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                                       St Margarets East Risdon









S Cont
Andrews Veral Irene Hammond Donald Hay Keleher Phyllis Mary Sargent Opal Elaine Stewart Eric Arthur


Harriet Cleburne Kemp Fay Isabell Ada Sargent Samuel E Stewart Linda Isabel
Barr James Heaney J C Kemp Peter John Sargent Samuel William Stewart Mary Jane
Barr James Alexander Heim Stella Eileen L Sargent Susanna Stewart Robert
Barr John Charles Hicks Francis William Lampkin Byron John Sargent William Henry Stewart Sophia
Barr Margaret Holness Maria Lehman Michelle Saunders Alice Maud Stewart Sophia A B
Barr Robert Holness William Linnell Marjorie Eva Saunders Beryl Caroline Stewart William
Barr Violet Horner Maud May


Saunders Frederick William Stewart William2
Beard E A Horner Maxwell James Mason Rita Saunders Lewis Leonard Stewart William Frederick
Bell Sharon Lynette Horner Thomas James McCarthy Jeffrey Charles Saunderson Amelia Barbara


Bennett Marie J House Mary McQueen John Saunderson Daisy Victoria Triffett Ernest O


Hughes Terence John McQueen John R Saunderson John James


Claridge Kenneth Huth Daisie Muriel   Saunderson Pearl Eileen Unknown
Coy Janet Lee Huth Walter Richard McQueen Phoebe Saunderson Victor Albert


Crossan Gregoey Eaton Hutt David John Miller Wayne Bazil Shone Alfred Edward Walker Rebecca


Hutt Donald Leslie


Shone Claude Edward Walters Arthur Francis
D'Aloisio Lucy Joyce Hutt Edward Edwin Newman Annie Elizabeth Shone Eric Marsden Walters Lily R
Dando Jean Gertrude Hutt Jeffrey Craig Newman Henry Shone Florence Mary Welsh Mary Antoinette Nellie
Dobson Allan Hutt Joseph Nichols Cassandra Jane Shone Harold Stanley Williams J C
Dobson Evelyn May Hutt Ruby Irene


Shone Jean Florence Williams O V



Parramore Emma Lilian Smith A J Williams Percy Henry
Edginton Joyce Ismay Jeffrey Kaylene Margaret Ann Peet Ruby Jane Smith D J Williams Raymond


Jones Barbara Isobel Pocock Ronald Joseph Smith Michelle Ann Williams Studley Arthur Alex
Foster Philip Lorimer Jones Colin Malcom


Smith Pearl May Williams Trevor James


Jones Fletcher Dallas Rainbird Margaret Patricia Stewart Amanda Woolford Agnes Athene
Griggs Austin William Jones Harold Charles Ransley Ruth Stewart Amanda2 Woolford Percy Herbert
Griggs Austin William2 Jones Walter Charles Rommel Alfred Stewart Amanda Ethel  
Griggs Caroline Harriett Jones Walter Tasman Denholm Rommel Elsie Stewart Charles John  
Griggs Kay Lorraine


Rommel Gunther Stewart David  
Griggs Phyllis Elma Kane Dianne Rommel Ursla Stewart Dinah Maria  
Griggs Phyllis Elma2 Kane Linda


Stewart Enid Elsie  
Griggs William Faulkner Kean David Noel Sargent A C    
  Kean Effie Angeline Sargent Horace Vere    
  Kean Geoffrey Sargent John    
  Keleher Darold M Sargent John2    
  Keleher Ellis Sargent Lyle Colin    
    Sargent Marian J    

Thankyou to Rod Hill for supplying the photo of Maria & William Holness





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