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St Peters Hamilton

The church was designed by Edward Winch of the Colonial Architect and Engineer’s Office but the plans were later modified by John Lee Archer.

Built of freestone with a tower which has an opening for a clock, which for some reason has never been installed and with only one door under the tower perhaps to keep an eye on the convicts and make sure they didn’t leave the building. 

Cost for the building was 700 pounds half of which was met by the Government of the day partly through the ‘dog tax” which had enabled other churches in the state to be built. 

The building was started by J. J. Turnbull who suffered financial losses and was taken over by W. Sibley. 

Foundation stone was laid by Lieutenant Governor Arthur in 1834 and consecrated on the 8th May 1838 by Bishop Broughton who visited Tasmania in 1838 and consecrated seven churches.  The organ was purchased in 1885 for 80 pounds.

Stained glass windows were put in from 1934 onwards and two of them are in memory of the Reverend Walter Henslowe and his wife.

Headstones in this cemetery were photographed 28th March 2008

M Cont

S Cont
Adams Muriel Emily Geard Margaret Madden John Thomas Smith Sarah Ann
Allwright Edith Gleeson Cindy Madden Margaret Smith William Ernest
Allwright Richard Everitt Gleeson Daphne Madden Margaret2 Sonners Albert
Allwright Richard Thomas Gleeson Leroy Madden Muriel Maud Sonners Anne
Anworthy William Glougher Theodora Mimosa Madden Raymond Keith Sonners Ellen
Armstrong John Hiram Griffiths Thomas McArty Rose Ann Sonners Esther Elizabeth
Armstrong William Frederick   McCauley Ellen Beatrice Sonners Infant
Arnett Ethel May H McCauley Lance Sonners William
Arnett John George Harbeck Dennis William McCauley Thomas Elliott Spencer Maud Eliza
  Harbeck Frederick McConnell Clara Louisa Spicer Mary
B Harbeck Grace McConnell George Ernest Stewart John
Bailey George Ernest William Harrex Frederick McConnell Harold John  
Bailey Gustavus Harrex Hector McConnell Lindsay James T
Bailey Janie Harrex Mary Ann McConnell Mona Thirlwall Harriette Gretton
Bailey William Walter Heatley Marshall McConnell Thomas Thirlwall Hugh Connor
Ball William Heawood Lola McConnell Thomas Henry Triffett Mary
Bayley Sylvia Amy Henslowe Dorothea Isabel McConnell Thomas Henry2 Triffett Thomas
Bennell Sarah Henslowe Frances Mary Kingston McCracken Nora Isabel Triffett Thomas2
Bennell William Henslowe Walter Francis McCracken Robert Trott Elizabeth
Blackwell Alice Louise Higgins Charles McIntyre George Henry Trott Jacob
Blackwell George William Hills Angela Gaye McIntyre Hugh Trott Job
Blackwell John Daniel Hills Clara Ann McIntyre John  
Blake Leila Cecily Hills Norman Lewis McIntyre Maria U
Bowerman George Hills Victor Michael McWilliams Robert Unknown Amy
Bowerman James Hodge Emma Sarah Eliza Middleton James Unknown Henry
Bowerman Sarah Hodge John Middleton Susan Unknown Henry2
Bradshaw Isabel Matilda Hodge John Thomas Millar Hellen


Brown Ann Hodge Ruby Alice Millar Unknown  
Brown Jane Holmes Sarah Morris Deborah W
Brown John Holmes William   Walton Annie Elizabeth
Brown Sarah Elizabeth Hungerford Ellen Seymour P Walton Louisa Elizabeth
Brown William Hutchinson Rachel Edith Parker Ann Wathall Mary Ann
Bryant Alfred   Parker Elizabeth Webberley Amelia
Bryant Charles Owen I Parker James Webberley Annie
Bryant George Illslow Martha Parsissons Elizabeth Webberley George Alfred
Bryant James Henry   Parsissons James Sydney John Webberley Isaac
Bryant Susan L J Parsons Cecil Joseph Webberley Isaac Springford
Bryant William2 Jackson Henrietta Parsons Douglas Rustat Webberley John
Burgess Annie Murray Jackson Henry Parsons John Webberley Laura
Burn Constance Sabina Jackson Jane Parsons Maria Isabella Webberley Mary Jane
Busch Alice Louisa Jones Charles Parsons Sophie Jane Webberley Thomas
Busch Augustus Jones Mary Ann Perrin Charles Webberley Unknown Jane
Busch Christopher Jones Mary Anne Phillips Kenneth Edward Webberley Walter
Busch Enid Jordan Roger Ian Phillips Walter Wibberley Henry
Busch Herman   Phillps Margaret Wibberley Maria
Busch Unknown K Plumb William Willcox Thomas
  Kemp Unknown Poultney Margaret Williams F
C Keats Joseph William Poultney William Williams Job
Cannan Edwin A


Poynter Catharine Williams Jobe
Cannan Thomas Walter Lane Sarah Preece Annie L Williams Joyce H
Chapman William Langdon Albert Preece Ellen Wren Ellen
Chelton John Langdon Albert W Preece William J Wren George Francis Basil
Chelton Mary Langdon Catherine Price Sarah Ann Wright Anne
Chelton Richard Langdon Catherine2 Price William  
Clark Lillian Langdon Mary  Pyers Sarah Y
Clark Walter Langdon Mira   Yelland Mary Ann
Cleland Muriel Annie Langdon Moses R Yelland William
Cleland William Langdon Walter Rankin Mary Yew Tree
Cranswick Muriel Frances Langdon William Rayner Mary Young Albert James
Cullen Jean Mildred Lewis Robert M Reggett William Thomas Young George
    Rogers Mary Young Matilda


M Rogers Nehemiah  
Daley George Charles Madden Edward    
Downie Irene Theresa Madden Effie S  
Drake Thomas Madden Eileen Isabel Sharland Alexander W M  
  Madden Eliza Sharland George Charles  
F Madden Francis Sharland John  
Fenwick Charles Collingwood Madden Henrietta Sharland John Frederick  
  Madden Jane Sibley Beatrice Blanch  
  Madden John Sibley Charles  
  Madden John F Sibley Frederick Shadrack  
    Smith Marjorie Glenda  
    Smith Rupert Henry Allan  


Many Thanks to Lyn Carruthers for following information

Unknown Valentine !!! 

POYNTER Catharine

D: 30 Jan 1840 - 26yrs - SP: James - Also: 1 other - HAMILTON ST PETERS ANGLICAN - HAMILTON - HOBART - HA08/00110 


D: 20 Dec 1982 - 59yrs - SP: Helen - Chn: Michael--Nicholas--Richard -

418171 WO, RAAF. See: Poynter, Catharine - HAMILTON ST PETERS ANGLICAN - HAMILTON - HOBART - HA08/00110

Thank you to David Windridge for identifying an unknown grave.


There are 22 Unknown Graves



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