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Catholic Section LP

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

Adkins May Boyes LP108A Daly Ruby Violet LP70 Herlihy Gladys Irene LP83 Nicholson Christopher Wallace Walker Brian Anthony LP96
Agostini Athene Vivette LP7 Dawson Alan William LP40 Hodge Ada LP122 Nicholson Heath Lee LP69 Webster Arthur Thomas LP72
  Deverell T S LP66 Hodge Walter Albert LP122 Nicholson Heather Gail LP69 Webster May Winifred LP72
B Donohoe Reginald Charles LP13 Hoogerwerff Alfred De Vries LP24   Wheatley Rita Jack LP109
Bailey Gloria Grace LP94   Hopkinson Patrick Samuel Charles P Williams Carole Elizabeth LP83
Bennett Frank C J LP119 E   Pauly Connie LP136 Williams M J LP11
Blau Hans August Paul LP120 Evans Richard Keith LP4 I Payne Verdon George LP128 Winter Mary Ann Elizabeth LP2
Board Clara Doris LP33   Illingworth Brian LP37 Piscitelli Francesco LP86  
Board Patricia Mary LP33 F   Piscitelli Jill LP86 Y
Board T A LP33 Farrer Ernie LP3 J   Yanner Eugene Peter LP99
Board Thomas Arthur LP33 Farrer Kathleen Louise LP3 James Richard Francis LP106 R Yanner Ruth LP99
Bogian Wagslaw LP52 Ferguson Douglas Vautin LP22 Jarrett Elvie Veronica LP68 Randall Shane Colin LP127 Young Helen Margaret LP123
Brewer Roderick Herbert LP57 Ferguson Eileen Pretoria LP22   Read Eric James LP61 Young Reginald William LP123
Brown Eileen Winifred LP23 Fitzpatrick Edward LP113 K Richards J LP88  
Brown Gordon William LP15 Fox Austin John LP25 Kiely Allan Lewis LP89 Riggs M S LP97  
Brown Maxwell Douglas LP23 Frerk Cecil LP115 Kiely Nancy LP89 Robertson Rex LP116  
Brown William LP15 Frerk Joan Agnes LP115 Kingsley Victor Albert LP19    
Bryan Geoffrey Neil LP30     S  
Bryan Katherine Mary LP30 G L Smith Kathleen Ann LP74  
Bulis Karel LP117 Goodluck Lillian Joyce LP58 Langmaid Dorothy Mary LP124A Smith Rex LP9  
Burns Ida May LP80 Goodluck Vincent Frederick James LP58 Langmaid Maurice Ivor LP124A Spencer Jon William LP110  
  Goram Michael W LP103 Leppard Fay LP51 Stewart Arthur James LP1  
C Grafton Mary LP34 Leppard Frank LP51 Sutherland Annie LP84  
Carlington George LP42 Grafton Philip LP34 Lester Hilda Teresa LP44 Sutherland Robert LP84  
Carlington Mary LP42 Graham Katherine Eugenie LP102 Lincoln Michael C LP67A Svejnoha Robert Rohumil LP90  
Chambers G P LP100 Gray Ivy LP49 Lord Leslie LP21 Svejnoha Rosemary LP90  
Chatters Elveana LP134 Green Ernest LP82 Lyden P F LP77    
Chatters Lawrence LP134 Green Rhoda LP82 Lynch John Henry LP135 T  
Christian Vera LP105 Griffiths Vera Eileen LP95   Taylor Donald Winslow LP130  
Clapp Agnes Daphne LP131 H M Taylor Madge Mary LP130  
Clarke Leonard LP35 Hammond Athol Terence LP47 Mackay G L R LP107 Taylor Sylvia Grace LP64  
Cleary Edna Rachel LP29 Hammond Gloria Joy LP47 Manser Lionel Keith LP45 Teirney Hedley James LP129  
Cleary Emmett Joseph LP29 Harper Edna Leila LP114 Maple Ada Charlotte LP75 Temple Minerva Melba LP126  
Coffey Alfred LP78 Harper Robert Geoffrey Laureld LP114 Maple John LP75 Thomas Amy Alice LP55  
Coleman J H LP81 Healey Laurel Elizabeth LP124 Marley Alfred LP67 Thurstans Leslie Graham LP63  
Coleman John H LP81 Healey Patrick LP124 Marley Beryl Maud LP67 Ticknell David Henry LP91  
Cook Ada Joyce LP26 Hellessey Mary Frances LP17 Mathews Ray Lewis LP53 Ticknell Eileen LP91  
Crocker Bette LP133 Hellessey Steven George LP17 McKeown Thomas Henry LP85 Tierney Ella May LP129  
Crocker Christopher John LP48 Herlihy Daniel Vincent LP83 Michajlow Stanislaw LP32 Tierney Hedley James LP129  
Crocker Edgar LP133   Molnar Istvan Lajos LP93 Tuttle Nona Willis LP14  
Crossin May LP 87   Moore Alice Margaret LP59    
Crossin Patt Jerome LP76   Moore Mary Patricia LP59    
Curtain LLyod Nelson LP39   Murray Frederick John LP118    





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