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Catholic Section S

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

A C Cont H M S
Ainslie David George Conroy Cyril Patrick S10 Hall Albert Edward McIver Clara May Salter Robert Herbert
Ainslie Mary Theresa Conroy Lillian Agnes Halliday Jack John William McIver Eric Arthur Sellers Eric James Edgar
Anderson Annie Lucy Cook Mary Justin S1 Halliday Madeline Matilda McIvor Ann Shelton Muriel Bub Mary
Andrews Henry Charles Coy Ivy S77 Halton Ella McIvor Cecil Francis Sherman Elsie Blanche
Ashwood Edna Jean Coy Martin Leonard S77 Halton James Bernard McKinley Augustine Vincent Sherman William Harold
Ashwood Gail Alice Cripps Leslie James Hankin Claude Daniel McKinley Bacil Clarice Sherrin Nellie Louise
Ashwood William Cripps Mary Hankin David John McPhee Malcolm Sherrin Patrick
Aston Kathleen M Cross Harry Hankin Kathleen Thelma Menzies Christina LaFalaise Sherrin William
B Cuthbert Allan Roy Hanlon Lavina Menzies Ernest LaFalaise Shirley Cyril Core
Bailey Edward Walter Cuthbert Doris Kathleen Harrison Arthur Thomas Miller Eliza Shirley Eileen Pearl
Bantick Clarence Edward James D Harwood Jane Elizabeth Miller Francis George Sisters of the Little Company Of Mary
Bantick Gladys Ellen Dalco Annie Isabel Haskell Edgar Moore Vianney Stacey Ashley
Barry Cyprian S1 Dalco Frederick William Haskell Mary Morse M Teresa Stevens Elizabeth
Benjamin Ashley Vincent Dalco Josephine Mary Haywood Helen (Missionary Sister) MPhee Elsie Stevens Leslie Joseph
Benjamin Marie Ethel Dalco Louise Catherine Healey Kathleen Mulligan Enda Stringer Callista
Blanton Charles Dalco Thomas William Healey Heffernan Eugene Murphy Anne Strong Peter Stanley
Blanton Claudine Beatrice Dalton Jean Eileen Herridge Fay Joan Murphy Cecily Strong Robert Stanley
Bone Barry John Dalton John Francis Hill Agnes Ann Murray B A Suckling Catherine
Bone Kerry Robert Hillary Dalton William Thomas Hill Albert Stanley Murray Basil Andrew Suckling Violet
Boswood Diane Margaret Dance Arthur Clement Hill Louisa Mary Murray Basil Vernon Suter Ada Ellen
Bowing Albert E Dance Olive May Hogan Patrick James Murray Frances Joan Suter Ernest William
Bowring Fanny Daniels Eileen Ismay Hollis Marietta N Sutton Ellen
Brennan James Patrick Maroney Davis Doreen Hope Eleanor Elizabeth Nolan Margaret Sutton Robert Victor
Briant Margaret Devereaux Gabriel Hope Henry Edward Nolan William Henry Sweeney Edward John
Brown Agnes Margaret Devine Lillian Pearl Houlihan Joseph Clement Nowakowski Cleslawa Sweeney Louisa Mary
Brown Alexander James Dodge Leslie Ralph Houlihan Lawrence Clement Nowakowski Francis Stanley T
Brown Cyril Bertram Dodge Mary Houlihan May O Taylor Ellen Marie
Brown Gladys Dorothy May Donnelly Danial Patrick I Oakes Ethel Rosalind Taylor William Thomas
Brown Hazel Olive Donnelly Ruby Pateena Ingham Cassian Oakes John William Tesolin Gian Carlo
Brown John Harold Double Dulcie J Opie Anthony Bernard Thomson L C
Brown Mary Double Royal Jarvis Edward John Opie Gerald Ralph Thomson Veronica Kate
Brown Percey Augustus Duffy John William Jarvis Ida Mary Orpwood Annie Josephine Torniero Tarcisio
Browning Graham George E Johnston Lillian Winifred Orpwood Anthony Matthew Tracey Gwendoline Eva
Browning Lavinia Mary Errington Colombiere Johnston William Henry P Tracey Paul Austin
Bugg Mary Ethel F K Page Frances Irene Tynan Algernon Denis2
Bugg Milton Finn Doris Dianna Kearney Gerald Paul Page Harry Mervyn Tynan Algernon Dennis
Bugg Stanley Ellis Fisher Rena Martell Kearney Lynda Julia Page Patricia Tynan Gertrude Ellen
Burns Edna Lorna Foale Nancy Violet Kearney Roy Eton Pegler George U
Butterworth Edward M Foale Robert William Keogh Ernest John Pegler Nancy Josephine Upton Gladys Julie
Butterworth Frances Ada Foster Bernard Lawrence Keogh Wilma Mary Penfold Amy W
C Foster Dorothy King Kathleen Mary Ann Perkins Rupert Roy Walsh Amos
Cahin Ernest A Foster Ronald Krokstedt Jean Sr Piatek Pioth Walsh Ethel
Campbell Bridget Alexander Foster Ruby May Kwiatkowski Stanislaw Pierce Eileen Walton Andrewina E
Campbell Leslie James Fox Eileen L Pierce Mary Elizabeth Walton Leo C
Campbell Reginald Terrance Fraser Winifred Large Aileen Bridget Pierce William Robert Ward Alan
Carlon Frederick Section G Lawler Ena Maria Pilcher May Kathleen White Lucy Alma
Carroll Monica (Missionary Sister) Gaha Lena Maria Lowe Ellen Presnell Eileen Catherine White Robert
Casey Edna Mary Gaha Thomas Robert Lowe Linden Q Whitton Francis John
Casey Francis Derrick Garde Henry Thomas Lynch Johanna Quinn Alexander Wilkinson Mary Ellen
Casey Venard (Missionary Sister) Garde May Evelyn M Quinn Rose Winifred Williams Evelyn Jane
Cashin James Edward S6 Gearing Alexis Mahoney Edith R Williams Walter Patrick
Chapman Lorna Gibson James Mahoney Gerald Redemporist Fathers Winch Herbert Ross
Christie Bernard Harold Gleeson Catherine Mahoney Gerald William Ribbon John Lawrence Winch Julia Louise
Christie Cecile Amelda Goram Martin Martin Ella Ribbon Lily May Witenko George
Clark Doris Ann S70 Goram William Robert Martin James William Rice Dermot Briner Woods Leonard Leslie
Clay Arthur William James Grayden Section Maxwell Annie Gertrude Rice Justin James Briner Woods Rita Muriel
Clyde Valma Guest William Maxwell Thomas J Roach Francis Daniel Y
Coad Daniel   McArthur Arthur Lional Roach Vera Catherine Yard Terenze Brendan
Coad Ellen Mary   McArthur Ellen Monica Roberts Annie Catherine Young Wayne Anthony
Collis Thomas William   McCarthy Catherine Roberts Ernest Albert  
    McCrea Sarah Ann Rowbottom Freda Leonora  
    McCrea Thomas Henry Ryan Mary Victoria  
      Ryan William  





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