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 St Martins Anglican Sandford



This church is a very pretty brick building set in a rural setting in School Road Sandford with the parish rectory located nearby.  A small hall is located in the church grounds which was formerly a small church near the shore at Seven Mile Beach which was moved to its present position in the 1970ís  

At the present time St. Martinís has only an average attendance of 20 people per week no doubt due to the fact that Sandford has changed to a commuter suburb with people living on 1 to 5 acre allotments who rarely come together as a community.








Alexander Barbara Jean Daly Norman Joseph Haynes Sarah Elizabeth Morrisby Caroline Sapwell Marjorie Gwendoline


Daniels Kenneth Noel Haynes Sidney Melmer Morrisby Christine Rae Sapwell Myrtle K
Bauld Eileen Vere Doran Audrey Margret Haynes Stanley Hart Morrisby Clarence William Seabrook Evelyn Florence
Beard Myrtle Doran George Ernest Lancelot Haynes William Jack Morrisby Clifton Sandford Smyth Muriel A
Beard Robert Doran Mary Jane Holmes Joan Marion Morrisby Douglas James


Bilton George Rupert Doran Patricia Anne Hornsby Nellie May Morrisby Douglas Raymond Terry Dorothy Jean
Bilton Ivy Maud Doran Robert John Hornsby Douglas Harold Morrisby Edith Florence Terry Eustace Edward
Boswood Jeffrey William Doran Thomas Robert Huxley Gordon Thomas Morrisby Elsie Jane Thomas William Peterson
Bowden Drinkwater Barbara Mavis


Morrisby Evelyn Jean


Bowden Alice Clara


Innes Roy Edward Morrisby Grace Lillian Vorel Mavis Joan
Bowden Caraline Kessie Essex Felicity


Morrisby Hamiltom George


Bowden Frederick


Jacobs Dorothy Jean Morrisby Lillian Watkins Claude Stephen
Bowden James Gadd Farrelly Katie Louise Jones Hannah Mary Morrisby Marjory Lillian Watson Alexander Percy
Bowden Roy William James Fergusson Doreen Ethel Jones May Morrisby Orlando James Watson Alice Eliza
Britton Betty Fergusson William Joshua Joseph Emily Jean Elvina Morrisby Terence James Watson Bert J
Burgess Evelyn May Franklin Eileen L Joseph George William Morrisby Thomas James Watson Edwin James
Burgess Leonard Arthur Franklin Laurel Judge Matthew John Morrisby Thomas William Watson Ethel Muriel


Frawley Tanya Maree


Mundy Donald Lawrence Watson Gwenda May
Calvert Amy Isla


Lazenby Mundy Rikki-Lee-Ranelle Watson John E
Calvert Andrew Lintorn Garner Doris Ethel Lazenby Albert Joseph


Watson John Shaw
Calvert Bernard O Garner Frederick Lazenby Amy Isla Nicholson Stanley Arthur Watson William Robert
Calvert David Garner Frederick2 Lazenby Annie Nicholson William Wells Dorothy Jean Gwendoline
Calvert David Archibald Gilson Phyllis Irene Lazenby Baby Norton Michael Arthur Westin Henry John
Calvert Doris Elizabeth Gordon Muriel Joy Lazenby Edward Owen


Wheatley Mervin Thomas Pte
Calvert Doris Kathleen Gray Edna Muriel Lazenby Ella Beatrice Pearce Rodney David Williams Yvonne Joan
Calvert Edith Kathleen Griffiths Arthur Raymond Tennyson Lazenby Ethel Isobel Pearce Walter Edward Wilson Glen Paul
Calvert Eliza Walker Griffiths Lorna Floris Lazenby Frances Pearsall Elizabeth Wood Alice May
Calvert Mervyn John


Lazenby Joseph Richard Pearsall Ernest Wood Alice May2
Calvert Norman Henry Hallett Ryan John Lazenby Louis Clarence Pearsall Louisa Wood Charles Henry
Calvert Oscar Derwent Harris Geoffrey Wilfred Lazenby Rubina Vera Pearsall Phillip Wood Raymond Hedley
Calvert Percival Rupert Watson Harwood Katherine Jane Lundy Marjorie Pickett Ronald Frederick Woolley Kathleen Frances
Campbell Alan Robert Hawkes Patricia Molly


Powell E C  
Campbell Amy A A Haynes Alice May MacDougall George Cyril Pritchard Sam  
Carter Gordon James Haynes Allan Bower MacLeod Andrew Norman


Chew Peter Alexander Haynes Arthur Matheson James Reimers Kenneth Albert  
Clark Archibald Haynes Beryl Sidney Matheson Sally Matthews Richardson Colin George  
Clark Paul Francis Haynes Daisy Irene McDermott Alfred Richardson Eileen Maud  
Colgrave Allan Norman Haynes Dinah Mary McDermott Mary Irene Richardson Johanna  
Cooper Louise Haynes Elsie May Arnott McGregor Frances Isla Richardson Susan  
Cordwell Darcy Henry Haynes Grace McGuiness Alan Lesley Richardson Sydney Lionel  
Cox Ina Linda Haynes Jeanne Miles Frederick Charles Russell Jessie Wallace  
Cox Keith Stanley Haynes John Miles Lillian May    
Cross Martin Anthony Haynes Madge Morrisby Allan Holmwood    





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