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St Albins Koonya

Bird Molly E Clark Alfred Belmont Gee Helen Margaret Males Jeanette Ellen Quarrell Carmine Edith Johanna
Bird Richard H Clark Constance Ellen Gee Helen Margaret2 McClay Florence Jane  
Booth Robin Terence Coombs Celia Mary Griffiths Alfred William McClay Liberty R
Booth Robin Terence2 Coombs Margaret Griffiths Allan Tasman Mullins Marjory Riley Alfred Benjamin
Brown Edward Coombs William David Griffiths Colin Rex   Riley Ashley Claude
Brown Louisa Copping David Cahill Griffiths Helen Kathleen P  
Burgess John S F Copping Geoff Griffiths Kathleen Evelyn Parkinson Alfred Leslie S
Burgess Nicole Louise Copping Glen Derwent Griffiths Ramona Irene Parkinson Christine Shoobridge Peter Richard
Burtt Valerie Joan Copping Marie   Parkinson Cissie Florence  
  Copping Michael Glen H Parkinson Crosby Jack T
C Crawford Rodney Johnston Heather Ross James Parkinson David Edgar Thomson W McL
Campbell Nancy Elaine   Heather Valma Parkinson Douglas Raymond  
Campbell Henry William D Heyward Brian Spaulding Parkinson Gwenneth May U
Campbell Kenneth Charles Dobner Christopher Luis Heyward Marjorie Eileen Parkinson Jean Annette Unknown
Campbell Peter Geoffrey Dobner Prudence Christine Higgins Jillian Marie Parkinson Lullie D Unknown 2
Campbell Peter Doddridge Jack Howard Elizabeth Jayne Parkinson Sarah A Unknown 3
Chisholm Pauline     Parkinson Thomas H Unknown 4
Chubb Beatrice Louise F I Parkinson Thomas Unknown 5
Chubb Charles Frederick Foster William Henry Alaxander Imber Alan Harold Parkison Leslie Derwent  
Chubb Ethelinda Fulton Joyce   Peace Sophia W
Chubb Leonard Graham Fulton Maureen Erica K Penfold Genevieve Florence Waugh Eric Cadogen
Chubb Maud Eveline Fulton William George Kingston Mary Penfold William Waugh Katherine Elsie
Chubb Theodore   Kingston Walter James Pettman Douglas Harold Wood Robert Bryan
      Pettman Lorna Ellen  
    L Priest Beryl Maude Y
    Langley Michael Genesie Priest Clive Selby Youd Cyril George
        Youd Jean






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