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Cockle Creek Planter Beach

There is only one headstone at Planter beach and that being Pryat Samuel Thomas

Many Thanks to Mat Phipps for the following information

I was recently staying at Cockle Creek and found the gravestone at Planter Beach.  I noticed on the gravestone that some of the letters are deteriorating.  I found your website and found the relevant gravestone (Cockle Creek Planter Beach) which is listed under the first two names (Samuel Thomas).  After some further 'googling' I found what seems to be the persons full name referenced in a book. 

Symbolising the dangers of this violent profession is the nearby gravestone of Samuel Thomas Pryat. He died aboard the Alladin, off Southwest Cape, aged in his 20s, a possible shipmate of the ill-fated Aboriginal man William Lanney. 

Book: The Axe Had Never Sounded: Place, People and Heritage of Recherche Bay, Tasmania 

Author: John Mulvaney



Cockle Creek, Catamaran


Coleman Bridget May

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E M Field William Thomas Mott Rosanna Mott Sydney Augustus  
Evorall John Edward Louis    

Mott Thomas Tasman

Tedman William

There are 4 Unknown Headstones  Unknown 1    Unknown 2    Unknown 3    Unknown 4

Community Church Geeveston

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