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                              South Arm St Barnabas Anglican










Alderton Veronica Rosalie Calvert Ethel Isabel Gellibrand George Henry Blake Langley Elizabeth Quinn Annie
Alomes Agnes Marion Calvert Florence Emily Gellibrand Gordon Blake Lewis Alan David Quinn Rose
Alomes Alice Calvert Gertrude Lucy Gellibrand John Lone Pine


Alomes Daisy Calvert Gwendoline Hazell Gellibrand Lilian Lowe Adam Matthew Richards Damien Edward John
Alomes Darcy Henry Calvert Gwendoline Margaret Gellibrand Louisa Annie Luttrell Valerie Anne Richardson Daphne Elma
Alomes Derwent Leslie Calvert Hannah Gellibrand Reginald E


Richardson Harold Ernest
Alomes Eliza E Calvert Henry Gellibrand Ruby Florence Matthews Margaret Wybrants Rodda Hectorina
Alomes Elizabeth Calvert Herbert Vere Gellibrand Thomas Lloyd Matthews Robin Wybrants Rose Rosina
Alomes George Thomas Calvert Hilda Elizabeth Gellibrand Virginia McDermott Lola Doris


Alomes Henry Edward Calvert Horace E J Gellibrand Walter Blake Mcintosh David Desmond Scott Harry John
Alomes Janet Calvert Kate George Fredrick Arthur McIntosh Shirley Valma Scott Irene Rita Mary
Alomes Jeanot Calvert Laura Elizabeth George Kate Milroy Lorrinda Sims Kathleen Florence
Alomes Jessie Evelyn Calvert Lena Mary George Maisie Margaret Milton F C Spaulding Evelyn Caroline
Alomes John Calvert Margaret George Major Frederick Charles Milton Mavis Merle Staples Leslie James
Alomes Leslie Derwent John Calvert Percival John Gill Albert John Mitchell Betty June Stevens Aileen J
Alomes Mervyn John Calvert Robert Gill Daphne Ethel Morgan Eric William Stewart Emily Jean
Alomes Minnie Edith Calvert Robin Gilbert Gorringe Audrey Isabel May Morgan John Patrick Stewart Jaclyn Anne (link removed family request)
Alomes Rosina Anne Calvert Rose Gorringe Edward George Mulder Evert Stewart Kate
Ambrose Margaret Winton Calvert Sophie Jane Griffiths Ardy Mundy Dorothy Mary



Calvert Stanley James Griffiths Eva Mundy Hannah May Turnock Albert
Beadle Frederick Charles Calvert Stella Dora Griffiths George Ardy Mundy Hedley Laurence Turnock Phyllis Audrey
Beavan Ernest George Calvert Trevor Dennis Griffiths George Daniel Mundy Terrence Trevor


Bennett Frederick William Tytheridge Calvert Unknown Griffiths Ophir Murphy Margaret Joyce Unknown George Ernest
      Musk Edward  
Bennett Violet May Calvert Watson Griffiths Ophir Patricia Musk Edward C Unknown Peter
Besier John Conrad Calvert William Henry Fairfax Griffiths Phoebe Caroline Musk Emily


Besier Nance Calvert William Thomas


Musk Frederick James Walker Phyllis Ellen
Bezzant Ethel Mary Cannock Edward Marsh Halliwell James Musk John Walker Wilfred Arthur
Bezzant Ronald Cannock Nella Phyllis Harrex Robert Thomas Musk John W Watson Collis
      Musk Mary  
Blatherwick Joseph William Chelkowski Josef Hart Annie Lillian Musk Roy Hogghis Watson Jean
Boon Elsie Evyleen


Higham Jason James Musk Thirza H White Wendy Anne
Brown Constance Sarah Davidson John Barry Hobden Alfred Albert N Whitton Alan Geoffrey
Brown Francis Raymond Davis George Robin Hobden Allen Noel Newstead Betty Williams Mary
Buchanan Neil Davis Nigel Edward Hobden Kathleen Dorothy Newstead Gordon Henry Woolley Kevin


Dempster Joan Mary Hook Percy Frederick



Calvert Alfred Dempster Maurice Edward Horton Warren N Oakley Ivan John Young Florence
Calvert Alice Mary Dreaper Ethel Doris Howell Douglas Keith


Calvert Alma Henry Dreaper Robert Clarke Hughes Leonard Kendall Padman Ethel Charlotte Susannah  
Calvert Amelia Constance Dreaper Robert Eliott Hulcombe Betty Rose Padman Rowland W  
Calvert Bert Edwin



Petersen Ernest Andrew  
Calvert Brian Samuel Eckford Eleanor Jack Kathleen Winifred Plunkett Jean  
Calvert Caroline Louisa Ellis Anne Jack William Edward Plunkett Kelvin  
Calvert Christopher Every E D P Jay Wendy Jocelyn Potter Alice E M  
Calvert Christopher 2


Johnson Albert Edward Potter John Robert  
Calvert Clyde Robert Garth Irene


Potter Kathleen Hyland  
Calvert Corbetta Isabella Geard Monty Lewis Kean Catherine Potter Kyle William  
Calvert Dora A E H Gellibrand Albert Edward Kelly Colin Potter William Edward  
Calvert Effie Adeline Dudy Gellibrand Annabella Selina      
Calvert Elizabeth Elridge Gellibrand Clement Lloyd      
Calvert Eric Ivan Gellibrand Ernest Reginald      
Calvert Esther Simpson        


Thankyou to Ruth Calvert

for the information on

Caroline Louisa Calvert.............(nee Fisher).......she died aged 21 on 17-10-1868....she was the wife of William Thomas Calvert.

We had her headstone as  Unknown Caroline Louisa

Many thanks to Chris & Marcia Bell Southampton UK

for their information on Edward and Mary Musk

Edmund Musk was transported to Van Diemen’s Land in 1832, leaving behind wife Mary (née Taylor) and five children.  He  subsequently changed his name to Edward and was remarried bigamously to Mary (née Hoggins, a free settler) at Hobart Trinity Church – now known as the penitentiary chapel – in 1839.  He and his wife are buried at St Barnabas at South Arm.  

We have been in touch with some of Edmund/Edward’s descendants for over thirty years so have jointly been able to piece together the family history on both sides of the world.   

There was quite a substantial gravestone at St Barnabas, complete with a memorial plaque to Edward and Mary and surmounted by a  short obelisk.


A few years ago falling boughs from one of the Macrocarpa pines (since felled) at the front of the graveyard caused considerable damage. The obelisk fell down and now lies on the ground while the plaque detached and shattered.  

The Tasmanian family have recently had a replacement plaque made and while we there this was temporarily placed by the memorial ahead of being fixed in place of the original. 

We attached photos of the remains of the original plaque and the surviving gravestone with the replacement plaque.







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