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Geeveston St Peter's Anglican



The columbarium at the former St Peters Church in Geeveston has been relocated to the Cairns Bay Church of England Cemetery.

Information supplied by  Rev John McQuillan 26/08/2017









Beck Gwendoline Alice Delaney Theodore Lionel Argent Jarrett Edwin Walter Padman Phillip John Sharp Grace Geraldine
Beck Niels Aage Dickson Andrew Lionel Jarrett Hilda Eveline Palmer Roger Eugene Sharp William Kenneth
Britcliffe Raymond Cyril Dickson Rosie May Jarrett William Harold Palmer Valerie Eileen Smith Clyde Albert
Burgess Albert     Pepper Cameron Charles  
Burgess Alfred William E K Pepper Cyril Roy T
Burgess Amy Beatrice Eaves Brian Maxwell Killingback Alice Ada Pepper George Ellis Thiessen Margaret Charlotte
Burgess Clara Victoria   Killingback Geoffrey William Pepper Kyra Jayne Thiessen Marion Amy
Burgess Clarence Kenneth F Knight Alice Margaret Pepper Leslie Kenneth Thompson Doris
Burgess Clemment Hedley

Ford Ella May

Knight Annie Barbara Pepper Myrtle Zeelie

Thompson E C T

Burgess Clyde Arnold Ford John Robert Knight William Lester Pepper Ronald Eric Thompson T E
Burgess Hilda Amy Ford Leslie John Robert   Phillips Eileen M E Thurley Edgar
Burgess Jeffrey Thomas Ford Percy Wilfred M Phillips W R K Thurley Hettie A
Burgess John   Maumill Jack   Thurley Stanley George
Burgess Leila Victoria G Maumill Violet R

Burgess Leslie Kenneth

Gane Margaret McEwan McKibben Charles W Robertson Bryan W
Burgess Michael Frederick Gane Timothy   Russell Alan Douglas Walker Arthur James
Burgess Nellie Gane William Jack N

Russell Doris Francis

Walker Joyce Doreen
  Giblin Mosker Nicholas Alan Conrad Russell Jukie Anne Walter Myrtle Evelyn
C Giblin Victoria Nicholas Basil John Rex Russell Kevin Douglas  
Calvert Charles Hedley       Y
Calvert Kay H     Young Hazel Mary
Calvert Nellie Mavis Hankin Clara Victoria      
  Hardy Herbert George      





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