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St Andrews Park Hobart




M Cont


U Cont

Allan Donald Facy Peter McDowell Thomas Saddler Christian Unknown John
Allen Unknown Ferguson Agnes McDowell Walter Saddler John McDonald Unknown John2
Anderson Amelia Fleming Hamilton McIntyre Peter Saddler Robert McDonald Unknown John3
Anderson John G McKay Rose Alice Sargeant Henry Unknown Margaret
Anderson Moses Galbraith Daniel McLachlan Archibald Scobie David Unknown Margaret (2)
Archer Fredrick Gracie William Wallace McMillan Archibald Scobie Eliza Unknown Marion Euphemia
Atkinson Charlotte Graff Ernest Miller Singline Christian Unknown Mary
  Grant James Mitchell James Smith Catherine Unknown Thomas
B Grant Susan Campbell Mitchell James (2) Smith Isabella Unknown Thomas (2)
Barnard John Gray George Grant Dawson Morgan Elizabeth Smith James Unknown William
Barrett John Gray William Thomas Morrison Alexander Smith Robert Unknown William (2)
Barrett Sarah   Morrison Sarah Stewart Alexander Unknown William Henry
Barrett William H Muir Marion Stewart John  
Bell Rev James Hall Matilda Ann Murray Elizabeth Stewart Rebecca W
Blair Catherine Hamilton Ann Murray James Ramsay Surgeon Elizabeth Wherrett Mary
Bowman Elizabeth Hamilton Thomas Murray John   White Allison
Brenton Janet Harrson Jane     White Jane
Brock Alexander Hay Robert Mitchell N T Whyte Jessie
Bury Richard Hogg David Neilson Robert Taylor Albert Whyte Sarah
Butterworth John Hollinsdale Ellen Newsam Thomas Taylor Lucy Wiggins William Henry
  Hollinsdale Ellen 2 Nichols Margaret Thompson Anne Williamson Charles
C Hollinsdale Mary Jane Nicolson Emily Thompson Anne 2 Williamson William
Chaston Susan Hopkins George Fred Nicolson Jane Thomson Susannah Wilson Alexander
Clarke Helen Hoy David Norton Mary Ann Tomkins Alice Stanley Wiseman
Clarke Joseph Hoy Janet   Tubby Harriett Utting Wood Robert
Cochrane Margaret Hutchinson O Tulloh Elizabeth Woolley Eliza
Cochrane William   Orr Unknown Tulloh William Francis Woolley Mary
Conolan Annabell J      
Conolan Mary Johnston Caroline P


Coombs Stephen Johnston James Propsting Georgina Bispham Unknown Bailey  
Craig Elizabeth   Propsting Georgina Yates Unknown Bartholemew  
Crooke Elizabeth Frances K Propsting Rachel Georgina Unknown Charles Norton  
Crooke James Kerr John Pryl George Unknown Collins  
Crooke Sarah Kerr Margaret Pryl Lilias Unknown Elizabeth  
Crooke William Kerr Robert   Unknown Fanny  
  Killman R Unknown George  
D Kramer Augustus Reid Mathew Unknown Grant  
Douglas Niel   Reid William Unknown Hannah Janet  
Drysdale Margaret M Robertson Jessie Unknown Henry  
Duncanson Robert Macfarlane John Boyd   Unknown Henry Thomas  
  Mackensie Jane Robertson John Unknown Henry William  
E Mackenzie Robert Robertson Monument Unknown James  
Eason John Mackenzie Robert 2 Rowland John Unknown Jane  
Edwards Alexander Matheson Mary Rowland Sisly Unknown Jessie  
Edwards Janet McClean Anne      
Edwards Thomas McDonald Catherine      
Elizabeth McDowell Catherine      
Elmer Harriet        

Many thanks to Ruth who has so kindly sorted out some of the unknown headstones for us.

Isabella Bailey...31-12-1854  aged 73 years (See Unknown Bailey) Samuel Bailey...16-12-1856  aged 74 year

Bartholemew Mackie 9-6-1850  aged 51 years (See Unknown Bartholemew)

Charles Norton Barrett 10-12-1848  aged 3 months (See Unknown Charles Norton)

Robert Green Collins 25-2-1855 aged 50 years (See Unknown Collins) Adeline Green Collins 24-10-1854 aged 10 weeks (daughter)

Hannah Janet Fraser....24-10-1842 aged 6 years. (See Unknown Hannah Janet)

Marion Euphemia Galbraith  1852 aged17 months. (See Unknown Marion Euphemia)  John Galbraith 1853 aged 3 years. (see Unknown John 3)

Henry Thomas Rodd 24-5-1853 aged 4 years (See Unknown Henry Thomas) Also in this grave are Janet Rodd 27-5-1853 aged 7 years, Jessie Mary Rodd 19-5-1845 aged 4 months, Jessie Rodd died 7-9-1857 aged 32 (daughter), James Cochrane Anderson 16-9 1844 aged 26(son), Janet Cochrane Anderson 26-10-1852 aged 68 years. (mother) .

Fanny Toby wife of Charles 18-11-1850 aged 38 (see Unknown Fanny)

David Grant 5-7-1854 aged 35 years. (see Unknown Grant.)

Elizabeth Webb 15-1-1853 aged 38 wife of John. (see Unknown Elizabeth)

Jessie Penman 21-5-1861 aged 32.....wifeof Charles. (See Unknown Jessie)

Henry Ruxton Giffney 15-9-1847 aged 35 years  (see Unknown Henry)

Henry William Jennings 16-2-1843 aged 8 (see Unknown Henry William) son of Henry and Alicia 

James McCulloch 2-8-1851 aged 52...husband of Elizabeth. (See Unknown James) Also in this grave is,  John Kean 2-1-1838 aged 38, John Alexander McCulloch 9-7-1850 aged 5, Martha Jane McCulloch 13-5-1839 aged 46, Elizabeth Lockwood 10-12-1854 aged 46....wife of William Lockwood (Elizabeth McCulloch's 2nd husband. 

Jane Gringell 29-7-1854 aged 59 years.....wife of George. (see  Unknown Jane)

George Hutton...23-4-1838 aged 3 years (See Unknown George) Kate Hutton 9-7-1850 aged 2months, Thomas Alexander Hutton 11-7-1852 aged 4 years, Alexander David Hutton 24-2-1854 aged 9 months.

John Orgill July 1831 aged 46 years. (See Unknown John 1)

John McLennan 20-4-1837 aged 33 years....son of Hugh (See Unknown John 2)

Margaret Chaudinet 6-6-1843 (no age) (See  Unknown Margaret2) Her father.....William Chaudinet 1865 aged 66 years.

Mary Mclennan 29-10-1860  aged 27 wife of Kenneth (See Unknown Mary)

Reverend Thomas Dugall 14-9-1864 aged 65 years................Presbyterian Minister of Sorell. (See Unknown Thomas 1)

Thomas Gibson 15-4-1850 aged 48 (see Unknown Thomas 2) brother of John Surgeon.

William Henry Lovitt 17-6-1855... aged 28 (See Unknown William Henry) Robert Frederick Lovitt 24-5-1862 aged 24...  drowned Qld, Elizabeth Lovitt 7-6-1860 aged 54....wife of John.

William Champion 10-3-1853 aged 26 years (see Unknown William 1) , Willameina Jane Champion 15-3-1853 aged 9 days (daughter), Maria Champion 4-3-1853 aged 57 years (mother)

William Champion sr (William 1's father)25-9-1871 70 years. (See Unknown William2) This guy came out as a convict and became the first bell ringer in Tasmania and donated 125 pounds of his own money for the bells to be installed in Holy Trinity Church in 1847....a very interesting man....and life.

Unfortunatley due to all Ruth's efforts and research she was unable to solve Unknown Margaret 1.

Thankyou so much again for your valuable help Ruth from all your fellow genealogists.





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