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Cornelian Bay/Church of England


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Unmarked Graves Church Of England

Surnames I

This is an ongoing project.  In time all unmarked graves at Cornelian Bay will be listed.  


Surname Given name Section Grave Service date
Ibbotson Herbert Thomas K 51 26-12-1872
Ibbott John T V 630 16/06/1916
Ikin Alexander L 334 22/7/1903
Iles Stillborn baby QF 257 1/8/1958
Illslon John V 120 26/04/1890
Inglis William  CD 37 31/7/1953
Ingram William Edward CL 70 11/7/1969
Ingram Thomas  L 136 4/3/1900
Inman George TT 202 23/11/1953
Inman Charles CH 133 23/1/1957
Innis Arthur LL 324 5/6/1940
Irwin Norman Henry XX 29 16/6/1928
Isaac Stillborn baby QD 56 29/6/1948
Isherwood Alice B 21 21/8/1904
Ismayle Mary  L 144 23/2/1900 Ismaljee
Ivey Jamima C 4 12/08/1880




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