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Section K

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

Abbott Ellen May East Eva Ann Macaulay James Stephen Robertson B A Tabart Alan Amos
Abbott Nina Madge East George Melvyn Brampton Manson Catherine Robertson Coralie Sefton Tabart Maud Lanoma
Abbott William Thomson Evans Rosina Beatrice Manson William Glyne Robertson Eileen Aldyth Thorn Elizabeth M O
Adams David Evans Ruby Marriott Elias Robertson Eliza Harriett Thorn George L L
Austin Charles Edgar Evans Vivian Keith Marriott Robina Margaret Robertson Elizabeth Rosetta Tonks Margaret Louisa
Austin May Evans William Alexander Matthews Jane Robertson Euphemia Grace Trott Carole Lee
    Matthews Wallace Robertson Euphemia Trott William Arnold
B F McAllister Ellen Robertson Euphemia Mary Trott Zelma
Beadle William George Edward Featherstone Jack Keith McCredie James George Robertson Florence J Turner George
Bealey Harold Colin Featherstone Nancy McCredie Mary Robertson Hannah  
Bealey Olive Emily Findlay Charles McDougall Marianne Jane Robertson James Andrew V
Bell David Findlay David McFarlane William Robertson James Vesmanis Ferdinands
Bennett Eleanor Grace Findlay Mary McFarlene Florence Marion Robertson James Nasmyth  
Bignell George Forsyth Clara Edith McGregor Donald Robertson James Thos W
Binet Henrietta Glover Forsyth Ella Kate McGregor Sophia Robertson John Wallace Anne
Binet Henry Jules Forsyth Janet McGuinness V L Robertson Margaret Wallace Henry
Boucher Janet Christian   McKay Elsie May Robertson Mary Grace Ward Joan Doreen
Bracken William Thomas G McKay Louis Alexander Robertson Minnie Mabel West Alexander
Brettingham-Moore Clarice Gibson John McLean Alexander Murdo Robertson Peter Wheeler Maurice Roger
Brown Percy James Gibson Martha McLean McLean Beverley Margaret Robertson Walter Thos Whitney Susanna
Buchanan Arthur Robert Gill George Bill McLean Phyllis Irene Robertson William Whitney Thomas
Buchanan Eleanor Mary Gill Mary Ethel McLean Thomas Alexander Robertson William Clarence Whitney Walter
Burnet Grace Glatte Charles John McMullen Fred Howard Mack Robertson William Wiggins Alfred Arthur
Burnet James Glatte Edith McQuillan Thomas Ross Helen Jane Wiggins Marion Eliza
Burnet James Gumley Hannah Eliza McTavish Janet   Williams Charles
Burnet John Gumley John Meilke Clinton John S Williams Cyril Gordon
Burnett Alexander Gumley Therese Agnes Meilke Valcie Ivy Sampson Irene Byam Williams Frederick Thomas
Burnett Euphemia   Mennitz Henry Albert William Sanderson Emma Isabel Williams Keitha May
Burrows Dorothy Charlotte H Mennitz Jean Allison Sanderson Mabel Blanche Williams Louisa Selma
Burrows Elizabeth Hadden Mary Hannah Meredith Jean Saunders Gordon Henry Joseph Williams Matilda Letitia Sophia
Burrows Othmar Bristow Hadden Vere Stanley Millar John Schofield Cyril George Wilson Harold John
Butterworth Albert Edward Hean Graeme Allanby Mollross Jessie Agness Scott Alexander Morrison Withers Agnes
Butterworth Pearl Isabel Hean Winifred Anne Mollross Oscar Scott Charlotte Worbey Henry Robert
  Heaton Nola Joy Mulholland Andrew Scott John Bell Worbey Jane Ann
C Henderson Lynne Mulholland Andrew Scott Joseph Walter  
Cairns Florence Ada Henderson Mary Mulholland Charles Scott Kathleen Henrietta Y
Cairns John Willie Hill Albert Henry Mulholland Sarah Scott Thomas David Young Amy
Cathcart John Edward Hill Emily Munnings Daisy Ethel Smith Harry Young Edward
Chant Edith Isabel Hill Lillias May Munnings Vincent Richard Smith Mona Edith Young Edward
Chant James Robertson Hofman Charlie   Spaulding Alda Young Isabel
Chant Walter Herbert Hofman Dora O Spaulding Frederick William Young Janet
Cherry William John Hopkins Ernest O'Brien Christina Elizabeth Spaulding Mavis Alexander Young Laura Jane
Clee Arthur Vernon   O'Brien Eric Percy Sprott Eliza Morrison Young Russell
Clifford Donald Hilton J O'Brien John Sprott Gregory Young Russell
Clifford Hilda Jean Jackson Jeanette Sylvia O'Brien Leila Alice Sprott Gregory Young Sarah Hopkins
Clifford Lyla Ethel Jackson Terence William   Sprott Iza Alison Young Thomas
Commane Linda Marie Jackson Violet Evelyn P Sprott Joan Tremayne Young Thomas
Conway Jessie Jean Johnson Fergus Henry Patmore Martha Jane Sprott William Morrison  
Cope Adelaide Maud Johnson Muriel Ruth Patmore William Harold Stanfield Mabel Florence  
Cope Herbert Henry Johnston Alice Phillips Jane Stewart Isabella  
Cox E C K Johnston Eliza Janet Purdue Charlotte Stewart John  
Cox Henry Johnston George Alfred Purdue Leslie J Stewart Lillian  
Cox Margaret Johnston John Ross Purves Ida Martha Stewart Susan Mary  
Crawford James Johnston Mary Purves Robert William Stewart Thomas Samuel  
Crawford Margaret Craig Johnston Roy Randall Frank Douglas Stoward Kenneth William  
Cure Ellen May   Rayner Edwin Arthur Sutherland Thomas  
Cure Enoch K Rayner Mary Grace Swanson Edith  
  Kerr Ethel Reid Alexander E    
D Kerr William Leslie Reid Marguerite    
Davies Joseph Henry Knights Allan Arundel Reid Mary L    
Davis Marion Jane Knights George Jacob Robertson Andrew Thomas    
Didsbury Arthur Knights Gloria Frances Robertson Anne Alma    
Didsbury Nessie   Robertson Anne Louise    
Donald Allan Lindsay L      
Donald Nola Frost Leitch Kathleen      
Dowling Christine Walker Lewis Emma      
Drewitt Ada Muir Lewis George      
Drewitt Richard Charles Lewis Kate Rosina      
  Lewis Kenneth William      
  Liston Ernest Arthur      
  Liston Louisa Jane      
  Lundberg Olaf Alfred      





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