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Cairns Bay Church Of Christ

Ashlin Arthur Charles Clark Hannah Jane Lambert Dora Mercia O'Brien Florrie Irene Small Ivy A
Ashlin Arthur Stanley   Lambert George O'Brien Henry George Small R
Ashlin Ella Blanche G Lambert Hubert Allan O'Brien Henry William Swam Norman William
Ashlin Frank Geeves Andrew Thomas

Lambert Mary

O'Brien Norman Joseph Swan Elizabeth
Ashlin George Henry Geeves Josephine Nubeena Lambert Rene O'Brien Rene Arthur  
Ashlin Hannah Geeves Madeline Lambert Winifred Ethel Jean   T
Ashlin James

Geeves Milvena

  P Trueman Nigel
Ashlin Janet Geeves Paul Anthony M Pepper Emily Louisa  
Ashlin Jessie Irene Geeves Raymond Andrew McKibben John Wilfred   W
Ashlin Lindsay Geeves Reginald William McLaren James William R Williams Mary
Ashlin May Geeves Samuel McLaren Thelma Lucy Rowe Athol Hedley Williams William
Ashlin Nigel Edward Allan Geeves Trevor   Rowe Leonard William  
Ashlin Patricia Myra Geeves Trevor H T N Rowe Mary Grace  
Ashlin Walter Allan Greatbatch Athol George Nicholas Charles Rowe Mavis Estelle  
  Greatbatch Vivie Alice Nicholas Mabel Florence Rowe Unknown  
B Gregson Lucy Emily   Rowe Unknown 1  
Bellette Bert Gregson William Arthur   Rushton Dulcie  
Bellette Dulcie     Russell Baden  
Burrell Marlene Joyce H  

Russell John Powell

  Hankin Debra Anne   Russell Percy Malcolm  
  Hannabury Francis   Russell Ruby M  
  Hannabury Jessica      
  Hardy Walter      
  Hutcheon Baden James      
  Hutcheon Hilton      
  Hutcheon Nicholas Cameron      
  Hutcheon Russell Douglas      
  Hutcheon Winnie Ethel      

There are 3 Unknown Graves in this cemetery.

Unknown 1

Unknown 2

Unknown 3




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