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Hill Street Hobart

Friends Park



The Society of Friends purchased the small area of land for use as a burial ground in 1836. It was previously part of William Shoobridge's Providence Valley Farm. About 60 people were buried, including George Washington Walker, the founder of the Hobart Savings Bank. The cemetery closed in 1912, and the land was first used as a childrens playground in 1926. Many of the old headstones can still be seen around the edge of the Park








Andrews Mabel Emillie

Harris Cuthbert Giblett

May Mary

Robey Charles Henry

Walker Eliza Hannah

Arnold George

Hortin Mary Ann

May William


Walker George Benson


Rowntree John

Walker George Washington





Walker John Ridley

Bell George

Mackie Rachel Ann

Pollard Henry Llewellyn


Walker Joseph Benson

Bell Sarah Jane

Mather Annie

Pollard Theophilus

Shoobridge Amy

Walker Margaret Bragg

Bell Unknown

Mather Ellen Grace

Propsting Elizabeth Rachel

Shoobridge William

Walker Robert


Mather Esther

Propsting Emma


Walker Sarah Benson


Mather George Unknown

Propsting Hannah


Walker Sarah Thompson

Clemes Isabell Jane

Mather Robert Arthur

Propsting Henry

Tanner Annie Worth

Walters Eliza Jane

Crouch Sarah Rothwell

Mather Samuel Benson

Propsting Julia Davidson


Watson Ralph

Crouch Thomas James

Mather Sarah Benson

Propsting Richard


Mather Theophilus Henry

Propsting Sarah



May Margaret Elizabeth


Godfrey John William






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