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White Beach Nubeena











Allen John Henry Elson Sarah Rose Kingston Alice Eliza Palmer Skye Maree Tatnell Edward
Allen Merle Violet   Kingston Henry Stephen Payne Marshall Alan Tatnell Ernie
  F Kingston Ina Lorna Peace Alfred Aris Tatnell Frances
B Fazackerley Charles Mervyn Kingston Tasman Herbert Peace Winifred Grace Tatnell Lila
Bannister Max Geoffrey Fazackerley May C   Pirie Gaynor Kay Tatnell Matilda
Batchelor Alice Maudie Fazackerley Nancy Isabel L Pirie George Lorimer Tatnell Rachel
Batchelor Archie Fazackerley Phillip Samuel Laino Giuseppe Plummer Albert Taylor Roy Frederick
Batchelor Arnold Gordon Fazackerley Stanley Arthur Lambert Bruce Plummer Nancy Louise Temple Dean William
Batchelor Clancy Edgar Foster Brooke Elizabeth Lambert Ina Price Annie May Thompson Annie
Batchelor Dean Colin   Lonergan Edna Beryl Price Charlotte Elizabeth Thompson Charlotte Maude
Batchelor Ernest F G Lonergan Maxwell William Price Eric James M Thompson Cyril Edward
Batchelor Garr Thomas Gathercole John Graham Lonergan Timothy Barry Price John Thompson Sydney John Theodore
Batchelor Geoff Gathercole Samuel Gilbert Lucas Edward A Price Max Thornton Ada
Batchelor George Daniel Gathercole Violet Victoria   Price Sylvia Eileen Thornton Emily
Batchelor Iva Matilda Gill Berys M Price Thomas Thornton Joseph
Batchelor J D Jack Gill R B Mason Ian Robert   Tilley Nancy
Batchelor Jabez Alfred Edgar Grant Agnes Louisa Jane Mayne Maxine Maree R Tomkinson Annie
Batchelor Jabez Greatbatch Albert Malcolm McBain Adelaide Easey Richardson Eva Beryl Tomkinson Marjorie
Batchelor Kevin F Greatbatch Baden Claude McBain August Alfred Ridler Bertha Tomkinson William
Batchelor Myrtle Greatbatch Charlotte McBain Geraldine Burleigh Ridler Herbert Francis  
Batchelor Pauline Greatbatch James McBain Phoebe Doreen Ridler plot U
Batchelor Phyllis Ada Greatbatch Joyce McGuinness Mary Ridler Rowland Unknown 1
Batchelor Plot Greatbatch Leslie Malcolm McGuinness Walter James Riordan Moira Unknown 2
Batchelor Sarah Ann Greatbatch Owen McNally C C Robinson Catherine Unknown 3
Batchelor Unknown Greatbatch Phyllis Kathleen McNally Edward Charles Robinson Dudley Frederick Unknown 4
Batchelor William H Greatbatch Robert John McNally Florence E Robinson Elliott Stanley Unknown 5
Batchelor Greatbatch William McNally Jean Sylvia Bannister Robinson Frederick Unknown 6
Benjafield Gwendoline Griffiths Eileen Beatrice Miller Leonard William Robinson-Statton Monica Enid Effie Unknown 7
Bentley James Arthur Griffiths William C Moate Clyde Montague Rogers Crystal Anne Unknown 8
Berry Joshua Peter   Monks Susan Nada Rogers Geoff Unknown 9
Bone Jason Wayne H Mundy Betty Jane Rogers Harold Michael Unknown 10
Breaden Kathleen Hall Charles Lane Mundy Colin K Rogers Helene Elizabeth Unknown 11
Bridge A E Isobel Hall Donald Maxley Mundy Dudley Rogers Herbert Unknown 12
Bridge Edeline May Hall Emily Mundy Ethel June (2) Rogers May Unknown 13
Bridge George Henry Hall Madaline Mundy Ethel June Rogers Mick Unknown 14
Bridge Leslie Hall Peter Mundy Fergus Neil Rogers Paul Leslie Unknown 15
Bridge North Shore Sydney Hansen Eric Stanley Mundy George Rogers Russell Colin Unknown 16
Burden Alfred Hansen Leeta Ada Mundy Mary Jane Rushton Kevin 2 Unknown 17
Burden Annie Gertrude Hardwick Heather Iris Mundy Thelma Rushton Kevin Unknown 18
Burden Bazil Wilmot Hardwick William Arthur   Ryan Clara Unknown 19
Burden Clarence Leslie Hardy Charles S N Ryan William Unknown 20
Burden Elizabeth Hardy Ian Roy Netherton Leon Arthur Ralph   Unknown 21
Burden Emily Biam Maule Hardy Martin Nichols Alec William S Unknown 22
Burden Emma Hardy Mary Violet Nichols Cissie Maude Salter John Windamere Unknown 23
Burden Ena Meryl Hardy Mervyn Roy Nichols David Alma Salter Kylie Unknown 24
Burden Ethel May Harper Darrel Colin Nichols Eddie William Salter Molly Alma Grace Unknown Anderson
Burden Francis Henry Harper Daryl Ashes under the trees Nichols Gary Paul Salter Robert John Unknown Bazz
Burden Geoffrey John Harwood Amy Eliza Nichols Hayden James Short Kenneth Unknown Elizabeth Jane
Burden Ira Francis Harwood H L Nichols Hedlam Lewis Skeggs R B Brian Unknown Peter Augustus
Burden Noel Bernard Harwood Ina Ismay Nichols Hubert Henry Skeggs Rhona June  
Burgess James William Harwood John Henry Nichols Ivy Elizabeth Smith Brian Douglas V
Burns William James Harwood Justin Scott Nichols Jessie Beryl Smith Donald Francis Vincent Dorothy
Bygrave George Harwood Peter John Nichols Linny Esma Smith Harold Charles  
Bygrave Olive Harwood Roy Studley Nichols Minnie Irene Smith Hilda Doreen W
  Harwood Unknown Albert Nichols Neil Geoffrey Smith Laura Innis Wade Henry James
C Hawtree Lucie Alma Nichols Valerie Ila Smith Lily Elsie Dolly Wade James Ernest
Campbell Paul Lindsay Hawtree William Oswald Nichols William Lawrence Smith Lynden L Wade Jason Scott
Chapman David William Hay Brian Charles Noye Algie Vivian Smith Montville Wade R D Ronnie
Clark Harold Tasman Haynes Barbara Phillis Isabel Noye Brian Vivian Smith Norman Leslie Wade Roy Charles
Clark Kingsley Juan Hesse Isobel Joyce Noye Edward George Smith Thomas Alfred Joseph Wade-Stacey Frances May
Clark Maty Ann Hewitt Eleanor Malinda Noye Edward James Smith Vernon M Walters Bevan Ward
Clark Moses John Hills Cohen John Noye Elvie May Spaulding Arthur Walters Veronica Margaret
Cleaver Colin Frederick Hirst Marie Lowiney Noye Florence May Spaulding Doreen Bryghta Watts Lily May
Clifford Marcus William Hoffman Ella May Noye Lily Edeline Spaulding Edgar Williams John Thomas
Coleman Dorothy Elizabeth Hunter Thomas Noye Percy Alan Spaulding Edward Kelly Williams Lorna Alice
Colgrave Joshua Vere   Noye Reginald James Spaulding Elizabeth Williams Pam
Cooper Deanne Faye I Noye Rodney Brian Spaulding Eva Wilson Ian David
Cooper Ernest Alfred Ireland James Stace   Spaulding George Leslie Wilson Ian
Cordwell Donald Irwin Daniel Robert O Spaulding Gerald Max Wisby Dorothy June
Cordwell Guy Geoffrey   Oakley Craig John Spaulding Gladys May Wisby John
Cornelius George Lenard J Oakley Tania Rae Spaulding Kathleen Woolley Ada
Cowburn Alice Jeffrey J A O'Brien Betty Eileen Spaulding Lenna Everline Woolley Allan James
Cowburn John Jeffrey Vera Alice May   Spaulding Leslie Charles Clifton Woolley Ethel
Curtis Neville Wilson Johansen Oscar Carl   Spaulding Lottie Woolley Malcolm Lorne
  Johnson Jason Charles   Spaulding Louis Edgar Woolley Robert Henry
D Johnson Patric C A   Spaulding Maria Maud Wylie Desmond Eric
Davidson Peggy F Johnson Rodney Gordon   Spaulding Sydney Lionel  
Diprose Mona Mildred Jones Plot   Spaulding Thomas Herbert Z
Drysdale A E Jones R M   Spaulding Wayne Zolyniak Warren
Drysdale Bonnie Freda Jones Raymond Mostyn   Stacey Barbara Jean  
      Stacey Harry John  
      Stacey James Royden  
      Stacey Muriel Joan  
      Stacey Robert John  
      Stacey William Davis  
      Stacey William E  
      Stewart Peter  
      Suckling Albert John  
      Suckling Mary  
      Suckling Pearl M B  
      Suckling William George  






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