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St Matthews Anglican Rokeby


The church was dedicated on September 24th 1843 by the first Bishop of Tasmania shortly after his arrival in the diocese. 

The remains of the founder of the Church of England in Tasmania, the Rev. Robert Knopwood rest in a well tended grave in the church grounds.  His grave is marked by a stone monument erected by the daughter of an orphan girl he reared from infancy. 

The foundation stone of the church was laid by the first Archdeacon of Van Diemen’s Land, the Ven William Hutchins shortly after Mr. Knopwood’s death at Rokeby on 18th September 1838. 

The building of a church for the district was first proposed in 1828 when 100 pounds was subscribed towards the cost.  It was not until 1840 that the foundation stone was laid. 

The stone for the church which is of Gothic design was quarried near Holmes’ farm with the interior roof being donated by the Stanfield family whose members were among the first pioneers of the district. 

The first church organ brought to Tasmania was installed in St. David’s Church in 1825 and in 1858 was presented to Rokeby.  The pulpit also came from St. David’s. 

Some of the carved chairs in the chancel were made from the timbers of H.M.S.Anson which was one of the original ships of Admiral Nelson’s famous battle fleet. 

Designed by James Blackburn the church by 1855 had fallen into disrepair and was thoroughly restored with renovations again being carried out in 1920 and 1952. 

Extracted from a pamphlet Historic St. Matthew’s 1843-1953 by B.W.Rait at the time of the Reverend Tom Cloudsdale’s incumbancy

A F K Cont M Cont S
Abbott Fred R Fazackerley R J King Florence Henrietta Jane Morrisby Isabella Seabrook Bertie
Abbott Lillian Mabel Field Richard Maxwell King Henry Morrisby J G Seabrook Roy Hopetoun
Aldridge Ann Elizabeth Free Alan George King Jane Morrisby James Shuttle Robin

Allender Unknown

Free Benjamin

King John

Morrisby Jessie Robena Simmomds Amy
Anderson Amy Free Daryn King Susannah Morrisby John Simmonds Naomi Ellis Ferrars
Arnold Christopher David Free Dorothy Knight Stephen Morrisby John 2 Simmonds William Henry
Arter Thomas Free Edna Knopwood Morrisby John Lavender Simmons N
Atkinson Arthur Free Emma

Knopwood Robert

Morrisby John Robert Smith Edith
  Free Ernest Peardon Knopwood Robert2 Morrisby John Walter Smith Enid Margaret
B Free Florence Annie   Morrisby Joseph Vivian Smith H Unknown
Badman Grace Olive Free George William L Morrisby Mary Consett Smith James
Balsley Craig Michael Free Gordon

Lamont Sarah

Morrisby Mary M Smith John
Beasley Ellen May Free Gordon Rex Lamont William

Morrisby Orlando G

Smith John2

Beasley Lindsay Elvin Free Gussie Lane James Morrisby Rasman Smith K W
Bingham Frederick Free Irene T Larsom Ann Morrisby Raymond Clarke Smith R B
Bingham Laura Emma Free Isobel Larsom Ann

Morrisby Rosetta Victoria

Smith Unknown 1
Bjelke-Petersen Hans Christian Free Ivey Larsom Richard Morrisby Ruby May Smith Veronica M
Blackburn Michael Free Percy Douglas Larsom Richard Morrisby Sarah Ann Smith W T

Boyd Coralie

Free Rita Latham Evelyn May Morrisby Virginia Spotswood Elizabeth Helena
Boyd Coralie Annie Free Samuel Joseph Latham Rennie

Morrisby Walter Robertson

Spotswood Francis Desailly
Boyd Eric Free Terence Arthur Lawson June Anne Morrisby William Edward Spratt Emily Anne

Brammall Mabel

Free Thomas Edward Lazenby Bertha Sylvia Morrisby Yvonne M Spratt Gertrude
Brammall Sophy Free William Lazenby Dahlia Fanny

Mortyn Bennie

Spratt James Walter
Brammell Kitty Free William2 Lazenby Grace Mortyn Phillip Stanfield Ada Mary Constance
Britton John Henry Fulton Christina Elizabeth Lazenby Irvine Laurence Mortyn Ruth Stanfield Alice Emily
Britton Mary Ann Fulton James Percy Lazenby Willis Murphy Edith Stanfield Daniel
Brock Elizabeth   Luckman Frank W Murphy Florence Stanfield Daniel2
Brock Mary Elizabeth G Luckman Keith Frank Murphy John Arthur Stanfield Elizabeth Sarah
Brock Olive Evelyn Garlick Alice Maude Luckman Margaret Murray Ethel Louise Stanfield Frederick Percy
Brock Sarah Ann Garlick Horace Richard Lumsden David Murray John Norman Stanfield Maria
Brock Thomas Garlick Robert Wesley Lumsden David 1   Staqnfield Frederick Augustus
Brock Unknown Garlick Thelma Lumsden Elizabeth N Steel Alan Butler
Burdon Julie Anne Gates Alex Lumsden Pearly May Nash Cyril Edward Steel Joyce
Burton Elfrida Gates Alice Mary   Nash George Irwin Stewart Emma Louise
Burton Emma Gates Denis   Nash Sarah Maria Stokell Alice
Burton John Gaynor Janet M Nettlefold Paul John Stokell Ellen
Buttolph Alan Richard Gates Noelle Maddock Henry Mervyn Newnham Corrie Stokell George
  Geard Sheila Daphne Maddock Thelma Annie Nichols Ada Stokell George2
  Gibson Annie Major James Burnett Bradshaw Nichols Elsie Stokell Hannah
C Gibson Elaine Mary Major Julie Nichols Helen Stokell Hannah2
Calvert Ashton Gibson Terence Norman Major Maude Elizabeth Nichols Jack Stokell Henrietta
Calvert Christopher Goodwin Charles F Major Rudolph Harry Nichols Leonard Osmond Stokell John
Calvert Derreck Goodwin Donald Robert Martin Ellen Lillian Nichols Nance Gwendoline Stokell Robert William
Calvert Elizabeth Goodwin Geoffrey Martin George Edwin Nichols Edward Style Robert
Calvert Hannah Goodwin Harriette Martin Jack Nichols William Suckling Judith Ann
Calvert Hannah2 Goodwin Marjorie Elizabeth Martin James Edwin Norris Molly Joan Swan R H
Calvert John Rubene Goodwin Niel Martin Lily Nuttall Ann Swift Janet
Calvert Mary Goodwin Pearl Madge Martin Linda Nuttall Elizabeth Symmons Winifred Lucy
Calvert Mary 1 Goram Desmond Raymond Patrick Massie Charlotte Nuttall John  
Calvert Phyllis Jean Gorringe Charles F Massie George Still    
Calvert Reginald H G Gorringe Charles Francis Matthews Bena   T
Calvert Reginald Henry Gibson Gorringe Charles Francis2 Matthews Elizabeth O Tollard Athol John
Calvert Sydney Gordon Gorringe E L J Matthews Joan O'May Alice Tollard Geoffrey Edwin
Calvert Vittoria C Gorringe Elizabeth Matthews Willa O'May James Tollard Ida Mary
Campbell Francis Gorringe Eveline Sophia Maum Edward O'May Margaret Elizabeth Tollard Vivian George
Chandler Charles Gorringe Lowther Maum Margaret Susan Oxley Janine Gail Townley Francis Henry
Chappell John Gorringe Sylvia Kathleen McCormack   Townley Gilbert Maddan
Chipman Goss Ellen Revis McDonald John Roderic Malcolm P Townley Harriette Amy
Chipman Albert Groves Alec Arthur McEwing Georgina Pamphlett Ethel Charlotte Townley Rose Eleanor
Chipman Alfred Groves Ewart Walter McGrath Jennie Pamphlett J T Townley William Buxton
Chipman Angelina Rosina Lavender Groves Laura Daniell McGrath Mark Anthony Parker George James Townley William Maddan
Chipman Basil Albert Groves Mildred Myra McGuiness Mary Ann Paterson Eliza  
Chipman Catherine Maria Groves Ronald Ewart McKenzie Edith Patterson Albert U
Chipman Charles   McLean Edith Paul Emma Unknown Amelia
Chipman Corbetta Eliza H McLean Edward William Paul Henry Francis Unknown Arthur
Chipman Donald Ernest Haigh Dorothy Anne Medbury Daisy Pearsall Ann Unknown Bridget
Chipman Doris Lillian Hales Emily Louisa Medbury Leslie Pearsall Clifford Unknown Edward
Chipman Edward Harper Paul Millhouse Bertha May Pearsall Eva M Unknown Edward2
Chipman Edward2 Hayes Rosa Frances Millhouse Janice Lorraine Pearsall John Unknown Susannah
Chipman Francis Heather Eleanor J Millhouse Linda Dorothy Pearsall Margaret Unknown William
Chipman John Henricks Shane Laurence Millhouse Sydney John Pearsall Maria  
Chipman Joseph Hind Steven James Millhouse Vera May Pearsall Tasman W
Chipman Joseph3 Holmes Francis Mills Dorothy Allison Pearsall William Melmer Walker Joy
Chipman Joseph Benton Holmes Richard Mills Henry Charles Pedder Anne B Ward Florence Augusta
Chipman Kate Horne Heather Mary Moorhouse Herbert Martin Pedder Joseph Waterson Elizabeth
Chipman Mary Horne Stephen Arthur Moorhouse Lucy Collette Herbert Pinkerton Algernon Robert Waterson James
Chipman Maxwell Burton Houston Ivy Vera Moorhouse Shirley Isobel Cohen Pinkerton Georgina Waterson William
Chipman May Houston John Clement Morgan Ada Augusta Sophia Pinkerton Mary Georgina Watson Ada Harriette
Chipman Myrtle Houston William Roy Morgan Adele Blanche Pizer Maysie Matilda Watson Alice
Chipman Percy Howell Arthur William Morgan Elizabeth Pizer Stuart David Watson Alice Eliza
Chipman Reginald Huxley Annie Morgan Francis Purkiss Charles Arthur Jackson Watson Amelia Matilda
Chipman Robert J Huxley Edward Morgan Jane Margaret   Watson Elenor
Chipman Sophia Huxley Thomas Morgan John Dart R Watson JohnWatson John Alfred
Chipman Trevor William   Morgan Marie Louise Rawlinson Annie Marion Watson Mary Ann
Chipman Violet Myrtle J Morgan Richard Rawlinson Keith Edward Watson Theodore
Chipman John Jessop Richard Morgan Richard 1 Read Clara Elvie Watson Thomas
Chisholm Frances Elizabeth Johnston Ada Lucy Elizabeth Morgan Richard Louis Read Elvie Watson Thomas2
Chisholm James Jesse Johnston G E Morgan William Dart Read George Henry Webb Geoffrey Eric
Chitman Cathrien Johnston Monica Kathleen De Salis Morisby Vivian Randolph Read Patricia Anne Wesley Katherine
Clark Louisa Elizabeth Jolliffe A V Morris Charlotte Restoration Plaque Wesley Mora Jane
Cronly Elizabeth Susannah Jolliffe Albert Victor Morrisby Reynolds Clyde David Westbrook Charles P
  Jolliffe Dora Morrisby Agnes Rosina Reynolds Elizabeth Mary Westbrook Hedley
D Jolliffe Henry Morrisby Albert William Reynolds Joseph Henry White James
Darby Marina Doreen Jolliffe Magdalene Morrisby Alberta Maude Reynolds Lillian Marjorie White Keith William
De Salis Rudolph Ulrico Joseph Arthur W C Morrisby Amelia Reynolds Roy Ralph Whitton Marie Helen
Desailly Ann Joseph Benjamin Morrisby Annie Richardson Catherine Wickham Rita Josephine
Desailly Emma Joseph Charlotte Morrisby Charles Richardson Elizabeth Wickham William Alfred
Desailly Lewis James Joseph Fay Lorraine Morrisby Charles1 Richardson Joseph Wilcock Ann
Diprose Maxwell Terry Joseph James Morrisby Christina Richardson William Wilcock Ann2
Downward Joseph William Joseph James Waterson Morrisby Clarice Hannah Risby Edward Wilcock James
  Joseph Margaret Morrisby Elizabeth Mary Robb Catherine Wilson Alan
E   Morrisby Emmeline Roberts John Alan Wilson John Skene
Easy Mary K Morrisby Esther Roetze Albert Ernest Wilson Shelah
Easy William Barrett Kenn Clara Pearl Morrisby George James Roetze Harriet Wilson Susan Chamberlain
Eaves Dalas Jack Kenn Gertrude Amelia Morrisby George Smith Roper Jean Isles Winspear Harriette Emily
Eaves Marlene Diane Kenn Harry James Morrisby Hannah Rothlisberger Sybil Winspear Martha
Enslow Doris Kimberley Edward Morrisby Hannah Constance Round Douglas Leonard Winspear Sophy Martha
Enslow V J Kimberley Edward2 Morrisby Helen Rumney Arthur Winspear Watson
Evans Samuel King Darryl William Morrisby Henry Rumney E Winspear William
  King Elsie Louisa Estella Morrisby Henry Edgar Rumney Eliza Winspear William Robert
      Rumney Elizabeth Wise Archibald Logan
      Rumney Elizabeth2 Wise Joan Mary
      Rumney Henry  
      Rumney William Y
      Rumney William2 Young Edwin
        Young Erle Edwin Douglas
        Young Margaret Matilda
        Young Ruby Florence May
        Young Shirley Rita
        Young Troy Douglas





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