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Catholic Section T

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

A C Cont H Cont M Cont S Cont
Alexander Terence Cuthbert Cooper Gertrude May Harper Florence Cecilia Mills Francis William Stephens Ernest
Aylett Noreen May Cosker John E Hawkes Archibald James Mills Peggy Margaret Stevens Christie Donald
B Cracknell Iris E Hawkes Ian John Molloy Frank Hugh Stewart Bernard
Bailey Gerald Cracknell Isabel M Hawkes Violet May Molloy Violet Ruby Stewart John
Bailey Gertrude Louise Cracknell Mary Kathleen Hawkesford Duke Willie Clarence Monachetti Rosaria Stewart Maida Doreen
Bailey Thora Veronica Curtis Charles James Hawkesford Leila Eileen Mary Monteath Edward J Stokell Anthony John
Baker Margaret D Hemingway Richard William Monteath Linda Amy Stokell Ian
Baker Oliver John Henry Dalton Francis Gerald Hernet Cornelia Francisca Moore Heita Lydia Stops Joyce Irene
Bartninkaitis Antanas Leonis Daly Ellen Kathleen Hoare Marie Kathleen Mulcahy Harry Stops Robyn Mark
Bartninkaitis Ursula Hildergard Dawidczyk Jan Hoare Patrick Francis Mulcahy Myra May Stranaghan Elizabeth
Beech John De Jersey Douglas Hobden John Burton N Stryjewski Stanislaw
Belsey George Delaney Donald William Hobden Veronica M Nelson Elsie Marcella Summers Beryl
Best John David Delaney Dora Anne Hogan Keith Charles Nelson William Edward Summers Janine Elizabeth
Bevis Billie Delaney Lena Hunniford Bernard Michael Nicholls May Melvina Summers Maxwell Leslie
Bevis Tassie Delaney Wallace Edward Hunniford Ellen Rose Nicholls Walter Leslie T
Brentnall Malcolm David Dickenson Annie Emily Hunt Lucy May O Taylor Francis Maurice
Brettingham-Moore Edward Dickenson Mary Alice Hunt Ronald O'Doherty Roger Timothy Taylor Joyce May
Brimfield Rose Dillon Alice Monica J O'Donnell Cecil Laurence Teague Mary Dorothy
Bruce James Dillon Stanley David James Brian O'Donnell Sheilah Frances Theodore Cornelius Section
Bruce Jean Dolan Dawn Patricia James Elizabeth Joy Owen Irene Laurie Traynor Ada Annie
Budzul Dmytro Dolan Eileen May Jones Clement Alfred Owen Roy Ritchie Traynor Michael John
Buia Durido Dolan William Cormack K P Triffett Eva Section
Burgess Elizabeth Emily E Kearney Victor Henry Palmer George Henry Triffitt Agnes May
Burgess Joseph Henry Eves Mary Anne Section Keenan Alma Mary Palmer Kathleen Truchanas Eduardas
Burke Peter F Keenan Owen Lindon Palmer Max Truchanas Tatjana
Burke Richard Harrison Fitzgerald Mary E L Kelly Sheila Paschkewitschus Kazimirras Trus Bazyl
Burke Vera Iris Fletcher Sylvia Maud King Marjorie Mona Patmore John Joseph V
C Ford Emile Kenneth King Roy Phillip Pearce Albert E W V Nieuwenhuysen Andre
Cahill Bartholomen David Forsyth Tasman William J Kitchener Jessie Mary Pearce Margaret Frances Mary V Nieuwenhuysen Anna
Cannell Nicholas John Fraser Annie Kitchener William Benjamin Pearce Margaret V Nieuwenhuysen Nicolaas A C J
Cashbourne Francis Frederick Free Brian Dennis Knight William Piller Ignacz Vinen Edmund Martin
Cashbourne Vera Lucy Furness Gabrielle Helene Zoe Marie Knights Albert Piller Margit Vinen Teresa Barbara
Cashion Harriett Jane G Knights Elvie May Priest Henry W
Cashion James Gaylor Reginald Eddington Kopias Sewera Pugh Eric William Walsh Maxwell
Cashion John Thomas Gaylor Thelma Murial Kuzminski Stanislow Pugh Maty La Merci Ward Leila Amy
Cashion Mary Geard Lewis Russell L Purcell Albert George Wenzel Inge K
Chandler Gladys Irene Gligic Svetozar Lehner Eva Purcell Doris Ella Wheatley Alan H
Chandler Mary A Golembioski Fedora Lehner Josef Purcell William Henry Wheatley Eileen Mary
Chandler William Charles Golembiowski Alise Levings Henry G R Wicks Charles Augustus
Chapman Patrick George Goodey Geoffrey David Lorinczy Kalman Read Alexandrina Wicks Kathleen Pearl
Chapman Vera Doris Goodey Kathleen Mary Lorinczy Terez Riley Charles Patrick Williams Raymond Claire
Charlton Leslie Hart Goodey Leslie Luckman John George Riley Elsie Margaret Witzerman Byron Lawrence
Charlton Victoria May Gottschalk Nicholas George Lynch Bernard Vernon Barney Rogers Adelaide Rose Witzerman Clara
Clarke Myrtle Vengeline Grace Angela Lynch Kathleen Bridget Russell Alfred Patrick Witzerman Henry Thomas
Clarke Richard Alexander Grace Leonard Bernard Lynch Michael William Russell Alice Stanislaus Wood Claude Harold
Clay Paul Edwin Charles Graham Anne A Lyons Mavis Muriel S Russell John Edward Wood Florence
Clay Paul Graham Cecil William Lyons Thomas Patrick Russell John George  
Coad Ethel Violet Green Lorna M Ryan Arthur  
Coad Richard Thomas Green Vernon R Maloney Matthew Ryan Esther Ann  
Cogswell Jean Elizabeth Grugnale N McCafferty William Maurice Ryan J  
Cogswell Marie Louise H McCarthy Mary Josephine S  
Cogswell Robert Haworth Hall Brian John McGuire Grace Saye Frederick Joseph  
Coleman Bridget May Hall Clarice Mary Ellen McGuire Willam David Scarr Louis Vaux  
Coleman George Hall Cyril Arthur McLaughlin Maxwell Lewis Shirley Catherine Mary  
Collins William Hall David Arthur McLoughlin Jerry Shirley Thomas Reginald  
Cooley Kenneth Charles Hankin Bingham McQuestin Cecil Simpson Frances  
Cooley Vera Hanlon Edward McQuestin Pearl Josephine Simpson Frank  
Cooper Claude Hanlon Ethel May McSherry John Earle Jack Squires David Monto  
  Hanlon Jane Margaret Mills Francis William2 Squires Lillian May  
      Stanton Hilda Frances  





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