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Cornelian Bay/Unmarked/Roman Catholic


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Unmarked Graves Roman Catholic

Surnames E

This is an ongoing project.  In time all unmarked graves at Cornelian Bay will be listed.


Surname Given name Section Grave number Service date   Surname Given name Section Grave number Service date  
Earle Ann Theresa O 26 4/09/1911   Elliston Thomas Henry William CC 349 11/04/1902  
Earley Trevor Finbar EE 345 29/10/1957   Emanuel Molly Cecilia CCX 215 20/04/1923 10 weeks
Earley James Bernard H 144 21/07/1923   England Jock Edley EE 180 7/02/1952  
Easton Thomas BB 288A 5/09/1938   English Julia CC 384 27/09/1903  
Easton Walter Frederick Eugene EE 234 8/07/1953   Enman Ada Rosina ND 436 22/02/1966  
Eaton Donald Gerald AA 156 4/10/1926   Enman Harold Wilfred ND 436 10/08/1970  
Eaton Mervyn E J AA 157 3/12/1926   Enslow Cecilia CC 249 25/02/1900  
Eaton Frank Ernest T 126 6/12/1958   Enslow Sydney John CC 249 23/11/1914  
Eaton Frederick Ernest S 136 12/08/1955   Enwright James B 142 16/11/1887  
Eaton Hannah Elizabeth S 136 13/07/1960   Enwright Margaret CC 114 28/03/1893  
Eberle Walter James H 195 21/04/1926   Evans Mary AA 51 24/01/1930  
Edmondson Baby DB 80 6/11/1973   Evans Sylvia Joan AA 81A 2/04/1932  
Edwards Mary Cecily CCX 49 23/10/1914 9 months old Evans Trevor John AA 81A 24/01/1929  
Edwardsen Laurie Alma CP 161 26/01/1971   Evans James William BB 305 25/11/1933  
Elkin William John DD 279 30/08/1934   Evans Emily Catherine M 362 10/08/1945  
Elkins Thomas DD 330 24/07/1939   Evans Veronica DD 254 8/08/1933  
Elley Elizabeth DD 70 24/04/1913   Evans George Richard EE 329 26/02/1957  
Elley William George DD 70 30/11/1919   Evans Charles Frederick EE 412 28/11/1961  
Ellingworth Thirza M 296 26/10/1944   Evans Robert Thomas H 282 16/01/1934  
Ellis Mary B 8 13/07/1881   Excell Susan EE 485 27/12/1961  






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