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Catholic Section H

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

A C H M Cont S Cont
Absolom Charles Louis H452 Conrad James H201 Hall Charles Thomas H545 McDonald Walter Edward H531 Saggers Eileen H281
Absolom Eric James H197 Conrad Maria Jane H201 Hall Francis Frank H121 McGann James Halton H236 Sainsbury Ann H88
Absolom Eric William H197 Conrad Mary Ann Maria Hall Gladys Marion H545 McGann Lucy Amelia Rose H236 Sainsbury Arthur William H88
Absolom Hilda May H197 Cooley Frederick William Hall Margaret H509 McGuire Bernard William H259 Sainsbury William H88
Absolom Matilda Mary H452 Cooley Margaret H186 Hall Winifred Mary H35 McGuire Bridget Mary H259 Saunders Geoffrey Paul H591
Ahearne Michael H104 Coombe Emily Grace H209 Hanley Harold Vincent H86 McIntosh Myra May H173 Saunders J H H591
Ahearne Sarah H104 Coombe Frank Chamberlain Hanley Hector Coleman H86 McKercher Edward H394 Saunders Kathleen Marie H591
Aiken Lily Mary H107 Coombe Mary Clare H209 Hanley Lavinia H86 McKercher Inger H394 Scanlon John H535
Aiken Mary H107 Corbett Elizabeth H479 Hardwick George H102 McKillop Lucy H475 Scanlon Mary Jane H535
Aiken Thomas H107 Corrigan Frances Alice Harrington Florence Jane H373 McKillop William H475 Scholz E H119
Anderson Catherine H360 Corrigan Thomas Francis Harrington John Joseph H373 McKinlay Helene Dallan H130 Schritchley William H204
Armstrong George H389 Cosgrove Mary Ann H57 Harris Ethel Veronica H569b McLaren Gwen Josephine H234 Scritchley Mary Ann H204
Armstrong Mary H389 Cosgrove Michael T H57 Harrison Donald Micheal H500 McLaren William John H234 Semple Theresa H13
Arnol Charles B H368 Coulson John H252 Harrison Lucy Gabrielle H500 McMahon Catherine Carmel H329 Sharp Catherine Mary H524
Arnold John T H488 Counsel Edward Albert Harrison Rowland Hill H500 McMahon John Matthew H329 Sharp Frederick H306
Arthur Eliza Catherine H153 Coupee Affeffee H242 Hartam Raymond Charles H569b McMahon Margaret Veronica H329 Sharp George Hobart H524
Arthur Thomas Oliver H153 Coupee Elijah H242 Hawkes Dale Mark H7 McNeair Elvyn Dorothy H168 Sharp Margaret E H306
Avery Mabel Madeline H95 Coupee Gabriel H242 Hawkes David Thomas H7 McNeair Elvyn E J H168 Shea Mollie H441
B Coupee Sarah Doris H242 Hazelwood Henry Arthur H146 McPartlan Anastasia H204 Sherrin Agnes Marion H444
Backhouse Margaret May H482 Cox Alfred John H569 Healy Dominic H156 McPartlan Mary H204 Sherrin Lionel James H444
Backhouse William Benjamin H482 Coyle Clement John H463 Healy Peter H156 McPartlan Tom H204 Shirley Anna Maria H82
Baggott Ellen H321 Cross Honora H53 Healy Sarah H156 McQueen Amy Philomenia H239 Shirley Frances H20
Baggott James H321 Crossin C H172 Herighty John H473 Meagher William Francis H223 Shirley Henry H20
Baggott Minnie Harriett H321 Crossin Chester John H211 Hewer Mercia Agnes H501 Meehan Mary Adela H338 Shirley Henry Patrick H82
Bailey H187 Culley Julia Mary H143 Hewitt Martha H376 Merrick Bridget H416 Shirley Kathleen H20
Bailey Catherine Margaret H559 Cunningham Anthony B H590 Hewitt Robert H376 Merrick Helen Grace H337 Shirley Sarah Ann H20
Bailey Walter H559 Cunningham Johanna M H590 Hicks Nellie Elizabeth H280 Merrick John Edward H416 Sier Ellen Veronica H568
Baillie Joseph William H145 Curtain James Hilary H166 Hilderbrand Thomas Francis Merrick William Isaac H337 Sier Una H569
Baillie Olive H145 D Hills Gladys Maud H353 Miller Eileen H185 Sier William Patrick 1 H569
Baillie William H145 Dalco Leviston Brian H508 Hills Leslie Frank H355 Miller Thomas H185 Sier William Patrick H568
Baker Angus H574 Dalton Cornelius John H529 Hills Margaret Mary H353 Mills Alice Louisa H249 Sier William Patrick H569
Baker Angus Walter H574 Dalton James Sylvestor H540 Hinsby Isabel Mary H302 Mills Annie H400 Silva Louisa Ann H374
Baker Olga H574 Dalton Kathleen Matilda H529 Hitchens Herbert H563 Mills Edmund John H249 Simmons Joshua H433
Baker Ralph H574 Dalton Thelma Madge H540 Hogan Celia Mary H182 Mills Edward H249 Simmons Mary H433
Banks Agnes H66 Daly Annie H160 Hogan George H568 Mills William H400 Skupinski Elvie Kathleen H168
Banks Laura Ann H66 Daly Berenice H68 Hoggett Raymond James H458 Mitchell Mary Theresa H572 Slade Henry Joshia H483
Banks William Henry H66 Daly Catherine H160 Hood Frederick William H295 Molloy Ann Maria H496 Smart Florence A H420
Bannister Edith Rose H303 Daly Catherine H385 Hooper Bramwell Gordon H398 Molloy Timothy Paul H496 Smart Henry John H266
Bannister George H378 Daly Edward H160 Hooper Grace H398 Mollross Edward Thomas H51 Smart James H420
Bannister George William John Daly Elsie Mary H68 Hughes Ada H391 Moore Arthur A 1 H17 Smart Margaret Ann H266
Bannister Herbert Daly Floss H68 Hughes Cecil H246 Moore Arthur A H17 Smith Albert C H243
Bannister James N Daly John Francis H68 Hughes Henry H63 Moore Catherine Agnes H17 Smith Florence B H243
Bannister Raymond Henry Daly Kate H346 Hughes John Francis H64 Moore Joseph H224 Smith Florence Elizabeth H425
Bannister Susan Daly Robert Louis H346 Hughes Junette H246 Moore Joseph John H75 Smith Harry Manvers H425
Barry James Matthew Daly Sydney William H385 Hughes Junette Tina H246 Moore Mary Ann H75 Smith James Robert H98
Bartlett Sarah Daly Thomas H385 Hughes Margaret Ann H64 Moore Richard Frederick H17 Smith Mary Theresa H98
Bartlett Tasman Dart Benie H432 Hughes Vida Philomena H246 Moore Robert H403 Smith Tasman Thomas H5X
Bartlett Thomas H Dart John Grahame H432 Humphrey Harriet Wells H513 Moore Robert Joseph H481 Smith Vincent Leo H101
Bawn Oscar Thomas H244 Deegan Charles Bernard Hunt Maud Annie H307 Moore Robert Vincent H481 Solomon Isaac H61
Bawn Robert Daniel H244 Deegan Charles Michael Hurburgh Donald H143 Moore Sarah H224 Solomon Sarah H61
Beard James H142 Deegan Sarah Jane H290 Hurburgh Gordon Birnie Pierson Moore William Joseph H370 Splatt Charles H455
Beard James William H83 Denehey Mona Mary H175 Hurburgh Gordon James H143 Morgan Charles Ignatius H460 Splatt Louise Madeline H455
Beard Mary H142 Denehey Philip J G H175 Hurburgh Mary Julia H143 Morgan Elsie May H460 Spratt Emma Agnes H419
Beattie John H10 Devitt Mary Isabel H35 Hursey Dorothy May H299 Morgan Leo Dennis H460 Spratt Henry Christopher H419
Beck May Lavinia H173 Devitt Walter Joseph H35 Hursey Edward Francis 1 H299 Morrison Lesley Patrick H575 Spriggs Lucy Ann H281
Beckman Annie Blanche H350 Dickenson Ira Leslie H363 Hursey Edward Francis H299 Morton Leonard George H69 St Leger Matilda Mary H501
Belbin Mary Ann H173 Dickenson Rose Anne H363 Hursey Katherine Julia H299 Morton Margaret Mary H69 St Leger William James H501
Belbin William James H173 Dillon Margaret H250 Huskims Maida Lavinia H86 Mulcahy Catherine H315 Steele Nora Cecilia H355
Bell Mary Theresa H447 Dillon Michael H250 Huxtable Edward James H 4 Mulcahy Francis Peter H315 Stewart Florence Ann H423
Bennett Alice H526 Dillon Section H50 Hyland John James H505 Mulcahy Marie H315 Stewart Ronald H423
Bennett Alice Maud H334 Dishington Florence May Hyland Martha Mary H505 Mulcahy Peter Francis H315 Stewart William H423
Bennett Daisy Corrie H455 Dishington Vera Terese J Mulcahy Sheila H315 Sturgeon Mary H3
Bennett Edward H334 Dobson Herbert Alfred Jackman Emma Gertrude Munday John Vernon H345 Sturgeon R R H3
Bennett John H547 Dobson Joan Maureen H457b Jacobs Catherine H581 Murphy Bridget Mary H317 Sullivan Anna May H461
Bennett John Thomas H547 Donnellan Jerome H15 Jacobs Henry G H581 Murphy Mary Jane H381 Sullivan Arthur H210
Bennett Margaret H547 Donnelly Francis Michael Jenkins Esther H54 Murphy William Timothy H317 Sullivan Ella Florence Maud H210
Berkery Ellen Jane H396 Donnelly Helen Cathleen H359 Jenkins Francis Henry H54 Murray Marion G L H261 Sullivan John Henry H461
Berkery John Robert H396 Donnelly Helen Margaret H30 Jenkins John Howe H54 N Sullivan John William Alfred H576
Berkshire Ellen H34 Donnelly Susan Mary H30 Jenkins John Robert H54 Naylor Catherine H249 Sullivan Lydia Lavinia H576
Berkshire George Henry Donoghue Jean H469 Johnson Bridget H377 Nelson Mary H430 Sweeney Edward Richard H37
Berkshire Lilly Donoghue Terry H469 Johnson Catherine H305 Nichols Eileen H109 Sweeney Lily May H343
Berkshire Thomas Donoghue Trevor H469 Johnson Florence M H377 Nichols Ernest H180 Sweeney Michael H343
Berry Joseph George Donovan Edwin Hilary H232 Johnson John H352 Nichols Reg H109 T
Bessell Edwin Thorne Donovan James H227 Johnson Mary Ann H351 Nolan Hugh Desmond H263 Tait Alfred William H493
Bessell Gwendoline Iona Donovan Rachel H227 Johnson Walter Michael H444 O Tait Winifred Amy H493
Betts Pressie Lettie Mary Dooley Andrew Joseph H342 Johnston Douglas Lincoln H454 Oakes Glory Irene H485 Taylor Catherine H70
Betts William Leslie Matthew Dooley Emily Margaret Mary Johnston Kathleen Lois H454 Oakes J A H358 Taylor Edward Inkerman H517
Blake Ernest H281 Doran Alice Josephine H286 Johnston Kathleen Millicent Oakley Gladys Isobell H525 Taylor Margaret H517
Blake Lucie Lorraine H281 Doran Edric Joseph H462 Johnston Rene H422 Oakley Hector Roy H525 Taylor Mary Ann H517
Blowfield John Chadwick Doran Edwin H286 Johnston Roderick Colin H454 O'Brien Alice Maud Mary H459 Taylor Mary Elizabeth H530
Blundell Charles James Doran James Augustus H586 Johnston Roderick H393 O'Brien Amelia Frances H551 Tennant Douglas Henery H6x
Bolton Elizabeth Doran Mary Kathleen H462 Johnston Vera Beatrice H422 O'Brien David Michael H167 Thickens Bridget H506
Bolton James H582 Doran S H586 K O'Brien Eleanor Eileen H349 Thompson Harry H70
Bolton Mary H582 Doran Stephen H462 Keadie Margaret Mary Teresa O'Brien Francis William Wilson H532 Thompson Ivy Constance H70
Bolton Patrick H313 Downey Allan Joseph H1 Kearney James Hugh H566 O'Brien Gilbert Gravase H167 Thorburn Alexander J H279
Bolton Robert Henry H383 Doyle William Henry H27 Kearney Sarah Ann H566 O'Brien Henry Joseph H551 Thorburn Eva Christina H279
Boon Nora Agnes H450 Driscoll John H451 Keating Ethel May H528 O'Brien John Patrick H349 Thornton May H347
Bowen Frederick George Drumm Arthur H115 Keating Frederick Ernest H528 O'Brien Joyce H532 Tighe Mary Frances H573
Bowen Mary Frances Drumm Derwent Arthur H115 Keating Frederick William H528 O'Connor Celia H287 Tolland George H589
Bowring Albert Stephen Drumm Josephine H115 Keelan Bernard Patrick H557 O'Connor Eileen H287 Tolland James H589
Bowring Rosetta H504 Drumm Kathleen Mary H115 Kelly Dean Tasman H345 O'Connor Elsie H149 Tolman Ethel May H490
Brazendale Lily May H343 Drumm Percy Reginald H115 Kelly Grant Jameson O'Connor Frank H287 Tolman George Henry H490
Bridgman John Desmond Duggan Ella Elizabeth H34 Kelly Hugh J H429 O'Connor James H287 Toohey Lucy H184
Brimfield Martha Henrietta Dunn Alan Dick H400 Kelly James H345 O'Connor John H287 Toohey Vera May H184
Brimfield Thomas Edwin Dwan Ellen H9 Kelly Lindsay Gordon H285 O'Connor Maurice Philip H287 Toole Elizabeth H152
Broderick Amy Margaret Dwan Patrick Joseph H9 Kelly Mary Ann H345 O'Connor William H149 Torley Joseph William H375
Broderick James Denis Dwyer Dora Evelyn H277 Kelly Mary Jane H77 Oddie Agnes Ann H230 Totham Margaret H245
Bromfield Hartney Dwyer John Edward H471 Kelly Muriel H429 Oddie Walter Warren H230 Triffett Frances William H560
Bromfield Kevin Dwyer Theresa H471 Kelly William George Joseph Oddie William Riley H230 Triffett Helen H560
Bromwich Thomas Dwyer William John H277 Kelly William John H77 O'Halloran Annie Helena H123 Turner Arthur E H533
Brown H380B Dyke Alice Dorothy H340 Kelly Winifred Mary Lyle H285 O'Keefe David John H92 Turner Elizabeth Muriel H533
Brown Ethel Gertrude H73 Dyke Frances Ethel H523 Kendrick Henry Edward H90 O'Keefe Sarah Florence H92 Turner Frederick Herbert H436
Brown George Lewis H73 E Kennedy Bernard Patrick H32 Oliver Eliza Catherine H153 Turner Margaret H436
Brown H191 Eberle Mary Ruby H353 Kennedy Charlotte Jane H280 Oliver Thomas H153 U
Brown Joseph H498 Eberle Joseph John H353 Kennedy Claude H280 Olsen Emma H569 Ulbrich F W H8
Brown Julia Angela H91 Ellston Albert Ernest H374 Kennedy Edward H324 O'Neil Gwendoline H447 V
Brown Russell Gordon H73 Emanuel Annie M H257 Kennedy John Edward H32 O'Neill Clarice H130 Verrell Georgina Mary H552
Brue Catherine Elizabeth H457 Emanuel John A H257 Kennedy Josephine H280 O'Rourke Marian Elizabeth H447 Verrell William H552
Brue Michael John H457 Evans Bernard Cyril H338 Kennedy Mary Elizabeth H324 O'Rourke May Genevieve H447 W
Bullock Arthur H H578 Evans Daphne Eileen H571 Kennedy Sarah H280 Osborne Harriet H163 Walker Alan Vivian H13
Bullock Etta H578 Evans Donald Henry H571 Keogh Ellen H5 Osborne John H434 Walker Elizabeth Mary H585
Burdon Elizabeth Catherine H63 Evans Margaret H276 Kile Elizabeth H319 Osborne Theresa Agnes H434 Walker Margaret Joan H540
Burdon Mary Josephine H64 Evans Mary Jane H195a King Hannah H178 Osbourne Myrtle Ada Paitulia H544 Walker Rex William H585
Burke Alan John H438 Evans Patricia H276 King Margaret H111 Osbourne William Gumley H544 Walker Ronald Thomas H585
Burke Daisy Agnes H438 Evans Thomas Charles H195a Kingston Clyde F H62 O'Shea-Peterson Alicia H123 Walker William Randolph H585
Burke Ella Mary H438 Evans Wilfred H276 Kingston Olga H62 Owen Bernard Joseph H267 Walsh Christina H487
Burke Kathleen H522 F Kirk Rhonda H528 Owen Michael H267 Walsh Cornelius Sydney H487
Burke Maud Margaret H562 Fagan Mary A H135 Kirkham Maurice Neil H93 Owen Peter Francis H267 Warn Henry Charles H554
Burke Phyllis Louisa H438 Fahey James John H19 Kirkham Nora Ursula H93 P Warn Lily Alma H554
Burke Richard Thomas H438 Fahey Mary Emma H19 Kirkham Walter David H93 Pace Johannah Frederica Agnes H96 Warne Archibald E H301
Burke Valda Doreen Hope H522 Fannon David Bishoff H272 Kliem Margaret H548 Pace Shadrack John H96 Warne Bridget M T H301
Burke William Leslie H562 Fannon Florence Lydia H272 Kliem William H548 Page Norah Maria Section H427 Warren Mary H570
Burn Alma Grace H219 Fannon Frances Dawn H346 Kniaz Bronislaw H458a Paice Elizabeth H120 Warren William H570
Burn Alma William Claude H219 Fannon James H272 Kniaz Edward Joseph H458a Paice Elsie H120 Waters James H127
Burn Mary Josephine H219 Finn Elizabeth H80 Knolle Wendy Katrine H143 Paice James H120 Waters Mary H127
Burnell Elizabeth H339 Finn Simon H80 Koeck Mary Ann H455 Palmer Elizabeth Augustine H577 Waters Michael Francis H127
Burnell Henry Charles H339 Finnigan Hannah H317 Koeck Sebastine Philip H455 Palmer George Rowland H577 Waters Rachel Elizabeth H127
Burns Ann Jane H520 Fitzgerald Harriett H292 Koeck William H455 Palmer Sydney Frederick H379 Watson George Alfred H108
Burns Bridget H65 Fitzgerald Henry James H189 Koerbin Winifred Eileen H170 Patmore Cecil George H42 Webb Elsie May H39
Burns Emily Mary H520 Fitzgerald Henry John H466 Kremmer James Leopold H564 Patmore Elsie Annie H42 Webb Emily H165
Burns James H65 Fitzgerald Henry William Kremmer Madeline Veronica Patmore Hedley Blink H42 Webb Honorah H270
Burns Maria Selina H520 Fitzgerald Isabella H190 Kremmer Mary Johanna Theresa Patterson John Richard H443 Webb Johanna H165
Burns Robert H281 Fitzgerald John H176 L Pemberton Reginald Sertease H258 Webb John Joseph H39
Burns Thomas H278 Fitzgerald Reginald Thomas Lahey Caroline H456 Pemberton Susan H258 Webb Samuel Thomas H39
Burns Willie H65 Fitzgerald Sophia Matilda Lahey Emily Esther H237 Penfold Katherine H208 Webb William H165
Burr Margaret Ball H121 Fitzgerald Sophia Matilda Lahey James Michael H456 Penfold Wallace H208 Weber Carl H213
Burr Reginald Percy H121 Fitzgerald Thomas H190 Lahey Thomas Herbert H237 Perrin Alice Margaret H196 Weber Frederick Waldemar H213
Burridge Frederick George H206 Fitzpatrick Agnes H221 Langdon Albert Ernest H157 Perrin Percival Paul H196 Webster Albert Edward H203
Burridge Sarah H206 Fitzpatrick Eileen Hegarty Langdon Bert H157 Perrin Richard H196 Webster Elsie Cecilia Theresa H203
Butler Joan Marie H23a Fitzpatrick Roderick H179 Langdon James H157 Petrie-Hay Jean Stuart H558 Wells Emma H356
Butterworth George H38 Fitzpatrick Sarah H424 Langdon Wilhelmina H157 Picken Charles Michael H348 West Beryl Alberta H531
C Fitzpatrick Susan H221 Langmaid Gladys H584 Picken L R H348 Whelan Annie H293
Cahill Michael Joseph H228 Fitzpatrick Thomas Joseph Latham Francis Lewis H94 Picken Sarah Ann H348 Whelan Ida Alice H510
Calder Hanora H253 Flanagan Benedict H269 Latham Mary Constance H94 Powell Mary Ellen H114 Whelan John Gordon H72
Calder William H253 Flanagan Eleanor Teresa Laugher Florence Bridget H85 Powell William Ambrose H114 Whelan John H293
Callaghan John H11X Foale Ellen H247 Laugher George 85 Prestage Kenneth Bruce H380a Whelan John H393
Callaghan Rosetta H11X Foale Robert H247 Laugher James Edgar H85 Pringle Berenice M H396 Whelan Joseph H510
Callaghan William H11 SX Fortunate Louisa Kathleen Lawler Edward John H188 Propsting Clara Mabel H388 Whelan Walter H368
Cane William H356 Fortunate Mary Ann H12 Lawler Margaret H188 Propsting Mary Ellen H388 Whelan William John H72
Carnes Frances H105 Fox Stella H433c Lawler Rita Margaret H543 Purcell Annie Frances H233 White Archibald Carlyle H139
Carpentar Walter S H350 Frahm Herman Charles H177 Lawler William H188 Purcell William James H233 White Charles Alfred H580
Carr Elizabeth H117 Freeman Bernard Thomas Leake Charles Joseph H424 Purdy Amy Amelia H118 White Charles Thomas H580
Carr Thomas Henry H117 Freeman Clarence H59 Leake Eliza H424 Purdy Arthur Henry H118 White Doreen Maysie H580
Carrick Catherine Theresa H428 Freeman Dora Cecilia H10X Leake Ellen H90 Purdy Madge Irene H546 White Isabelle May H139
Carroll Alexander Henry H326 Freeman Edward Augustine Leake Frank Reginald Brassey Purdy Rita Olive H118 White Martha Annie H408
Carroll Pearl Victoria H326 Freeman Henrietta Elizabeth Lennon Ethel May H12X Purdy William Arthur H546 White Patrick James H408
Casbourne Nora Ann H136 Freeman James Gabriel H10X Lennon John Francis H12X Q Whitehouse Phyllis Joyce H265
Casbourne William H136 Freeman John Joseph H141 Lewis Irexlemona H368 Quigley James A H6 Whitelaw Eleanor Ann H14
Case Kathleen Zeehan H220 Freeman Kathleen H10X Lewis John H260 Quigley Maurice H6 Whittaker Frances H433a
Case Patricia Anne H220 Freeman Maria H141 Lewis Linda Belle H260 R Whittaker John H433a
Cash Thomas H440 Freeman Thomas Patrick Lewis Sarah H260 Rankin James Patrick H447 Whittington Ernest Walter H489
Cash Winifred H440 Fry Edwin Roy H183 Lewis William H368 Rankin Lillias Margaret H447 Whittington Margaret H489
Cashion Hugh H330 Fry Sydney Roy H183 Linnell Allan H514 Rapp Mary Julia H291 Whitton Arthur H256
Cashion Lavinia E H330 G Linnell Harold Charles H514 Read Charles Mortimer H199 Whitton Emily Louisa H256
Cashion Louisa Ann H384 Gangell Claribel Frances H192 Linnell Marcella Frances H486 Read Sarah H199 Wickins Paul H424
Cashion Michael H384 Garde Christina Alexander Linnell Marie Ann H514 Reardon Ann Josephine H218 Wickins Peter H424
Cavanagh Elizabeth H26 Garde John Joseph H162 Linnell Sadie H514 Reardon Bernard Joseph H507 Wilkinson Emelie Pearl H588
Cavanagh Joseph H26 Garde Una Irene H162 Linnell William Henry H486 Reardon John Alfred H218 Wilkinson T C B H588
Chapman Charles H126 Garland Leo W J H87 Linnell William John H486 Reardon Martha May H507 Willes Sydney Herbert H151
Chapman Elizabeth H25 Garland Mary H81 Lofts Muriel Kathleen H200 Reed James Ludvick H198 Williams Cecil Edgar H366
Chapman Florence H126 Garland Norman Arthur H87 Lonergan Alice H264 Reed Joseph H198 Williams Emily Maria H366
Chapman James Joseph H25 Garrod Leslie Gordon H283 Lonergan Daniel J H264 Reeves Ellen H427 Williams Eric H343
Chapman John H169 Garrod Maud H367 Lonergan Gladys Isabell H241 Regan Lilla H362 Williams Harry H484
Chapman Rebecca H169 Garrod Olive Evelyn H283 Lord Ethel Anastasia H512 Regan Patrick H362 Williams Shirley Lorraine H484
Chatterton Margaret May H162 Garrod William Joseph H367 Lovell Albert H579 Rejtoe Molly W H 447 Willis Charles J H300
Chester Henry H296 Garth Amy Olive H515 Lovell Ellen Rose H579 Rice Selina May H97 Willis Mary Ann H300
Chester Mary H296 Garth Isabel Lucy H302 Lyden Annie H410 Rice William Francis H97 Wilson Esther Ada H492
Clancy Darcy W H205 Garth Leonard George H515 Lyden Bartholomew H410 Rider Edward H4 SX Wilson Jack Stanley H492
Clancy Ellen H371 Geappen Charles H67 Lyden Samuel H565 Rider Julia H4 SX Wilson Ursula Bridget H529
Clancy Julia Doodie H205 Geappen Herbert H67 Lyons Elizabeth Jessie H405 Ridley Robert H154 Wilson William C H492
Clark Charles Edward H413 Geappen Joseph Henry H67 Lyons Garnett Phillip Burnell Riley Ann Cecily H16 Winch Alfred Luckman H58
Clark Ethel Annie H413 Geappen Mary Jane H67 Lyons Gerald Desmond H15X Riley Catherine H89 Winch James A H58
Clark Grace Mary H311 George Dinah Mary H312 Lyons Matthew H H60 Riley Charles Philip H16 Winch Mary Ann H58
Clark Walter John H311 George Joseph Ennis H312 Lyons Norman Leslie H405 Riley James William H308 Wood Albert Varley Joseph H472
Clarke Elizabeth Mary H365 Giani Isobel H322 M Riley John H89 Wood Mary Ann H472
Clarke Margaret Elizabeth H327 Goodman Hannah H494 MacDonald Bob Rometch H531 Riley Rita Cecily H16 Wood Molly H472
Clarke Thomas H365 Goram Malvina Winifred H333 Madden Bryan Raoul H124 Ring Elizabeth H478 Wrathall Maney Mary H11
Clarke William Henry H327 Goram Michael Pearl H333 Madden Hannah Bridget H124 Ring Maud Frances H478 Wrathall Mary Ann H6X
Cleary Elton John H523 Grace Annie H538 Madden James H124 Ripper Ruby H331 Wrathall Rita Mary H11
Cleary Helena H76 Grace William H 538 Maher Eva H561 Ristivojevic Radoje H406 Wrathall William H11
Cleary John J H76 Graham Harriet H5 Maher Mary H271 Roberts Augustine A H372 Wright Christopher H320
Cleary Thomas H76 Grange Fred H309 Maher Michael H271 Roberts Leslie William H494 Wright Hector McDonald H320
Clyde Rita H98 Grange Susan H309 Maher William H271 Roberts Marion H372 Wright Nicholas John H320
Coghlan Harold Lawrence H399 Grant Catherine Anastasia Mahoney Mary H30 Roberts Richard H318 Wright Peter McDonald H320
Coghlan Lillian Florence H399 Grant William Henry H404 Mahony Aileen Dorathea H355 Robertson Mavis Mary H165 Wright Winifred Mabel H320
Coghlan Linda Mavis H399 Gravenor James Denis H 2 Mahony Helena Clare H355 Rogers Jean Caroline H499 Wroe Eliza H181
Coghlan Victoria May H281 Gravenor Mary Agnes H2 Mahony Patrick John H355 Rolfe Alfred Edward H457c Wroe Herbert James H181
Cole Thomas G H31 Graves May H273 Manser Margaret H248 Rollins Charles John H516  
Coleman Edward H537 Gray Isabel Mary Grant H352 Maroney Bartholomew H164 Rollins Horace Edward H516  
Coleman Ellen H465 Gray Patrick H343 Martin Mary Cissie H138 Roper Austin H1  
Coleman Helen H537 Green Edith May H314 Mather Ellen H8X Roper Elizabeth Anne H1  
Coleman Olly Eva H523 Griffin Michael Joseph H439 Mather Frank H8X Roper Elizabeth H1  
Conlan Charles Robert H128 Griffith Leonard H275 McCallum John Edward H470 Roper Osmund H1  
Conlan Margaret May H128 Griffiths Alfred H18 McCallum Lillian H470 Rushton Ruth Ellen H586  
Conlan Mary Ellen H395 Griffiths Ellen H18 McCarthy Harry Ernest H212 Ryan Alma Ferm H364  
Conlan Nancy Alma H395 Groves William Rainsford H332 McCaughan Leslie William H148 Ryan Clare H328  
Conley Ernest John H442 Gulley George H5 McCluskey Kathleen Mary H194 Ryan Ellen Theresa H369  
Conley Ruby Alice H442 Gunton Maud Evelyn H449 McCluskey Mary Anne H194 Ryan Francis Patrick H364  
Connolly Clytie Cecily H491 Guppy Ellen H457a McDermott Frances Gertrude Ryan Martin M H50  
Connolly James Bell H491 Guppy Henry H457a McDermott Olive Beatrice H503 Ryan Mary Agnes H513  
Connolly James H491 Guy Leila Kathleen H515 McDermott Peter H503 Ryan Phillip John H328  

Thank you Kevin Whitton for update on Semple Theresa H13 who we had as Walker Theresa. Theresa was buried with her nephew.



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