Enwright Thomas James2 Heffernan Patrick McLoughlin Thomas Phillips Peter
Anderson Margaret Catherine Enwright Thomas James Higgins Rosalina McLoughlin William Oliver Poole William
B Essex Annie Higgins William J McLoughlin Winifred Annie Pross Margaret May
Barber Stanislaus Mount St Canice Essex Dorah Hobden Annie McMahon Ita Q
Barry Our Lady F Hogan John McWilliams Our Lady Quinlan Phillippa
Bell Elizabeth Fahey Michael Hogan Mary Ann Melican Our Lady R
Bezette Ted Fahey Sarah Hogan Our Lady Memory of those who died at Mt St Canice G Reynolds Alice Maud
Bowes Betty Finnigan Alan George Huxtable Leonard St Josephs Convent Molloy Alice Josephine Reynolds Caroline
Brown Juliana Finnigan Arthur Edward J Molloy Bernard Reynolds David T
Bulger Ambrose Finnigan Elsie M Johnston Blanche Ellen Molloy Bryan Reynolds Martha Mary
Burrows Bridget Fitzgerald Honora Johnston Louisa Teresa Molloy Catherine Elizabeth Reynolds Michael
Butler Amelia Fitzgerald Mary K Molloy Geraldine 1 Reynolds Olive Kathleen
Butler James Fitzgerald Michael Kavanagh Catherine Molloy Geraldine Reynolds Oscar
C Fitzgerald Thomas Kavanagh James Molloy John Rice Edward J
Cahill Alice Fitzgibbons Our Lady Kavanagh Michael Molloy Maria Rice Elizabeth M
Cahill James Flanagan Anne Josephine Kavenagh Our Lady Molloy Mary Ann Rice Emma A
Cahill John Flanagan M George Kean Gertrude Molloy Roger Rice Henry John
Cahill John Flanagan Martin John Kearnan Clarice Lillian Molloy Ruth Rice Honora T
Cambell Bridget Flanagan Our Lady Kearnan Edith Moore Rita Ivy Rice James H G
Carlson Moira Therese Fleming Amelia Josephine Kearnan Michael John Moore William Rice Mary J
Caswell Margaret Mary Fleming George Keatiing Henry Morgan James Greville Rice Sarah Theresa
Chapman Clarissa Mary Kissel Flemng Maria Keating Alice 1 Morton Sarah Ann Rice Thomas B
Chapman Emily Ann Fletcher Anne Keating Alice Morton William Rigney Raphael
Chapman Ina May Flynn Bridget Keating Dominic Murphy Bernard Roberts Elizabeth Ann
Chapman Irene M Flynn Charles Keating Emilia Therese Murray Ann Robertson Teresa
Chapman James C K Flynn Eliza Teresa Keating James 1 Murray Elizabeth Ann Roper Joseph Basil
Chapman James Flynn George Keating James Murray Frank Roper Joseph Francis
Chapman James Lindsay Flynn Mary Keating James Watson Murray John Roper Letitia Agnes
Chapman John Patrick Flynn Michael Keating John Henry Murray Margaret Mary Russell James
Chapman Rose Florence Freeman Bridget Keating Joseph Murray Mary Ellen S
Coady Ellen Freeman E B Keating Mary Murray Sarah Teresa Saunders Our Lady
Coady Henry Freeman Eliza Blanche Keating Sarah Alice Lillie N Scanlon Our Lady
Colrain Andrea Freeman George Kenny Elizabeth Nolan Scull Roy
Comerford Gerard Freeman Henrietta Winnifred Kenny Garrett Patrick Nolan James Shelverton Vincent
Conway Anne Freeman J T Keogh Brendan St Josephs Convent Nolan James Patrick Smith Eustelle
Cook Charles Freeman John Thomas King Assisi Nolan Katherine Stewart Mabel Eileen
Cronly Julia Freeman Joseph Kingsley Nolan Mary Sullivan Thelca
Cronly Patrick Freeman Mary L Nolan Michael T
Crowley Callistus Freeman Thomas Laugher Fabian Nolan Patrick Tierson Our Lady
Cullieret M L G Lawler Daniel C Nortin Doris Mary Toohill Magdalen
D Gillon Catherine Angela Lawler Madeline Christina Nortin Vera Mary U
Dakere Our lady Gillon Catherine Lawler Madeline J Norton Esther Ulbrich De Sales
Dalton Andrew Gillon Elizabeth Long May Theresa Norton James W
Dalton Bridget Gillon John 1 Long Patrick O Waller Hilda
Dalton James Gillon John 2 M O'Brien Francis DeSales Waller Joyce Grace
Dalton Julia Gillon John MacNamara Christine O'Doherty Bernard Roger Wallis Honora
Dalton Michael Patrick Gillon John William MacNamara James O'Doherty Hugh Wallis Lawrence
Dalton Ruby Gillon Leone MacNamara James Joseph O'Doherty John Lawrence Watson Mary St James
Dawson Celestine Gillon Louis Edward Maher Teresa O'Doherty Joseph Frederick Webb Mary Ann
Del Sarte Camiele Auguste Gillon Mary Eleanor Manion Martin O'Doherty Nora Webb Mary
Del Sarte Francis Henry Gillon William Joseph Mason John O'Farrell Joseph Weir Christina
Devereux Hannah Gleeson Honora Mason Sarah O'Grady Our Lady Weir Our Lady
Devereux Harriett Gleeson James McAllen Alan E O'Neil Margaret Whelan Our Lady
Devereux Mary Elizabeth Gleeson John McAllen Charles Gordon O'Neil S White Annie May
Devereux Walter James Goram Charlotte McAllen Thomas C O'Regan Michael Willcox Ellen Eleanor
Dillon Gabriel Goram Eileen Alice McDonnell Cyril Roy O'Reilly Winifred Williams Agatha St Josephs Convent
Donnellan Julia Nora Goram Elizabeth McGowan Louis J O'Shea Margaret Williams C H
Donnellan Margaret Goram Martin McHugh Joan O'Shea Michael Williams Ellen
Donnellan Margaret Goram Michael 1 McLoughlin Catherine O'Shea Teresa Josephine Williams Francis Xavier
Donnellan Michael John Goram Michael McLoughlin Edward P Woods Charles
Dove Campion Guillois Fortune McLoughlin Eileen Doris Mary Page Alice Section Woods Emily
Dowling Leo   McLoughlin Ellen Page Clement Dominic Woods William





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