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Hestercombe Uniting Austins Ferry

Located on the Old Main Road at Austins Ferry is the oldest Congregational Church in Australia .  Built in 1833 by Hobart merchant, Henry Hopkins, the church has a fireplace and was still partially furnished in the 1980s  Unfortunately, the church was broken into and some items stolen which were later found in South Australia .  

The burial register for Hestercome Chapel was destroyed so we will never know the names of the convicts who died working on the Bridgewater Causeway which in itself was a remarkable achievement.  It is 1.3 km long and was built by a workforce of 200 convicts.  These convicts shifted 2 million tons of soil, stones and clay.  It is said that the punishment for not doing a full days work was solitary confinement in a cell which was only 2 metres high and 50 cm square.  

The mass grave for the convicts that died at this time is located in the back right hand corner of the cemetery.  

The Chapel was recently sold but access to the grave yard was a requirement of the sale.  

Names still associated with the area are Barrow, Batchler, Butterworth, Forsyth, Lodge Rayner and Bilton

Anderson George Hill Dickenson Charlotte Hayes Louisa Henrietta Meaburn Percy Thomas Henry Stanfield Corrie S
Anderson Hilda Ethelene   Henriksen Rosa Miller Janet Stanfield Nellie Gertrude
Askey James 2   Huntley Emma Miller William Stanfield Rebecca
Askey James


  Mitchell Margaret Stanfield Thomas William
  Eyles John


Mitchell Walter Sleigh Stanfield William Nicholas


Eyles Mary Jolly Fredric V S 2 Morgan Susan  
Barrow Graeme Lyndon   Jolly Frederic V S Morgan Thomas 2 T
Barrow Herbert Edward F Jolly Mary Morgan Thomas Triffett Edward Albert
Barrow Jean Forsyth Isabel A Jolly George   Triffett Elizabeth
Barrow Ruth May Forsyth James 2 Jolly Harold Leslie


Barrow Tom Forsyth James Jolly Mary O'May Madge Stevens W
Batchler Emma Forsyth John 2  

Osmond Hugh Maxwell Arthur

West David Atholston
Beedham Flora Isabella Forsyth John


Osmond May Marrion West Ellen Amelia
Beedham George Forsyth Margaret 2 Leary Joseph William


West Hilda Henrietta
Bilton Amelia Anne Forsyth Margaret Leary Leslie Raymond   West James Robert
Bilton Elizabeth   Leary Myra Lillian West William 2
Bilton Henry


Leary Rebecca Jane


West William
Blackmore John Garity Charles Littlechild Alfred John Parker Richard Wilkinson John
Butterworth Martha Ann Garity Sarah Lodge Margaret Glen   Wilson Frederick Langough
  Geiss Anthony  


Wilson Jane


Geiss Mary    

Wilson William

C     Rayner Archibald Thomas Wilson Margaret
Clark Andrew Inglis Guy Elizabeth   Rayner Hester Josephine  
Clark Grace Guy Helen Eliza   Rickett Selina Rebekiah


Claydon Thomas Guy Samuel   Reed Rosetta Young Thomas
Crouch Annie M     Rickett Ann 2  
Crouch Sarah Anne     Rickett Ann  
      Rickett Mary  
      Rickett Thomas  
      Ricketts Ann  
      Raspin Emma Matilda  
      Reed Rosetta Mabel  






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