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Catholic Section L

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

Blindell Allan William L14 Gardner Mary L81 Johnson Ann Margaret L43 Nelson William John L78 Scanlon Martha Jane L58
Blindell ClarenceL14 Garland Lillian L29     Scanlon Martin John L56
Browning R T L9 Garland Ray L29 K O Scanlon Monica Teresa L56
  Garland Vincent John L29 Kingsley Robert Allen L20 O'Brien Doris Rose L1 Seargent Harry Cameron L45
C Gorey Francis Henry L64   O'Brien Stephen John L1 Seargent Velma M L45
Cannell Kevin Joseph L55 Gottschalk Francis George L50 L Oddie Donald Joseph L74 Sharp Vivian May L30
Carnes Stephen Leslie L76 Gottschalk Nellie Kathleen L50 Lahz Mervyn John L2   Shreeve Edward Joseph L60
  Goulding Patrick Joseph L77 Lavin Louise Ann L41 P Shreeve Patricia Dermott L60
D Gunton Kathleen Amy L7 Leary Betty Alice L24 Pennington Margaret Rose L70 Shreeve Paul Edward L60
Dabrowski Felkis L5 Gunton Leslie George L7 Leary John L24 Pergar Mirko L10 Slattery John Thomas L65
Deegan Terence Maxwell L46   Lumsden Arthur Macauley L61 Ploszaj Tadeusz L73 Stanisewski Eugeniusz L19
Dragt Hendrik Karel L31 H Lumsden Joan L61    
Dunn James Nichol L50A Harvey Eric William L22   R W
Dunn Kevin James L38 Harvey Phylliss Ruth L22 M Riley Kevin Michael L69 Walters Albert John L17
Dwyer Charles L44 Heard Jessie Philadelphia L34 Mansfield Christina L48 Rinaldi Patricia L62 Walters Jennifer May L17
  Hepworth Harold Thomas L12 Mansfield Preston L48 Robertson Jack L66 Walters Phyllis Mary L17
F Hill A E Jack L28 McCaffrey Cecilia Margaret L4 Robertson Myra May L66 Walton Peter Andrew L6
Fauvet Maurice R L8 Hill Laura Jane L28 McCaffrey Phillip L3 Rosen Vaughan L36 Welsh Frank Arthur L11
  Hills Leo Conway L13 Morris Clarice Mabel L15   Wicklein Ferdinano C L57
  Hogan William L39 Mrak Frenk L23   Wilcyznski Icey L35
  Holloway David William L32 Munday Gilbert Raymond L49   Wright Adrian L33
    Munday Mary L49    





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