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Dover Municipal Cemetery General



C Cont


S Cont

Anderson Agnes Cragg L.N. Haines R C Owens James A Stacey Timothy William
Ashlin Margaret Ivy Cragg Roseanne Dinah Hankin Annie Therese Owens Janet Jean Stanley Vivian Charles
Atkinson Sada Cragg Thomas Henry Heather Adam Leigh Owens V J Stennings Beatrice Corrina
Atkinson Vernon Lewis Cray Helen Craig Herighty Christopher Mark Owens Douglas James Lloyd Stennings William George
  Cray Robert Henry Herpick Jane Owens Viola Alma Stubbs D S


Christie Dulcie Hitchens John William


Stubbs Ralph
Baker Eliza Margaret Christie Ronald Holloway Shirley June Pare Eric Maurice Stubbs Valma
Baker Frederick James Churchill Audrey Edith Holmes David Llyod Pare F Swan Jim
Baker Gwendoline Bertha Cripps Clyde Ronald Horsey Joseph Pare Hubert Swan Nancy Joan
Baker Mary Francis Cripps Esmerelda Pauline Hosking Bevan Bruce Pare John Henry Swan W F
Baker Percy   Hudson R G Pare Lucy Belle  
Baker Sally Louise


Hudson Rita Dawn Parrett Vernon Edward


Baker Terence Charles Dale Alice Vera Hurse Julie Ella Rose Peart Valma Irene Trueman Ezekiel
Baker Thomas Wilfred Dale Annie Hursey Ella Olive Percival Allen Trueman Vera Alice 1
Balcolmbe John William Dale Christopher James Hursey Francis John Peterson Timothy John Tyler Marie
Balcolmbe Margaret Dale E A Hursman Francis Richard Playford Gordon Eliott  
Barton Helen Maude Dale Leslie Courtanay Hursman Mary Louisa Plummer Dulcie Irene


Blyth Elvie Hyacinth Dale M.E.   Polaski Ada Amelia Wass Eileen Mary
Blyth George Harold Dale Marion Victoria


Polaski R Wass Frederick Edward
Blyth Graeme Arthur Dale Tasma Jager Bernard Polinski Lindy Marista

Watts Letitia Frances

Blyth Harold George Dale Thomas William Jager Bernard Hans Power E Williams Amelia
Blyth Lorraine Margaret Dalgleish George Edward Jager Raymond Barry Powers Edward John Williams Audrey Fay
Blyth Ronnie Richard Dalgleish Susan Rebecca Jager Vida Jean Powers Evelyn Julia Williams Faye Lynette
Bond E. F. Davis A C James Verlie Elizabeth Powers Georgina Louisa Williams Joseph
Bone Michael John Davis Albert C R Johnson Evelyn Blanche Powers John Patrick Wills Irving
Bone Robert Jason Davis Albert Henry Johnson Henry Thomas Price Annie Catherine Wilson Reginald J
Bone William Robert Henry Davis Doreen Ann Jones A.W. Price Cynthia Flora Withrington Adam James
Briggs Bette Jean Davis Joan Annie     Woolley Anthony Francis
Briggs Dorothy Jean De Jersey Annie



Woolley Baby
Briggs Walter James De Jersey Colin King David Clarence Raap Recamea Woolley Byron
Brown A W De Jersey Frederick J Knight Barry Ronald Ransom Kennedy Maurice Woolley Flea G
Brown Albert P G De Jersey Frederick Louis Knight Dorothy Lorna Ransom Laurence Patrick Woolley Keith B H
Brown Alice Louisa De Jersey Mildred Myrtle Knight Gladys Annie Ransom P K Woolley Peter S
Brown Colin Raymond De Jersey William Edward Knight Henry John Read Charles Henry Woolley Sadie
Brown H W Delaney Cecil Anthony Knight Herbert Harold Read Dora May Wright Dora Gwendoline
Brown Mavis Olive Delaney Iris Daphne Knight Leslie Thomas Reed-Jager Jeanette Christine Wright Gilbert
Brown McIntosh Delaney Lyndon James Knight Lilly Reeve Ellen Catherine  
Brown Sophia J Delaney Marguerite Linda Knight Lydia Wilhelahna Reeve Gregory James  
Brown V W Delaney Robert Colin Knight Margaret Isabella Reeve Hedley John  
Brown William Donnelly Adrian Paul Knight Michelle Orewa Reeve Laura Jane  
  Donnelly Con B Knight Norman Gerald Reeve Preston  


Donnelly Kathleen Knight Peter Henry Reeve Stanley Winter  
Careless A.A. Donnelly Louis Martin Knight R A Reeve Steven John  
Careless Vivian Arthur Donnelly Thomas Charles Knight Rex Robert Reynolds F T C  
Careless Vivian Charles Doyle John Knight Thomas Reynolds Laurence Francis Joseph  
Carver M John Dransfield Knight Vernon Kenneth Reynolds Margaret Anne  
Casey James Leonard Dransfield Walter Knight Violet Rickards Emily  
Casey Sarah Jane Drysdale Andrew Gaye Knight W Harper Rickards Stephen  
Chesterman Kevin Ian Bruce Drysdale Annie Beatrice Knight William Rickards Stephen Henry John  
Christie Esperence Drysdale Colin Edward   Rickards Vera Mary  
Christie Sophia Drysdale Walter Francis


Riley Audrey Hazel  
Christie Tasman A   Lang George Ian Riley Colin Phillip  
Clark A.E. E Lester Charles Waverley Riley Francis  
Clark Albert Charles Edge Frances Mary Little Billy Riley George  
Clark Alfred Edward Charles Edge John Stanley Crowder Lockley Loris Josephine Riseley Charlotte  
Clark Alma Francis Exter John Thomas Lockley Lucy Isabelle Riseley Robert H  
Clark Edna June Exter Sarah Ann Lockley Sydney John Robert Debbie L T  
Clark Janet   Lorkin Edwin A Rothwell Edna Mary  
Clark Mollie Patricia


Lorkin John Rothwell John Charles Stanton  
Clark Stephen Charles Field Henley Trevor Lorkin William A Rushton Dolly  
Clark Wilmot Field Melba   Rushton Sarah E  
Clarke Eliza Flanagan Mervyn Colin


Rushton William  
Clayton Catherine Ann Ford William H MacPherson Matthew Beattie    
Clayton Joseph Thomas Francis Jean Marks Emanuel Antoine


Clayton Steve Francis Osbond Marks Frederick William Salverson J. R.  
Cleary Leo Golburn   Marks Hubert Leslie Schnell Emily  
Cleary Michael Thomas


Marks Ivy Ethel Schnell John Henry  
Clennett Carson Longstaff Gill David Marks Walter Henry Schnell Phillip William  
Clennett Eleanor Gill Russell Martin Dion Scutter George Stanley  
Clennett Gilbert Gill Sarah Winifred Martin Mary Scutter Joan Sheila  
Clennett Lilly Ann Glass Basil McClymont Charles Faine Seabourne Benita Lee  
Clennett T W Glass Bernard Trevor McClymont Edith Annie Gray Seabourne Betty Johanna  
Clennett Vera May Glass Frances Elizabeth McClymont Hedley Thomas Seabourne Brian Douglas  
Cochrane Nancy Glass Maxwell McClymont Nancy Seabourne Dulcie  
Cochrane Peggy Glass Selma Daphne McClymont Olive Seabourne George James  
Cole Herbert Jeffrey Glass Trevor Hedley McClymont Percy Seabourne Ila Sylvia  
Coulburn Murray Glover Alanna Kaye Miller Phillip Charles Seabourne Lawrence  
Coulburn Neta Olive Gray Lawrence Samuel Mise Christopher Jobson Seabourne Lawrence Donald  
Coulson Helen Ruth Gray Phyllis Mary Morrisby Katrina Lee Seabourne Mareesa Lyn  
Coulson Horace James     Shreeve Arthur Henry  
Coulson Kathleen Alecia     Smith Algernon Herbert  
Cragg Charlotte     Smith Alice Mary Hannah  
Cragg George Alexander     Smith James  




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