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Section A Free Scotland

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

Allie Ethel May Goede Adrianus Kelly Basil Thomas Osborne Margaret Scott Jane Ann Fiddis
Allie Ozanne Gordon Charles Kitchener Kisfali Paul Osborne Robert David Smith Arthur Tasman John
Andrews Joseph Francis Gordon John Edward James     Smith Cecilia Ismay
    M P Smith F T
B H Marriott Mary J Pickett Ellen Teresa Mary Smith Robert Collie
Barnes Nellie Hales Edward Brooks Marriott Robert A Pickett Fredrick Soden Kathleen Phyllis
Branch Rodger J Hales Jack L Mazey George Arthur Pickett Hedley Soden Reginald John
Burns Elizabeth J Hales Mary Mazey Maude Isobel Pickett Rex Stanven Sarah Elizabeth
Burns Robert Hales Sadie Irene McArthur John Pross Charles Edward Stewart Jeannie
Burrill Horace B C Harper M A McDougall Frederick R Pross Elvie Anna Strang Janet Duncan
Burrill Horace Basil Holmes McKinlay Agnes   Strang John
Burrill Lulu Ruth Holmes 2 McKinlay Alex R Strang Kate
  Holmes Martha Westbrook McKinlay Alexander Rainey Violet Vera  
C Holmes Richard Meares Kenneth John Ransley Thomas George T
Coetzee Aubrey Leonard Howells Florence Amelia Morley Maxwell Clifford Leon Rayner Frederick Douglas Taylor Harry Maxwell
Cox Harriet Jane Howells Joseph Muir Helen Gertrude    
Cox Walter E Hughes Ada Muir John Martin   V
  Hyland George Alfred Mundy Betty   Van Emmerick Santossa Adolf
D   Mundy John   Van Emmerik Margareta Maria
Dable Christina J Mundy Roy Francis   Vane Edith Jane
Dobson Florence June Jack Andrew Elder      
Dobson Horace Elvin Jackman Clyde     W
Doe Marjorie Susan Jackman William Henry     Waldie William Joshua Monteith
Duggan Peter Edwin Jacobson Clarenda Myrtle     Warn John William
  Jacobson Donald Keith     Wells Harold Oscar
F Johnson Cyril James     Woods Alfred W
Feltham Eugene Jones Kathleen      
Feltham Gladys Jones Leonard      
Fiotakis Spiros Jones Leonard Henry      






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