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Ouse Catholic & General Cemetery

Headstones in this cemetery were photographed 16th February 2008


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Baker Frederick Robin Davie Leo George Jepson Barrie Charles Parker Ruby Florence Triffett Douglas William
Baker Ida Rose Davie Lucy Isabel Johns Lillian May Parsons Henry Leonard Triffett Dulcie Joan
Baker James Davie Mary Elizabeth Johns William Thomas Parsons Margaret Olive Triffett Edwin Alfred
Bannister Ethel J Davie Myrtle May Johnstone Richard Charles Parsons William Triffett Ella Rose
Bannister Henry E Davie Noel Jones Amy Christian Pearce Alan James Triffett Eugene Herbert
Bannister Olive Estelle Davie Norah Marjorie Jones Ada Louise Pearce Albert Walter Triffett Florence Annie
Bannister Trevor Edmond Davie Patrick James Jones Amy A Pearce Alfred William Triffett George
Bantick Roy MacIntosh Davie Peter Jones Cyril Cameron Pearce Alma Alice Triffett Harold James
Bayles Alice Maud Davie Rose Daphne Jones David John Pearce Arthur William Triffett James W
Bayles Percy William Davie Thomas Charles Jones Eileen Mary Pearce Bertie Alfred Triffett Jane Julia
Baylis Arthur Clement Drysdale Joanna Luy Jones Eric S J Pearce Beryl June Triffett John Frederick
Berry Francis Drysdale Michael Guy Jones Ernest Cameron Pearce Charles Triffett John Frederick Edwin
Berry Thomas John   Jones Ernest Henry Pearce Edward James Triffett Justin Ian
Best Albert E Jones Ethel Grey Pearce Edward Robert Triffett Lance
Best Francis Joseph Ellis George Jones Gwendolen Pearce Ernest James Triffett Leigh M
Best George Peter John Ellis George B Jones John Pearce Fay Elaine Triffett Leo Keith
Best John Leslie Ellis William J Jones John2 Pearce Frank Triffett Leslie Edwin
Best Mary Elizabeth Evans Rebecca Jayne Jones Laurence Ashton Pearce Frederick Triffett Lily Shirley
Best Maud Alice Eyles Alice Maud Jones Maxwell Thomas Pearce George F Triffett Lindsay Oliver
Best Minnie Rose Eyles Elvie Roma Jones Roy Leonard Pearce Herbert Eugene Triffett Lionel M
Bishop Frank William Allan Eyles Mary Ann Jones Walter Pearce James Herbert Triffett Margaret Olive Rose
Bishop Hilda Eyles Rickey Vernon Jones Walter2 Pearce May Elizabeth Triffett Mary Elizabeth
Bowerman Betty June Eyles Samuel John Jones Walter Ashton Pearce Patricia Elizabeth Triffett Phyllis Elizabeth
Bowerman Clive Vincent     Pearce Percy Glenwood Triffett Reginald Eric
Bowerman Doris Eileen F K Pearce Roland C Triffett Ricki Lewis
Bowerman Eric Farrow Andrew Wayne Trevor Kaye Victor John Pearce Vera Minnie Triffett Rodney Wilfred
Bowerman Ethel Lavinia   Keats Arnold Lawrence St Clair Pearce Wally James Triffett Stanley Leon
Bowerman Jane Elizabeth G Keats George Henry Pearce William Triffett Sydney William
Bowerman Norman Cameron Gatty Florence May King Alma Winifred Pitt Anne Kathleen Triffett Timothy John
Bowerman William Gellibrand Walter King Ernest David Pitt Annie Fenton Triffett Vern Andrew
Bowerman William Lewis Glover Eric Thomas Kitchin Elizabeth Pitt Frank Charles King Triffitt Basil Clement
Bracken Timothy George Glover Rex Thomas Kitchin Herbert Edwin Pitt Kathleen Hennan Triffitt Basil Nelson
Brain Brian Winter Gogins James   Pitt Richard Bernard King Triffitt Clement Llewellyn
Brain Lorna Isobel Gogins Mary L Pitt Rowland Frank King Triffitt Daphne Louisa
Brock Claudius Alexander Gorringe Mary Harriet Lane Albert George Pritchard Audrey Lenore Triffitt George Vincent Arthur
Brook John Joseph Gourlay Edith Muriel Lane Donald Augustos    
Brooks Delma May Gourlay Roy Alexander Lane Hilda Pretoria R W
Brooks Leo James William   Lane James David Reggett Arthur Albert Watson Brenda May
Brooks Mary Agnes H Lane Leon William Reggett Grace Maud Watson Dorrie
Brooks Peter Michael Hanley Cyril Vivian Lane Letitia Victoria Reggett Nellie Eileen Watson Walter Lweis
Brooks Rose Eileen Hanley Hilyard Edward Lane Nathan Paul Reggett Vernon Arthur Weeding Ada Emily
Brooks Walter Edward Hanley James Cyril Hilyard Lane Raymond William Reggett William Nelson Weeding Charles
Brooks William Henry Hanley James Edward Lane Ronald William Reggett Zela Jean Weeding Gerald R
Burn Charles Oliver Harrex Charles James Lane Rose Mary Reid John Weeding Harold John
Burn Emily May Harrex Raymond Phillip Lane Victor Norman Reid Vera Murial Weeding Ivy
Byrne Thomas Harrex Rosabell Lane William J Ricketts Phil Weeding Janet
Byrne Herbert William Harris Lesley Gwendoline Latham Kathleen Edith Rodda Annie Weeding Jessie
  Harrison Albert George Lawson Baden Lawrence Rodda Max Vale Weeding John James
C Harrison Ella Louisa Locke Henry Alfred Rodda Moya Weeding John James2
Carey Alison Lyell Harrison George Albert   Rode Lily May Weeding Judy
Carey Hilda Beatrice Heawood Eliza M   Weeding Micky
Cashion Agnes Sarah Heawood William McConnell David Ishawood S Weeding Mona Annie
Cashion Echo Sinclair Hill Arthur Edward McConnell Sarah Ellen Shaw Frances Weeding Nellie Louise
Chapman Geoffrey Thomas Frederick Hill Peter John McDougall Annette Marjorie Shaw Helen Weeding Vernon C
Chapman Helen Munro Hill Rachel Maude McIntyre Catherine Winifred Slater Dot Williams Sue Ann
Clancy Leila A Hill Roma Gladys McIntyre Eric Albert Slater Flyn Mathew Wilson Andrew
Cook Alfred S Hodge Dudley Bernard McIntyre Hugh Nicol Slater Harry Wilson Evelyn Maud
Cook Julia A Holdsworth Bernard McIntyre Hugh William George Stannard Elvie Kathleen Wilson Gwen
Cook Vivian Frank Holdsworth Ernest Alfred McIntyre Laura Stephens Mark Wilson Patrick Joseph
  Holdsworth Ethel Jane McIntyre Leslie Oliver Stokell Ella Evelyn  
D Holdsworth Frank John Christopher McIntyre Peter Keverill Stokell Leo Stanley  
Daley Alfred Leo Holdsworth Lance A Moore Eric Symon Christopher Grant  
Daley Corrie Jean Holdsworth Pauline Allen Moore Merle    
Daley Edwin William Horne Alec Ronald Moore Ronald John T  
Daley George Henry Charles Horne David John Morgan David William Temple Bill Lewis David  
Davie Brian Horne Millicent Maud   Temple Charles  
Davie Bryan Desmond   O Temple Charles Basil John  
Davie Donald Keith J Oakley Robert Dean Temple Eliza Hannah  
Davie Ethel May Jenkins Arthur Basil Ostrinek Jan Temple Grace Eileen  
Davie George Jenkins Barry John   Temple Mona Ellen  
Davie George Desmond Jenkins Cyril William   Ticknell James Robert  
Davie John Patrick Jenkins Gladys Delma   Tomlin Archibald  
  Jenkins John William   Tomlin Charles Allan  
  Jenkins Marjorie Elma   Tomlin Emily Isobel  
  Jenkins Pamela Loraine   Tomlin Nellie Beryl  
      Triffett Aileen Joan  
      Triffett Allan L  
      Triffett Amanda Lee  
      Triffett Doris Eileen  






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