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Premaydena Cemetery

Aldridge Avis Foster Arthur Davenport Layton Mary Ann Paul Alec Unknown Henry Charlie
Aldridge Charles Frost Ailsa Little Arthur Francis Paul Christina Unknown Robert
  Frost Katherine Ailsa Little Arthur Paul Emma Unknown Thomas
B Frost Mary Maude Little Ashley Claude Paul John  
Badham Annie Mary Barnicoat   Little Gerald Bruce Paul William W
Badham Gladys Mary G Little Mary Madeline Pentecost Peter Noel Wakeling Mark
Badham Herbert Gallahar Fay Little Peter Mark Pope Joseph Wiggins Alfred Mark
Badham James Herbert Gallahar William George Little Stanley Price Henry Wiggins Ethel
Badham John Richard Griffiths Ivy May Little Unknown   Wiggins Frank Archibald
Badham Leonard James Griffiths Tasman Francis Little Wayne Arthur R Wiggins Sall Irene
Badham Mona   Little William Gerald Riley Doreen Williams Alice Mary
Badham Phyllis Kathleen Anne H Locke Eileen Mary Riley Frederick W Williams Burnie Tasman
Badham Thomas Mervin Hayes Gwendoline Edith Locke Elsie Jane Elizabeth 2 Riley William L Wright Harriet
Badham William George Hayes Scott F Locke Elsie Jane Elizabeth Riordan Moira Wright Robert George
Badham Haynes Ronald Percy Locke Francis Risby Henry Joseph Wylie Eric StClair
Barnicoat George Edgar   Locke Sidney Granville Rogers Minnie Allison Wylie Olive May
Barnicoat Harriett J      
Barnicoat Herbert Wilhemn Jenkins Loraine Helen M S  
Barnicoat Jane Jenkins Lorraine Heather Macdonald Kenneth Locke Salter Michael Terence  
Barnicoat Wilfred Hartley Jenkins Susan Catherine Macdonald Wesley Robert Skeggs Bert  
Barnicoat William Henry 2 Jenkins Thomas Percival Meers Lily Melinda Skeggs Olive Lesley  
Barnicoat William Henry Jenkins Thomas White   Spaulding Mavis Eileen  
Batchelor Vyanne Michelle Jones A R Lindsay N Spaulding Victor Cedrick  
Belmont Cyril Noye Jones Craig Lindsay Naguire Beatrice May Splann Brian M F  
Burgess Harry Jones June Nichols Bert    
Burns Denise Jennifer Joynson Leila Nichols Colin Bertram T  
    Nichols G C Treman Michael  
C K Nichols Helen Mary    
Calvert Joan Catherine Kent Edith Margaret Nichols Joan Florence U  
Clark Elvie May Kent Verdun Bruce Nichols Mary Beatrice Unknown 1  
Clark Merton Charles Kingston Alec Percival Victor Nichols Rex Errol Unknown 2  
Clifford Rose Ellen Kingston Amy Maria Nichols Ruby Pearl Unknown 3  
Corbett Bevan Thomas Kingston Claude Lesley Nichols Stella Victoria 2 Unknown 4  
  Kingston Clifton Roy Nichols Stella Victoria Unknown 5  
D Kingston Daphne Louise Noye Amy Susan 2 Unknown 6  
Doddridge Jeffrey Kingston Daphne May Noye Amy Susan Unknown 7  
  Kingston David Henry Noye Audrey Unknown 8  
E Kingston Ella C M Noye Daisy Jean Unknown 9  
Eaton Henry Kingston Emma Louise Noye Doris Elsie    
Evans Caroline Kingston Geoff Noye Edith Annie    
  Kingston George Noye Ernest    
  Kingston Grace Marian Noye Frank Vivian    
  Kingston Heather Margaret Noye James Edward    
  Kingston Horace Rex Noye James    
  Kingston Ivy P Noye Kathleen Maud    
  Kingston Jean Eileen Noye Susan    
  Kingston Julia Nutting Brendan Charles    
  Kingston Linda Grace      
  Kingston Malcom George      
  Kingston Murray Oswald      
  Kingston Paul      
  Kingston Thomas Keith      
  Kingston Wilfred Tom      
  Kurczok Hubert      
  Kurczok Yvonne      






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