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Catholic Section ND

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

A D Cont H Cont M Cont R Cont
Ahern Gerald Robert ND153 Dalton Jerome Joseph ND320 Hankin Ada Ann Elizabeth McMaster Royden John ND37 Rosson Betty ND335
Aiken Gladys ND86 Daly Edwin ND234 Hankin Colin Arthur ND87 McPherson George Victor ND130 Rosson Joseph ND335
Aiken Leslie Thomas ND86 Daly Jane Sophia ND234 Hankin Earnest George ND396 McPherson Mary Emmeline ND130 Rushton Olive Elizabeth ND56
Andrews Andrew George ND400 Daniel Mildred Arkel ND266 Hankin Florence Maude ND230 McShane Mona Pearl ND203 Ryan Gladys ND71
Andrews Gwendoline Charlotte Daniels Henry John ND38 Hankin Gertrude Martha ND141 McShane Raymond Cyril ND203 Ryan Thomas William ND71
Andrews James ND201 Dare Charles ND59 Hankin Ingle Joseph ND141 McSherry Ethel Louise ND292 S
Andrews Lily Ida ND201 Davern Nora ND165 Harabasz Wladyslaw ND167 McSherry Mary Winifred Anne Saunders Cherie Marie ND118
Andruszenko Wasyl ND399 Davis Christina Ellen ND69 Harries Elizabeth Mary ND12 Meredith Ellen Hazel ND339 Saunders Sharon ND118
Armstrong William Henry ND389 Davis Elmer Arthur Murray ND69 Harries John V ND12 Meredith Henry Allan ND339 Scanlon J D J ND221
Atkinson Alexander George ND84 Deegan Elizabeth ND273 Harriss Dorothy Ann ND334 Midson T G ND83 Scanlon Marjorie Irene ND221
Atkinson Irene Catherine ND84 Delphin Ernest Augustus ND16 Harrold Alfred Edward ND253 Molloy L ND150 Sculthorpe T R A ND 196
B Delphin Lila May ND16 Harrold Richard William ND276 Moody Madeline Mary ND74 Sexton Lena ND6
Backhouse Phyllis ND123 Devine Joan ND394 Harrold Thelma Mary ND276 Moore Alma Frances ND190 Sexton William ND6
Backhouse S T J ND123 Diener Bernhardt H ND138 Harrold Veronica Edith May Moore Edwin Bert ND108 Shimmins Athol George ND92
Bailey F J ND455 Diener Florence Louise ND138 Hay Coral Mary ND256 Moore Louie May ND108 Shimmins Katherine May ND92
Bailey Kathleen M ND455 Dienes Steven ND366 Hay Keith ND256 Moores Gertrude ND198 Sholce Herman ND367
Balcombe Faye Aileen ND381 Dillon Arthur Albert ND144 Headlam Lily ND169 Moores William Creeton ND198 Sierzant Zenon ND127
Balcombe Llyod George ND381 Dillon Emily Jean ND144 Headlam Russell Allen ND169 Morgan Herert Jenkin ND68 Skelly Athol Andrew ND348
Balcombe Phillip John ND381 Dillon Linda Margaret ND356 Headlam Theresa Catherine Morgan Thelma Lillian ND68 Slater William John ND441
Bannerman Agnes ND179 Dillon-Hinsby Clare Mary ND404 Healy Peter Joseph ND79 Moylan Florence Maie ND81 Smart Frances Lillian ND166
Bannister E J ND230 Dixon Audrey ND240 Heller Kate ND291 Murray Angelina Mary ND191 Smart Harriett M ND161
Bannister Harold W J ND187 Dixon Frederick ND240 Hesman Augusta ND275 Murray Cecil Walter ND195 Smart Thomas Charles ND166
Bannister June Rose ND230 Dobjeckie Alert Simon ND280 Hesman Michael ND275 Murray John ND191 Smith Aileen Mollie ND95
Bannister Kenneth George ND230 Dobromilski Bohdan Roman Hickman Arthur ND202 Murray Margaret Marie ND195 Smith David Garth ND5
Barrett Thelma Veronica ND222 Dobson Joan Mary ND308 Hickman Florence ND202 N Smith Douglas Owen ND457
Barrett William Sydney ND222 Dolliver Una Irene ND428 Hickman Henry Edward ND283 Nanscowen-Fleury Imelda Bettina Smith Dulcie Margaret ND359
Barwick Reginald John ND164 Donahoo Harry Oswald ND26 Hickman Mona May Lavinia Nanscowen-Fleury Walter Charles Smith Harry William ND52
Barwick Winifred Josephine ND164 Donahoo Winifred May ND26 Hill D M ND211 Nation Madge ND387 Smith Leo ND95
Batchelor B V ND391 Donnelly Charles G ND438 Hill Des ND211 Nettlefold Johanna ND444 Smith Marjorie Ellen ND342
Baviv Wasyl ND158 Donnelly Gladys ND438 Hill Evelyn ND131 Newman Ernest John ND263 Smith Thomas Albert ND5
Bealey Carol Betty ND309 Donnelly Helena Rose ND438 Hill Robert Percy ND131 Newman Horace Henry ND40 Sokalski Michal ND119
Bealey Mary Edith ND309 Donnelly Julian Vincent ND438 Hills Ivie J ND209 Newman Val ND263 Sparks Venus Verona ND38
Bealey Rex Allen ND309 Donnelly M P ND288 Hills Joseph William ND209 Noonan Doris ND49 Stanford Raymond L ND61
Bell Andrew Peter ND84 Donoghue Leslie William ND152 Hodges Adrian ND135 Noonan Nicholas 1 ND49 Stanton Merlyn ND375
Bencich Rosalia ND385 Donoghue Ynnis Ileen ND152 Hodges John Donald ND135 Noonan Nicholas ND49 Stanwix Thomas William ND236
Bennetto Jack ND54 Dowd Charles A P ND4 Hodgetts Clarence Leon ND409 Norris Charles Roy ND255 Stephens Joyce Braylind ND414
Benson Donald G ND449 Downie Edith Etheleen ND434 Hodgetts Frances Grace ND409 Norris Doreen Mary ND255 Stevenson Fanny ND162
Benson Kathleen V ND449 Downie Henry John ND434 Holland Frances ND66 Noye S L ND464 Stokoe Albert Edward ND50
Berkery John Robert ND399 Duggan Albert John ND270 Holland John Vincent ND66 O Stokoe Grace ND50
Blackwell Ada Emily ND448 Duggan Frank Lawrence ND96 Holland Niall ND66 Oates James ND90 Sullivan Gwenifer Madelaine Helen
Blades Thomas Charles ND398 Duggan Sydney Montrose Holmes Patsy Maree ND120 Oates Myrtle ND90 Sullivan Percy John ND401
Blindell Gladys Agnes ND51 Duggan Sylvia Merle ND106 Holmes Sydney Eric ND120 O'Brien Basil Aloysius ND340 Surulo Stanislaw ND126
Blindell Keith Arthur ND51 Dunn Walter Victor Eric ND237 Hosking John Joseph ND231 O'Brien Edna A ND340 Swan Flora Daisy ND354
Bonnitcha Donald ND450 Dwyer J J ND220 Hosking Ruby Alma ND231 O'Brien Eric Balfour ND248 Sweeney C F ND124
Bonnitcha Georgina ND450 Dwyer John James ND220 Hoskins Ella May ND47 O'Brien Mary Beatrice ND248 Szabo Menyhert ND327
Boon Harold Arthur ND314 Dwyer May Mary ND429 Howell Charles Ernest ND311 O'Brien Stella Esma ND208 T
Boon Lillian May ND314 Dwyer Myrtle Mary ND220 Howell Lillian Honora ND311 O'Brien Theresa Mary ND208 Tate Mary Blanche ND192
Bosworth Joy Oliveen ND417b Dwyer Phyllis ND48 Hughes Arthur Vincent ND440 O'Brien William Edward ND208 Taylor Athol Edward ND318
Boutchard H Q ND122 Dwyer Thomas Vincent ND48 Hughes Eileen Marion ND440 O'Doherty Evelyn Mary ND121 Taylor C J ND451
Boutchard Harry Quinton ND122 Dziewierz Antoni ND413 Hutt J M ND306 O'Doherty H P ND121 Taylor Clement John ND451
Bowden C H ND329 Dziewierz Maria ND413 Huxtable Fay ND452 Oleszkiewicz Patricia ND Taylor Lucy Doris ND451
Bowtell Henry George ND186 E Hyland Thomas J ND185 Omelux Antoni ND310 Taylor Mary Josephine ND318
Bowtell Stella Isabel ND186 East Mary ND197 J Orlowski Barbara ND217 Taylor Mary Madoline ND318
Bramley Aileen ND456 Edge Rosalie Anne ND60 Janik Stanislaw ND193 O'Rourke Marie Clare ND295 Taylor William Ralph ND318
Bramley Thomas Edward ND456 Edwards Lynette Patricia Johnson I ND460 O'Shea Dorothy ND143 Teague Sylvestor James ND43
Bratt Euphrasie Amanda ND430 Edwards Walter ND179 Johnson Laurence ND395 O'Shea John Phillip ND143 Teen Phyllis Sarah ND301
Breen L D ND157 Elkin Bernard ND465 Johnston Vera May ND435 O'Sullivan J A ND213 Tehan Gladys ND228
Breen Leslie Allen ND157 Everett Alice ND41 Jones Benjamin ND159 Owen Cecil William ND156 Tennant Elizabeth ND363
Breen Leslie Dennis ND157 Everett Ernest Arthur ND41 Jones Grace Eva M ND159 P Timmins Clyde Smart ND39
Broderick C F ND262 F Jones Reginald Cyril ND159 Paine Laurel Jean ND286 Timmins Dorothy Muriel Jean
Brooks Myra Lucy ND371 Fahey Ann ND89 K Paine Roy Edward ND286 Tinker-Casson Max Bozen ND453
Broughton George Thomas ND28 Fahey James Andrew ND89 Kaliniecki Alojzy ND142 Palmer Harriett Hilda ND30 Todd Francis Murray ND116
Broughton Mary Ann ND28 Fahey Philmena ND89 Kaliniecki Eugenia ND142 Palmer Marcella ND108 Tonks Carmel Margaret ND75
Brown Charles ND347 Fannon James Edward ND284 Karasinski Jan ND133 Palmer R L ND30 Tonks Gerald ND75
Brown Ethel Thelma ND361 Fannon Lyla Linda ND284 Kelleher D ND289 Palmer Raymond Lewis ND30 Tonks Kevin James ND75
Brown Gertrude Mary ND347 Fannon Ronald Edwin ND284 Kelly Eileen Grace ND58 Pamplin O H Section ND No 261 Tonks Margaret Frances ND443
Bunting Montague William ND338 Farrell J B ND190 Kelly Grace Beatrice ND58 Pamplin Violet ND261 Tonks Trevor William ND443
Buonaccorsi Joseph Cino ND424 Farrell Kathleen Mary ND190 Kennedy Frank ND249 Panton Nancy Elizabeth Grace Treanor H E ND216
Burke Alice Maud ND29 Fazackerley Ellen ND328 Kennedy John Edward ND249 Parker Mervyn Roy ND117 Triffett Peter Laurence ND319
Burke Ethel Mary ND29 Fazackerley J T ND328 Kennedy Kathleen Nellie Eileen Parkinson Elizabeth Ellen Frances Trinder Elizabeth ND99
Burrell Daisy Lillian ND136 Feilding Ruth Eileen ND468 Keogh Beryl Mary ND294 Parkinson John Worsfold ND172 Trinder Theodore Sydney ND99
Burrell W E ND136 Fenton Albert Frederick Corbett Keogh Kenneth William ND294 Paterson Lillian ND87 Turner Arthur Victor ND470
Burton Frederick Martin ND242 Ferguson Bernard ND57 King David John ND330 Paul Alfreda Wanda ND316 Turner Leslie John ND353
Burton Irene Beatrice ND242 Ferguson Clara Margaret King Maisie Edna ND330 Paul Jan ND316 Turner Peter Albert ND353
Butler Beatrice Phillipa ND214 Finster Alwyn G ND427 Koczorowski John ND24 Paul Robert Alexander ND397 Turner Thelma Mary ND470
Button Julia Maud ND139 Finster Sybil Lorraine ND427 Konopielko Teresa Amy ND369 Payne John Burnett ND55 Twomey Johanna Catherine
Button Richard John ND139 Fiorentino Rachele ND125 Konrade M ND377 Payne Mary Louisa May ND56 V
Buzek Antonin ND458 Fisher Albert Edward ND45 Krakowiak Stanley Michael Pearce Bertram Alfred ND33 Valentine Lionel Keith ND181
Byrne David Michael ND369 Fisher Margaret ND285 Kremmer Robert Cyril ND42 Pearce Mildred Theresa ND33 Van Denderen Jacobus Everarous
Byrne Margaret Ethel ND369 Flanagan Peter Joseph ND200 Kremmer Vera Victoria ND42 Pearce-Cherry Myra Kathleen Vaszocz Bela ND243
C Fleming Clyda Mary ND365 L Pelham David ND410 Vaszocz Maria ND243
Caiswinkler Maria ND408 Fleming Jack ND365 Langdale Bridget ND34 Pelham Rubena Isabel ND410 Verrell John Albert ND402
Carlton Neville Arthur ND352 Flynn Ann Beatrice ND274 Langdale Ernest Walter ND34 Penfold R M -Duggan ND104 W
Carnevale Antonio ND125 Flynn Rex Stephen ND274 Langdon Albert James ND173 Petryk Rozalia ND439 Wah Ah ND299
Carr Bertie Gladstone ND420 Flynn Thomas Charles ND274 Langdon Kathleen Evlyn ND173 Phillips Benjamin ND97 Wakefield Eileen ND426
Carr George Herbert ND420 Foale Kathleen ND416 Large H J ND235 Phillips Colin Benjamin ND97 Wakefield Lyell ND426
Carroll J J ND264 Foale Simeon James ND416 Larson A G ND432 Phillips Janet Frances ND97 Walker Margaret Julia ND423
Carroll Margaret Mary ND264 Folder Muriel ND357 Lawler Ella Viola ND260 Plunkett Martha Mary ND163 Walker Marie Lillian ND314
Cashbourne E M ND210 Fong Kum ND421 Lawler Eric Patrick ND260 Plunkett Robert LLyod ND163 Walker William ND423
Cashbourne Unknown ND210 Foster Arthur Beresford ND17 Lee Emmerline ND322 Polley Alfred Herbert ND293 Ward Kevin Patrick ND360
Chen George ND279 Foster Mary Ellen Maud ND17 Lee Harry ND322 Polley Daphne Maude ND293 Ward Thomas Ernest ND360
Chick Joan Marie ND93 Frazer Frank ND295 Lewis Rhoda Eileen ND148 Porter Leila Phillipa ND323 Warner Lillian May ND219
Chick Reginald James ND93 Fysh Muriel ND375 Lonergan Mary Ann ND452 Prenter Edward Elphinstone Waters James Edward ND225
Christie Bertha Lavinia ND207 G Lynch Agnes Mary ND11 Prenter Jessie Gabriel ND461 Waters Stella May ND225
Christie E A ND9 Gadd Monica Myra ND415 M Priest Alfred George ND345 Watt Arthur Edward ND287
Christie Edward Michael ND207 Gadd Terence John ND415 Mackey Alan ND351 Pritchard Kathleen Amy ND203 Watt Honora M ND287
Clark Maude Elsie ND272 Gadd Vernon Maxwell ND415 Mackey Constance Nancy Pritchard Russell Mark ND203 Wazny Annie ND251
Clark Walter Thomas ND418 Gangell Myrtle ND382 Madden Daisy May ND383 Przybylski Jozef ND343 Wazny Marian ND251
Cleaves Helen ND174 Garvin Gregory ND312 Maher Alice Mary ND325 Puch Helena ND252 Webster Charles Robert ND277
Cleaves Job ND174 Garvin Mary ND312 Mamic S ND383 Purcell Ella Florence Rose ND278 Webster Harold John ND146
Coad H J ND297 Gibbens Nellie ND206 Manshowsky Magdalena ND224 Purcell Leslie William ND278 Webster Hester May ND277
Coad Hilma Lucy ND297 Gibbens William Joseph ND206 Marczewski Mieczystaw ND442 Q Webster Lillian Louise ND146
Coleman Ellen ND149 Gibbons Henry Rose ND412 Markham C F ND355 Quinn Ellen Margaret ND35 Whelan Charles Leonard ND373
Coleman George Ronald ND149 Gibson Doris May ND100 Marossy Adalbert ND113 Quinn Peter ND25 White Eliza A ND268
Coleman Leslie Robert ND149 Gibson E L ND100 Martin Gwendolyn June ND189 R White John ND268
Colgrove Violet Essie ND346 Gibson Kenneth Edwin ND78 Martin Laurence Thomas ND183 Ratcliffe Edna Mary ND331 White Michael ND446
Coll Alexina ND431 Gibson Lucy Ella ND375 Martin Percy George ND238 Ratcliffe William George ND331 White Phylis Cecelia ND446
Collavino Maria ND271 Gibson Tasman ND375 Martin Reanie Evelyn ND183 Rawnsley Sidney Thomas ND91 Whitehead Norman Stanley
Collidge George Edward ND23A Gittus Colin Kenneth ND434a Martin Ruby Ada ND238 Rawnsley Violet Mary ND91 Whitelaw Janice ND283
Conley Amy Adeline ND114 Gittus Joyce Frederica ND434b Mason G W ND111 Reading Henry James ND80 Wicks J S ND160
Conley Athol Alfred ND114 Gleeson Elizabeth ND112 Massinelli F ND175 Reading Raymond Douglas ND80 Williams Charles Joseph ND218
Cosgove Henry Emmett ND346 Gleeson Francis Joseph ND112 Mayhe A M ND232 Rederis Petronele ND215 Williams Clarice ND393
Cosgrove Gertrude Ann ND258 Gleeson Patrick William ND148 Mazengarb Malcolm Roy ND459 Rederis Pranas ND215 Williams Ella Margaret ND218
Cosgrove Robert ND258 Goodey Carlene Jane ND352 McAuliffe Mary Ann ND257 Redfearn Edmund O T ND27 Williams Tasman Victor ND393
Cossom Beryl Maud ND109 Goodey Clare ND352 McAuliffe Mary Teresa ND257 Redfearn Maria ND27 Williams Virginia Lena May ND393
Cossom Claude Charles ND109 Goodwin Frank William ND241 McAuliffe Peter James ND257 Richard Cecily Agnes ND44 Wilson C ND8
Cossom Colin Charles ND109 Goodwin Mary Doreen ND241 McCann Bernard Aloysious Ritchie Lillian Mary ND204 Wilson G ND8
Costa Cesare ND392 Grace Katherine Irene ND303 McCann William Edwin ND88 Ritchie Wiliam I ND204 Winch Shirley Ellen ND425
Cousins Daisy ND14 Grace William John ND303 McCarthy Auriel Joyce ND33 Roach Hilda Dorothy ND168 Witek Kazimierz ND23
Cousins James ND14 Grecki Anna ND463 McCarthy James Clifford ND32 Roach Leo Tasman ND168 Wombwell James Abijah ND105
Cross Doris Gwendoline ND362 Green Albert Cyril ND94 McDermott Adeline Alice ND445 Roach Lisa Michelle ND168 Wombwell Myrtle Josephine
Cross Maxwell Edward ND362 Green Elsie Madeline ND94 McDermott Cora Jean ND358 Roach Thomas Martin ND168 Woods Craig Norton ND107
Cruzewskich Stanislaw Harabasz Gregg James Edward ND325 McDermott Horace Peter ND358 Roberts Frances ND102 Woods Lynn ND107
Cumming Mary ND259 Gregg Linda Ellen ND444 McDermott Leslie Thomas Roberts Harold Lawrence ND102 Woodward Nancy Eileen ND115
Cusick Catherine Mary ND305 Gregg Phyllis Mary ND325 McDermott Mary Kathrine Robertson Phyllis Catherine Woodward Roydon Athol ND115
Cusick Vivian Thomas ND305 Grice Vernon Robert ND433 McDonald Ernest Joseph ND36 Robinson Grenville John 1 ND254 Wright Colin E ND13
Cuthbert Bruce ND326 Grubb Sydney ND380 McDonald Marjorie Joan ND36 Robinson Grenville John ND254 Wright H R ND337
Cuthbert Maude ND326 Guppy Vera Edna ND194 McKinlay Arnold ND73 Roman Joseph ND2 Wright Henry Royce ND337
D H McLean Mary Marcella ND462 Ronan Mildred Rose ND129 Wright Olive Pretoria ND337
Dalco Noel ND454 Hall Sybil Christina ND208 McLeod Cyril Allen ND417 Ronan Walter Douglas ND129 Y
Daley Dorothy Ella ND85 Hall Sydney Charles ND208 McLeod Elvie Alice ND417 Rooney L ND103 Young Eric Vere ND101
Daley Martin William ND85 Halton Margaret ND281 McMaster Daisy Constance Ross-Hunter Alice Mary ND403 Young Muriel ND101
Dalton Edith May ND320 Halton William ND281 McMaster Hollis Roy ND37 Ross-Hunter William Basil ND403 Z
        Ziewietz S ND469
        Zawadzki Mieczyslaw ND341





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