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Section G

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

Aiken Eleanor Fish Baden Nisbet Kendall Bruce Wilson Neiklejohn James Stephen Tanner Isla Mary
Atkins Bella Fish Lucy Emily Kendall Edna Marion Neiklejohn Rena Adelaide Tanner John Hawley
Atwell Elsie May Fish William John Kendall Robert Wilson   Tanner John William
Atwell Robert Henry Fleming Amy Elsie Kerr David John O Tanner Laura
  Fleming Charles Edward   O'May Elizabeth Tanner Martha
B Float Albert Edward L O'May Jane Tanner Peter
Barrow Florence Grace Float Annie Lawson Alfred Ernest Osbourne Milton Tanner Thomas Hawley
Bellette Clara Florence Elizabeth Lawson Elizabeth Julia   Taylor Archibald
Benoit Ethel Florence James Leitch Ada Maud P Taylor Elizabeth Aiken Eleanor
Benoit Louisa Fraser Arthur Ernest Leitch Alan McDonald Paterson Colin Travers Agnes
Bower Amy Amelia Fraser Elizabeth Jane Leitch Alice Maud Paterson Mary Isabell Travers George
Bower William Henry Frier Lillian May Leitch Janet Susan Pearce Kevin Maxwell Travers Gwen
Bradley Clara Christina Violet   Leitch Robert Douglas Pinnock Mary Ellen Travers Neil
Bradley John G Leitch Thelma May   Triebel Hilda Augustus
Brown Marion Augusta Gilchrist Alexander McLean Lerwill William R Trindea E J
  Gilchrist Margaret Lillye Emily Redpath Robert Turnbull Mont
C Gordon George Lillye Henry Charles Reid Arthur Robert Turnbull Robert
Cairns James Blythe Green Henry William Lipscombe Clifford Bertram Reid Margaret Helen  
Cameron Helen Green Mabel Annie Lipscombe Mary Christina Ricketts Mabel V
Cheyne Betsy     Riley Annie Maria Von Stieglitz Alice
Cheyne James H M Riley Thomas Von Stieglitz Ella Marion
Compton Mary Catherine Hamilton Charles Albert Mackrell Elspeth Louise Robertson Charles Von Stieglitz Oscar Francis
Conacher Barbara Harding Gwen Mackrell George Robertson Henry  
Crooks Annie Harding Reginald Francis Marshall M A Robertson James Herbert W
  Hay Donald Wilson Marshall M H Robertson Margaret Walker Robert Cleland
D Hay George McBain Edith Maud Robertson Mary Wardrop John
Dalgleish Jessie Henry Annie McCredie Gladys Ethel Rush Albert William Wardrop Mary
Davies Henry Charles Henry Archibald McIntosh Alexander Rush Catherine Wardrop Mary Lambie
Davis Donald L F Hilder C McKenzie Elizabeth Harriet Rush Christina Elizabeth Watson
Davis Hope Margaret Anderson McMillan Catherine Rush Elsie Rebecca Webster Jean Marion Isabel
Davis Isabella Lydia Hytten Thor Mark McMillan Doreen May Rush Francis Samuel Webster John Laing
Davis James Falconer   McMillan Henry Rush Rose Webster Scott Gordon
Davis Molly Isabel J McMillan John Howie   Wells Eugene
Drummond Clara Jane Jackson Andrew McNeill Martha Ann S Wells William
Drummond Norman Janes Ellen Miller Frances Catherine Sargent Eva Lorenna West James
Drummond Peter Janes Henry Miller James Sargent Harold Thomas West Louisa Ethel
Dunlop John Johnston John Robert Mills Margaret Saunders David White J E
  Johnston Mary Ann Mitchell Jane Saunders Madeline White Olive Matilda
E Johnston Mildred Victoria Mitchell Joyce Elizabeth Shepherd Elizabeth Florence Wills R S G
Ellims Annie Margaret Johnston Thomas Henry Morris Christopher Greig Smith-Hozier Emily Josephine Windsor Minna Maud
Ellims George Edwin Johnstone James Morris Colin Greig Spence David Henry Wilmott Wise Sylvia
Etherington Eric John   Morris Margaret Strang Archibald Wise Victor Charles
Etherington George Henry     Strang Margaret Wylie Hilda
Etherington Rhoda Lillian        
        Yolland Clara
        Yolland Isabell
        Yolland John





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