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Section E Large

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

Aiken Charles 1 Christmas Marjorie Jackson Margaret McGuffie Jane Scoles Florence Euphemia
Aiken Charles Cleary C James Ellen McKinnon Donald Scoles Lorna Grace
Aiken James 1 Coldstream Anne Cameron James William Richard McLennan Johanna Scoles Margaret
Aiken James Coldstream William Jephson Norman Douglas McLennan Mary Ann Scoles Thomas
Aiken Joanna Cooper Euphemia Johnson Emmeline McLennan Sarah Scoles William 1
Aiken John Playfair Cooper John Johnson Tom McMillan Archibald Scoles William
Aiken Mary Cooper John 2 Johnston Charlotte Annie McPherson Annie Stuart Seath Alexander
Aiken Mary Playfair Cooper Mary Johnston Alan Lynden McPherson James Seath Georgina
Anderson Emma Maria Cooper Robert Johnston Alice McWalker Charles Seath Helen
Anderson John Francis Cooper William Johnston Charles Agestus McWalker Mary Semmelhaack Anna Wilhelm
  Counsel Mary Stuart Johnston Clara Bona McWalker Robert Semmelhaack Christiana
B Cracknell Edward Johnston Elizabeth Sophia Meredith Sarah Semmelhaack John
Bargh Charlotte Munro Cracknell Margaret Janet Johnston Ethel Lillian Michie J Seymour Thomas
Bargh Margaret Craig Euphumia Johnston Florence May Millar Frederick William Simpson James
Bargh Thomas Creese Agnes Beryl Johnston James Riseley Millar Violet May Speakman Catherine Alexandria
Barren Ada Maud Creese Agnes Johnston Owen Lyden Miller Annie Maria Theresa Speakman Edith
Barren Alan Douglas Creese Mark Johnston Thomas Miller Ernest Leonard Speakman Elsie Isabel
Barren Barbara A   Johnstone Agnes Miller Gladys Speakman Millicent Haidee
Barren Barbara D Johnstone Archibald Miller Margaret Speakman Sarah Munro
Barren John Davidson Margaret Johnstone David 1 Miller Mary Speakman Susan
Barren William Davidson William Johnstone David Miller Robert Slater Speakman Thomas
Bennison Clarice Dixey John Henry Johnstone Elsie Edith Miller Thomas Speakman Thomas William
Bennison Frances Agnes Dixey Rachael Jones Ellen Minchin Hugh Speakman Walter Henry
Bennison James Ernest Dixey Rachel Elizabeth Jones Graeme Sydney Minchin John Speakman William John
Bennison Lionel Charles Dixon Jeanie Louise Jones Margaret Isabella Minchin Maria Squires Elsie May
Bennison Patricia Duggan Edith Jones Sydney Minchin Mary Squires Thomas William
Blake Edwin Dungey Agnes Marguerite   Moore Thomas Stephens William George
Blake Euphemia Margaret Dwan Barbara K Mott Grace Stranger Elizabeth
Blindell Audrey Frances Dwan John James Kelly Richard J Mott Mary Ann Stranger John White
Blindell Frank John Dyer James Kelly Thomas Richard Mott Richard J A  
Blindell Fredrica Dorothy   Knowles C Munro Sarah Baldwin T
Bonnitcha Doris Eileen E   Murdoch Bessie Tanner Addie
Bonnitcha Flora Liggatt Elliott George Henry L Murdoch Douglas Stuart Tanner Agnes Brown
Bonnitcha Matthew John Elliott Mary Jane Leigh Annie Murdoch James Henry Tanner Cyril Mungeam
Bowtell Clair Sybil Elliott Saide Coralee Leigh William Henry Murdoch Mary Ann Tanner George L T
Bowtell Janet Evans Francis John Leitch Alana Isabel Murdoch Robert Bruce Tanner Janet Brown
Bowtell William George Evans Isabella Leitch Daniel Murdoch Thomas Henry Tanner Mary
Briant C W Evans Lucy Leitch Jane Murdoch Unknown Tanner Peter
Brown Alexander Evans Thomas Leitch Jean Murdoch William Murray Taylor Annie
Brown Elizabeth   Leitch John 1   Taylor E Isabel
Brown James F Leitch John O Taylor Ernest James
Bucirde Violet Henrietta Fearnley J T Lenz George Officer Lady Jamima Taylor James William
Bull Alfred Fearnley Mollie Jane Lester Janet Tait Officer Sir Robert Taylor R
Bull Edith Emma Findlay Charles Edward Lester Joseph Alexander Orpwood Edgar William Taylor Unknown
Bull Elizabeth Emma Findlay Elizabeth Ann Lester Vera Christian Orpwood Eva May Taylor William
Bull Emily Frances Findlay Elizabeth Lever James Orpwood Isabel Alice Tyler Alfred William
Bull Emily Myrene Findlay William Lewis Mary Orpwood Leslie Robert Tyler Charles S
Burn Emily E Fleischafxer F J   Orpwood Phillip Neil Tyler Mary
Burn Lily Fox Charles James M Orpwood Richard  
Burn Mary Cathleen Fraser Hugh Mackie Janet Angus Orpwood Rosetta V
Burnett Claude Fraser Margaret Marlin Mary Ann Orpwood Sarah Valentine Daisie Maud
Burnett Elizabeth Carr Fraser Mary Lyle Marlin William Orpwood Thomas Valentine Eric Lewis
Burnett James Fulton Alberta Alenora Mathers A G   Vane Alice Isabel
Buscombe Mary Ann Fulton Alexander Bell Mathers Andrew P Vane Edward Gerrard
  Fulton Alice M Mathers Caroline Parker Alma  
C Fulton Isabella Mathers Charles Parker David 1 W
Campbell Adela Beresford   Mathers Donald A Parker David Ward Albert Henry
Campbell Adela Maria G Mathers Elizabeth Parker Martha Ward Hannah
Campbell Agnes Mill Goninon Hilda Mathers Florence M Paton George 1 Ward Keith Thomas
Campbell Amelia Jane Graham Cecil Daniel Mathers Henry Paton George Ward Mavis Mary
Campbell Edward William Graham Henry D Mathers Marion Paton H E Ward William Henry
Campbell Francis Beresford   Mathers William Paton James Craig White Bridget
Campbell Grace H Maycock Bingham Paton Margaret Craig White Charlotte
Campbell Isabella Anne Haig Unknown Edith Maycock Blanche Payne John White Isabel Clarence
Campbell J Harper David Maycock Elvie Maud Payne Margaret Louisa Williams Ellen
Campbell James 1 Harvey Emily Elizabeth Maycock Jean Phillips Edna Williams Joan
Campbell James Angus Harvey Jane Elizabeth Maycock John Phillips Elizabeth Williams John
Campbell James Harvey Lauril Daisy Maycock Olinda Phillips Flo Williams Nelly Grace
Campbell Jane Harvey Oscar Henry Alfred Maycock Sarah Priestley Alfrieda Wilson Catherine Mary
Campbell Maria Harvey Robert Maycock Thomas Bingham Purcell M A Wilson George
Campbell Mary Helen Harvey Sidney George Maycock Thomas Purcell William Wilson Jane Elizabeth
Campbell Roberta Josephine Hay T E McAllister Graham   Wilson Jeannie Knight
Campbell William John Hood David McAllister Kenneth R Wilson Margaret Braidwood
Cawthorn Edwin Roy Hughes Arthur John Wood McAllister Richard Read J L Wilson Mary
Cawthorn Eileen Gwen Hughes Emma Harriet McAllister Robert Roberts George Wilson Robert Hogan
Cawthorn Fanny Augusta Hughes Isabella Isabel Elizabeth McCambridge Euphemia Roberts Janet Wilson Samuel Chartris
Cawthorn Madeline Hughes Sarah Louisa McCambridge Henry 1 Robertson E S Wise Beatrice Coralin
Cawthorn Marjorie Joan Hughes William Henry McCambridge Henry Ross Hannah Wise Charles Henry
Charlton Marion Hughes William Wood McCambridge Thomas Ross Hector Wise Isobel
Cherry Eliza Hutton George McClean Robert Ross John Wise Wallace
Cherry Elsie May Hutton Mary McDowall Jane   Wise William Henry
Cherry Frederick Harold   McFarquhar Christina S Woodward B
Cherry Mabel Louisa I McFarquhar Henry A Salmon Rachel Wylie William Matthew
Cherry William John Ireland Agnes Kennan McFarquhar Marianne Salmon Samuel  
  Ireland Alexander McFarquhar Mary Scoles Albert Ernest  
  Ireland Marian Forbes McFarquhar William Scoles Amy Jane  
  Ireland Robert Forbes McGuffie A Scoles Amy Janet  
      Scoles Donald Saxby  
      Scoles Emily Frances  





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