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Catholic Section R

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

Allen Nellie Kathleen Daniels Jean Fehlberg Bert Jacques Emily Lavinia Olding Hilda Irene
B Daniels Maurice Fehlberg Edith Victoria Jacques Maxwell Alexander P
Bacon Dennis Keith Datlen Athlea Nairn Fehlberg Henry Johnston Frances Mary Kathleen Pecnik Karolina
Bacon Julia Anne Davern Arthur William Fernandez Sebastiao Johnston Gordon John V Plocienniczak Wawrzyniec
Barnes George Samuel Davies Mildred Catherine Fisher Eileen Elizabeth Juran Franeiszek Plunkett Dorothy Pearl
Bearman Eric Leslie Victor Degasperi Mark Fisher Eileen Elizabeth Section K Plunkett Walter Zelly
Bennett Alicia Mary Dennis Yvonne Margaret Ford Pamela Nora Kingston John William Poweska Walenty
Binet Miklos Direen Elizabeth Ann Frampton Frederick Phillip Kolar Vaclav Purcell Troy Damien
Blachnicki John Peter Dobson Daphne P G Kolar Vaclav Section Pursell Phillip Brian
Boon Ethel Ina Dolan Claude Leo Garlick Ralph Edward Koppleman Leslie Charles R
Bowker Francis M Dschur Michael Garraher Mary Josephine Kremmer Alfred Leo Ranalli Claudio Kevin
Bradshaw Ruth Duggan William James Godec Josefa Kulik Jan Ratcliffe Keith Ross
Branagan James John Burnett Dwyer Derek Robert Goodluck Allan Kulik Jan Ratcliffe Terence James
Broszczyk Aleksandra Olenka Dwyer Desmond Eric Goodluck Coral Reba L Reason Joseph Francis
Brown Lawrence Paul Dwyer Dulcie Eileen Grubb Walter Clifford Labiak John Richard Reeve Meta Ellen Section
Brown Leo Dwyer Eric Sylvester Gryglicki Waclaw Labunski Stanislaw S
C E Guzinski Delfina Lucy Lasczak Karol Salter Carol Helen
Carroll Les Edwards Geoffrey Thomas H Lovegrove Irene Mary Salter Kristy Charmaine
Carroll Max Edwards Molly Doreen Hey Christopher James M Seabourne Violet Section
Carroll Maxwell   Horbowy Jaroslaw McAllister Patrina Clare Section Settecase Franco
Carroll Rex 1   Horner Madge Edeline McCauley Francis Bernard Shea Andrew Leo Section
Carroll Rex   Hovington Cyril Edward Menzies Daisy Alwyn Shirley Vincent Julian
Carson Louise Karen   Hovington Doreen Mary Menzies Mervyn Walter Silver Norman Ernest
Checcucci Giovanni Battista   Hughes Michael Headley Merkel Konrad Stanton Josephine
Chrapek Michael   I Milosz Jozef Section T
Coombe Clarence George   Innes Doris N Townsend Doris May
Curtis Eric William1     Nedwell Veronica Mary Travers Kenneth John
Curtis Eric William     Nichols Ella Margaret W
Cwalinski Ignagas       Wajs Maria
        Watrowski W
        Watts C
        Widlak Alfons
        Williams Betty Patricia
        Wilson Alice Hester
        Wray Simon Anthony





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