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Section  D Free Scotland

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

Ainslee Euphemia Barrington Cramp Lilian Tomlin Hales Elizabeth Mackey David Scoles Christina Elizabeth
Ainslie Mary Crawford Agnes Hales John Thomas Mackey James Doig Scoles Henry Charles
Alexander Jane Crawford John Henry Betsy Mackey Margaret Screen Mary Ann
Alexander Robert Crawford Rose Henry Elizabeth McCambridge James Sim Ann Rex
Allan Alexander Crawford William Henry Robert2 McCambridge Thelma Sim Barbara Lillian
Anderson Albert Paris Crawford William  Henry Robert McKean Margaret Sim James
Anderson David Cumming Alexander Robertson Henry Ronald Miller John Simpson
Anderson Frances Cumming Angus Heron Marion Milne David Simpson Olive May
Anderson Georgina Cumming Angus Robertson Hill Margaret Milne Colin Sinclair Simpson Thomas Cornelian
Anderson John Cumming Annie Hobbs Hilda H Milne Jessie Smith Alexander
Anderson Mary Ann Cumming Christina Hodson Thomas Mooney Selina Mary Snowden Estelle Marguerite
Anson Emily Cumming Christine Dorothy Hooper Charles Mortimer William Snowden Infant
Anson Henry Joseph Cumming Rita Pear Hooper Charlotte   Snowden Lillias Elizabeth
Anson William Cuthbertson James Alexander Hooper Hector Clyde N Snowden Robert
    Hooper Henrick Vernon Neilson Dorothy Snowden Sir Robert Eggles
B D Hooper Janet Nichols Edith Stanfield Edmund
Babington George Dingwall Abigail Hooper Tasman Nichols Frank Ernest Stanfield Elizabeth
Babington John Alcock   Hooper William Nichols Marion Stanfield Katherine
Bennison Agnes Margaret E Hope Emma Nicholson William Stanfield William
Bernard Daniel Easton George Hope James Nicol Alexander Stenhouse Ann
Bernard Elizabeth   Hope John Thomas Nicol Alexander Stenhouse David
Bernard Isabella F Hope Lucy Nicol Elizabeth  
Bernard Robert Finlay Margaret McNellie   Nicol Isabella T
Bowden Sarah Ann Finlayson Mary J Nicol Mary Thorburn Alexander
Bowden Thomas William Finlayson Walter Jacobs Charlotte Anne Nicol Robert Thorburn Christina
Bradshaw Jack Thomas Stanley Fraser Arthur Jacobs William Forren   Thorburn Thomas
  Fraser Rebecca Jarvis Annie Jane O Toucher Elizabeth
Brand Henry Fraser Simon Jarvis Bertha M Osborne Janet Lucas Travers Agnes
Brand James Robert Frier James Jarvis John   Travers Baby
Brand Margaret Frier Jessie Youle Jarvis William John P Travers Cyril Mervyn
Brand Robert Frier John Blyth Jeffrey Jennet Panton David 2 Travers Ernest Robert
    Jeffrey Robert Panton David Travers Jean
C G Johnstone Oscar William Panton Mary Turner Jane
Campbell Amelia Goody Elizabeth   Panton William  
Campbell William Goody Ethel Isabel K Park Emily W
Clark James Gray Annabella Grant Kerr Ernest William Park Emily Elizabeth Ward Henry 2
Clark Julia Gray Mary Kerr George Pearson Katherine Ward Henry
Cleary David Lawson Gray Robert Galt Kerr Maria R Plane Annie Webb E
Cleary Violet Mary Griggs Alfred Kerr Tome Poultney Henry Edmond Webber Margaret
Collingwood Agnes Griggs Alice   Poultney Maria Louisa Webberley Elizabeth
Collingwood Joseph Griggs Ann Waller Cott L Putwain Marion Dexter Webberley Ellen
Collingwood Mary Griggs Charles Alfred Lindsat Tom   Webberley Henry Lewis
Colvin Charles Griggs David Lindsay Annie R Webberley William
Colvin Christina Griggs Sarah Ann Lindsay J W D Redpath Ellen Wherrett Charles Blanchard
Colvin John Alexander Grimmond Alexander Livingson Jane Redpath John Wherrett Charles Ernest
Colvin John Mezger Grimmond John Cuthbert   Redpath Juliet Wherrett Eveline M D
Cracknell Elizabeth     Reilly Annie Ellen Wherrett Florence May
Cramp John Tomlin     Reilly George Henry Willcox Jane
      Richards Elizabeth Wood William
      Robb Elizabeth Selina Worbey Elizabeth Gould
      Robb Elizabeth Selina  
      Robb Ella Maybole Y
      Robb Esther Young Annie McGregor
      Robb James Young David
      Robb Robert Young Mary Agnes
      Robb Stillborn  
      Robinson Clara Watson  
      Rockwell Catherine  
      Rockwell William  





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