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Ellendale St Colmans Roman Catholic

From the Launceston Examiner Monday 4 November 1889 His Grace the Archbishop of Hobart will on Monday, 11th inst, lay the foundation stone of St. Colman's Church at Ellendale amid imposing ceremonies.




Headstones in this cemetery were photographed 10th June 2008

C Cont

H Cont


Ardle Harold George Clark, William Hanlon, Elvira Amy Norris, Sydney Phillip Stratton, Martha
  Clark, William Neil Hanlon, Emily   Stratton Maud
B Conlan, George Hanlon, Emma O Stretton Daphne
Bannister, Kenneth Conlan, Samuel Hanlon, Harold B Ohlson, Allie Stretton Sarah
Bannister, Martin Conlan, Thomas Hanlon, Henry   Stretton Unknown
Bannister, Ralph Thomas Conlan, Thomas 1 Hanlon, Herbert Claud P Stretton, W. M. J. (Bill)
Bean, Ronald James Cooper, Dudley Graeme Hanlon, Holly Pegler Mary Ann  
Beattie, Christopher John Cooper, John Edwin Hanlon, Jim Price, Maria Louise T
Bentley, John Carlyle Cooper, John Frederick Hanlon, Laurence David   Tomlin, Eliza Jane
Bentley, Winifred Margaret Cooper, Mary Louisa Hanlon, Louisa May Q Tomlin, Hedley
Beven, Lillian Eunace   Hanlon, Marie Quinn, Dennis W Tomlin, Lawrence
Browning, Claude Patrick D Hanlon, Martha Quinn, Elwyn John  
Browning, Cyril Dillon, John George Heron, Clifford John Quinn, Glen Elwyn U
Browning, Eliab John Dillon, Joy Maree Heron, Edna Pearl Quinn, James Elwyn Unknown, Alex
Browning, Ethel Dillon, Maurice Heron, Gordon Henry Quinn, Kathleen Unknown, Bricky
Browning, Gregory Stephen Dillon, Michael Heron, Lavinia Alice Quinn, Lennard Unknown, James
Browning, Henry Dillon, Norma Joy Holmes, Herbert John Quinn, Margo Unknown, Johanna
Browning, Herbert James Donaghy, Angus George Holmes, Linda Amy Quinn, Mervyn Unknown, Maud
Browning, Leila May Donaghy, Donald Campbell Holmes, Stan Quinn, Rhodesia Unknown 1
Browning, Leslie Basil Donaghy, Elizabeth Hyland, Archie Quinn, Tony Michael Unknown 2
Browning, Mary Eileen Donaghy, Ellen Margaret Hyland, Cyril John Quinn, Unknown Unknown 3
Browning, Mona Donaghy, Emily Lavinia Hyland, Mary   Unknown 4
Browning, Norman George Donaghy, George Osbourne  


Unknown 5
Browning, Ronald Donaghy, Irene Amy J Ranley, Elizabeth Muriel Unknown 6
Browning, William Norman Donaghy, John Johnston, John Ransley, Albert Unknown 7
  Donaghy, Kathleen Johnston, Mary Ann Ransley, Anastasia

Unknown 8

C Donaghy, Margaret   Ransley, Betty Eileen Unknown 9
Clark Eliza Donaghy, Thomas K Ransley, Charles Unknown 10
Clark, Alice Maud Drews, Colin John King, Lynette Ransley, Charles 1 Unknown 11
Clark, Allen Edgar Drews, Colin William   Ransley, Decima Ella Unknown 12
Clark, Bernie W Drews, Jean Lavina L Ransley, Elvie Ella Unknown 13
Clark, Elvie May   Larson, Joyce Amy Ransley, Iris Louisa Unknown 14
Clark, Elwin Roy E Leatham, Mary Ransley, Ivy May


Clark Fidelia Lottie Evans, Brian   Ransley, John Charles V
Clark, Fleetwood James Evans, Robert Brian M Ransley, John Richard Vanbrugh, Peter Raymond
Clark, Ioana May   Markey, Beverley Ransley, Kathleen  
Clark, Iris Mary G Markey, Vincent Ransley, Mary W
Clark, Myra Joyce Godfrey Theresa May McKay, Thelma Ransley, Roy Alfred Wigg, Emily Jane
Clark, Nicholas Trevor   Meaghan, Douglas John Ransley, Thomas Wigg, Philip
Clark, Noel Edward H Meaghan, Edith Ransley, Tommy  
Clark, Roger N Hanlon Charles 1 Meaghan, Patrick Ransley, William Z
Clark, Trevor Hanlon, Charles Meaghan, Rhoda   Zapletal, Frank
Clark, Unknown Hanlon, Charles Meaghan, Royal Thomas    
  Hanlon, Charles Ronald Meaghan, Selma Louise    
  Hanlon, Elizabeth Munro, Rae Ann    


Many Thanks to Lyn Carruthers for the following information

Unknown 15 

CLARK Fidelia Lottie

D: 31 Aug 1908 - 7wks - Pr: W J & A M Clark - ELLENDALE ST COLMANS ROMAN CATHOLIC - HAMILTON - HOBART - HA03/01010

Unknown Theresa May

Godfrey Theresa May


- HOBART - HA03/02014





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