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Ackroyd Claude E Eiszele Bridget M Laugher Alfred Sansom Aleck Henry
Ackroyd John Eiszele Walter Helmer Laugher Driver William Sansom Lionel John
Ackroyd Margaret   Laugher Private James Edgar Seward Isabell Pearl
Ackroyd Maud


Lockley Jason Simpson Huxley Isaac
Ackroyd Valentine Fehlberg Frantz Lockley Mark Andrew Smith Amy May
Aird Alexander Fehlberg Friedericke Smith Anderson John
Albat Charles Fehlberg Henrietta


Smith Barry Edward
Appeldorff Ivy Fehlberg Ludwig Mills J H Smith Cyril
Appelorff Jacob Peter Forey Edwin James Smith Eliza Jane
Appelorff Karen Maria Forey Walton James


Smith Ethel Maida
Appelorff Mary Ann Forey Zelinda Margaret Neillsson Karne Smith Jean
Appelorff Mervyn Valmont Fuglsang Paul Geoffrey Neillsson Ole Smith Robert Shane
Askew May Edith   Nelson Arthur George Smith Royal Alfred


Nelson Elmer Samuel Smith Sandy Maree


Gall Bertha Wilhelmina Nelson Elsie May Smith Stanley Gordon
Brandstater Annie Gall Frederick Henry Nelson Jens C Sonlitzkus Frederick
Brandstater Florence Gilbert Douglas William Freeman Nelson Maude F V
Brandstater Minnie Gollatz Ernest Ferdenand Nelson Menar


  Green Eliza Nelson Ola Newman Totenhofer Annie A


  Nelson Ronald John
Carlsen George Waldev


Nelson Walter


Cooper Annie Evelyn Hall Edwin Albert Nettup Joseph Voss Bertha Fredrica
Cooper Ethel May Hall Gordon Lewis Newman A Voss Gustay Henrt Robert
Cooper Leslie Alfred Hall Isabell Maud Newman Bruce Voss Peter Henry
Cooper Ruby Violet Hall Judith Anne Nichols Grace Adela
Coppleman Sheila May Hall Mary Ann Nichols Leslie Molesworth W
Cross Aaron Alexander Hall Ruby Coral Waight John Wayne
Cross Henry Mervin Hall Wayne Lewis


Warren Daphne Joan
  Hall William Edwin O'brien David Nelson Warren Lindon Roy George


Hellessey Ivan Henry O'brien Emily Annie Wessing Annie
Darko Ernest A Hellessey Nancy May O'Brien Jennifer Wessing Edward H
Darko Ernest V Hellessey Pearl Isabel OBrien Stanley George Wessing Nicholas M
Darko Lawrence Victor Hellessey T M J O'brien William Henry Wessing Norman Peter
Darko Lester William Hohne Pearl Olive Wessing Olga May
Darko Lewis Hohne Ralph Arthur P Wessing Peter E
Darko Margaret Jean   Peterson James Winzil Ivy Sarah
Darko Margaret J Peterson Maria Sophia
Darko Otto William Johansen Kirstine Z
Darko Ruby A Johansen Ole R Zamotti Bertha May
Darkow Edmund Rabe Flo Zanotti Elizabeth Mary
De Jersey Maurice William K Rabe Henry  
Devine Eliza King Albert William Rabe Jessie  
Devine Frances Sarah Matilda King Ethel Isobel Rabe Walter  
Devine Philip Frederick King Frank Richard Radfer Johanna  
Devine Philip King Henry Cecil Radfer John  
  King Ida Emily Ranahan Lucy Doreen  
  King Stuart Roll Ada  
  Kingston Clara Alice Rollins Reginald William  
  Kingston John Kelly Rossum Alice Van  






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