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St Pauls Montrose

In 1846 the Reverend John Yarker purchased land on which the church still stands from Gamaliel Butler for the sum of twenty four pounds and a small wooden church was built and named St. Mary Magdalene Chapel which served the public from 1846 until 1869  

In 1869 St. Mary Magdalene was demolished and the foundation stone for St. Paul ’s as we know it today was laid.  The church was designed by architect Francis Butler and the new building was consecrated on the 22nd June 1870.

A vestry was added in 1902 a chancel in 1926 and the porch was added in 1927.  At that time the rectory and hall were directly across the road but have since been located next to the Church.  

Tragedy haunts the roadway below the church for one day in 1940 the seven year old son of the rector was run over and killed.  Was it coincidence…. his brother, also aged seven, lost his life on the same spot and in the same manner in 1947.  

The connection of St Paul’s to our family being most of the Tilyard family are buried here including the patriarch of the Tilyard family in Australia and New Zealand, convict Thomas Tilyard and his wife Harriet whose grave still stands under the oak tree at the left hand side of the church.


Allan Annie Catherine Ebsworth Ann Jacques Ernest P

O'Brien E M

Scoles David John

Allan Elizabeth Ebsworth Donald Jacques Kevin O'Leary Patrick Scoles Milfred G
Allan Richard T Emma Perkins Jacques Lillian J O'Neal Arthur V Shoobridge Mary

Allan Ronald Charles

Evans Betty May Jacques Percy C

O'Neal Millie

Shoobridge Richard

    Jacques Ronald O'Neill T P Smith Colin
B F Jones Colin E Onn David E Smith Harold
Bain Kaye Fisher Jean Jones Flora Onn Trevor F Smith Keith James
Beakley Jessie I Fletcher Olive M Jones Hector V Osmond T J

Smith Kenneth

Beakley Thomas E

Fletcher Thomas Jones Paul Colin   Smith May D
Bellette Charlie

Fowler Dorothy

Jones Ruby C P Southwood Margaret
Bellette Clare Louise Fowler John L R   Page Darcy

Southwood William

Bellette Walter James Fowler Lewis E K Page Ida Pearl Southworth Eric
Bennett Rev W Fox Evelyn Kelly Harold Parker Daniel Stuart Southworth Joan
Berwick Dorothy

Franklin George

Kentish John Parker Hugh A Stephens Joan
Birchall Lillian Franklin Shaun   Peardon Eliza  
Bishop John E Froomes Arthur John L Peardon Mary T
Blanden Mervyn Froomes Enid May Langford Cecil E Peardon William Tanner A W
Blyth E.W Fulton Eva B Legge Albert E Phillips Edith L Taylor Ann

Bowerman Louis D

Fulton Roy Legge Joan Pitchford David Tilyard Harriett Ann
Bowerman Marie E Fysh Byron Lucas Caitlin J Plane Edward Rye Tilyard James Thomas
Brent Dr Thomas   Ludford Betty Isabel Plane Georgeina Myrtle H Tilyard Thomas James

Brent Edward Francis

G     Tilyard William
Brent Guy Edward Garner Henry K  


Tomkinson Ailsa
Brent John Garner Kathleen M Ransley Merle Tomkinson Charles
Brent Rose Gascoigne John Macpherson Beryl Ransley Norman Townsend Beryl M
Brent Sarah Ann Gascoigne Mavis Macpherson R Robertson Herbert Tyson Heather H
Brent Thomas Yardley Lowes Godfrey Gladys McIntyre Edith Robinson Bevan W  
Brimfield Brian Godfrey Ken R Mclaren Ena Rodman Murray U
Brooker Phillys Gordon Craig H McVilly Denise Gillian Rodman Phyllis Unknown Esta
Brown Winifred J Grainger George Millington W E Root Albert Alfred  
Butler Henry Green Henry A Moore Catherine Royle Douglas C W
Butler Catherine Penelope Green Sydney W Moore Ida Louise Royle Vivienne L Watt Philip
Butler George F E   Moore Jack Russell Noelene Webb Frederick
Butler Noelleen H Morgan Douglas H   Weeding Cyril
Butler Roger Hodgetts Maddison Morgan Elsie   Weeding Mary E
  Holmes Miles Morgan Jessie   Wherlock Alfred
C Howells James Mott William Kins   Wherlock Ann
Calvert Ena F

Hume Jane

    Williams Percy
Campbell Doris E Hyland Betty J


  Wills Cyril C
Cannon Gilbert Hyland Geoffrey Newbon Harvey B   Wills Doris M
  Hyland Jessie M Nichols George H   Woodbridge Joshua

Hyland Samuel V

Nicholson John E

  Woolley Ann P
Dann Gwen   Nicholson Leslie  

Wright Elizabeth Jane

Davis Barry R I    

Wright May Caroline

Dowsett Arthur Imlach Ella J    

Wright Robert Isaac

Dowsett Hazel

Imlach John H


Wright Stephen Henry

Dowsett Robert        
Dowsett Timothy H        





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