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Cornelian Bay/Unmarked/Roman Catholic


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Unmarked Graves Roman Catholic

Surnames V

This is an ongoing project.  In time all unmarked graves at Cornelian Bay will be listed.

Surname Given name Section Grave number Service date
Vass John CP 11 15/11/1979
Vass Valarie CP 11 9/09/1966
Vellar Giovanni F 43 17/07/1956
Venn Elizabeth CCX 326 8/08/1925
Venus Florence Mary O 102 29/01/1916
Vinahora Emil Charle NDB 146 16/02/1968
Vincent Lionel Clarence N 209A 24/10/1950
Vincent Joseph EE 112 19/07/1948
Vincent Alan Rex CP 203 9/09/1974
Virgo Bridget CC 57 22/09/1890
Virgo Margaret CC 57 11/11/1893
Vout Charles Ernest CCX 91 5/07/1916
Vroska Jan CP 169 3/08/1972
Vucica Rebecca Lee DB 200 21/01/1981











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